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Here’s some spider links that may be useful. If you have a good link that could be included, please submit it to me and I’ll check it out. Updated  – 2 October, 2019

Australian Geographic – 10 Most Dangerous Spiders

Australian Reptile Park – First Aid and Drop off for Spider Anti-Venom Program

Ed’s Australian Spiders

Spider Bites

Spider Bite Symptoms & First Aid
Spider Identification

Spiders of Australia

Spider Structure – The Australian Museum
Spiders – The Australian Museum
Steve’s Aussie Spider Pics

Victorian Spiders

White Tailed Spider


British Arachnological Society
British Tarantula Society

Ed Nieuwenhuys’ Spider Pages from Holland

European Spiders

Great Britain Spiders

Spider Bites – How dangerous are they?

Spiders of Europe & Greenland


American Tarantula Society

Black Widow Spiders

Brown Recluse Spiders: Facts, Bites & Symptoms

Brown Recluse Spider Bites
Brown Recluse Spider Information

How to Identify and Treat Spider Bites

Jumping Spiders Around the World

Michigan Spiders

North American Spiders

Spider Bites: What You Need to Know

Spiders in Your Playground


Tarantulas – Tarantula Care

USA Spiders – Spiders in the USA by State

Venombyte – US spiders


8 of Africa’s Scariest Spider Species

Asia’s Most Venomous Spiders

Common Spiders in Japan

Malaysian Spiders


6 Interesting Facts About Spiders

10 Fascinating Facts About Spiders

10 Interesting Facts about Spiders you need to know

13 Reasons Spiders are Cool, not Scary

85 Amazing Spider Facts

1000 Interesting Spider Facts

Amazing Spiders: Strange, Interesting, and Scary Facts


Bee Removal

Delightful World of Chelicerata

Encyclopaedia Britannica – Spiders

Peacock Spider


Spider Identification

Spiders – Learning more about Spider Biology

Spiders & Other Arachnids

Spider Patch

Spider Webs

Spider Web Sites

Spiders – Wikipedia
Spooky Spider Facts
 (Just in time for Halloween)

Tarantalus – National Geographic

The Arachnology Home Page

Types of Spiders

Weird, Wonderful Spiders

Wolf Spider Bites


20 Fun Spider Facts For Preschoolers

Fun Spider Facts for Kids

Spider Animationated Gifs

Spider facts for kids (Kiddle)

Spider Facts for Kids​
Spider Facts & Information for Kids

Spider Facts & Worksheets

Spiders: Learning More About Spider Biology

Types of Spiders

Webs of Life

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Spider Links

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