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Welcome to my Spider Pages. Here you'll find a huge amount of information and pictures about spiders  - from the deadliest funnel web spider to the harmless garden orb weaver.

You can send in your spider photos as well and I'll see if I can identify them for you and post them on the unidentified Spider Photos pages if I can't!! Please use email link here rather than in the menu as some pages have an old email.

 Click the photo for a page with the ten creepiest spiders in North America. Also makes for good reading as well as some interesting photos!!!

Here's a Quick Reference Guide to Spiders and their bites and symptoms. The Quick Reference Guide has a pop up box with info about the spider's bite, symptoms and treatment.

Check it out here.  There are in depth articles on the Spider Bite Treatment page.

One of my viewers, Steve,  has kindly sent in some great closeups of spiders. Check out the Closeups Page.

Need someone to get academic papers written? WriteMyPaperHub will do your research paper on spiders.

 If you'd care to make a donation to help keep these pages going, there's a Paypal button below. All donations are gratefully accepted!!

Due to the overwhelming number of emails and spider photos I am being sent,  I can only publish those that are really clear and give a good example of that particular type of spider. I'll still answer all emails but I am sorry if yours doesn't get published.

Please make sure your photos are clear and show distinguishing features like patterns, eyes etc. I can't ID a spider from a brown blur sorry, so please don't waste my time or yours with photos that I can't see properly. Thanks!!

An old friend has had a spider named after him after discovering this new species in a local creek. Click here for a photo and more info.

I'm often asked about spider bites and pets so have done some research for this page. There is some interesting and maybe helpful info here, so please check it out!!

Photos not taken by me are copyright to their owners.  Persons wishing to use photos please email me and I will attempt to connect you with the contributor.

A great way to share your spider photos and maybe have them identified by others, is to check out my Facebook page.

I regularly post spiders around my home and identify spiders for people who post them on the page as well as post interesting spider related pages and articles.


I have started a new page of home grown remedies for spider bites. Often these old time treatments have been passed down through the generations from before it was common to go to a doctor and often they worked well!! 

But we must also remember that sometimes they didn't!! So while I am publishing them here, I take no responsibility for anyone who tries them and they don't work!!

I am still and will always advocate going to your doctor for any bite that is not healing!!
Click here
for the page, click here to send in any remedies.

I get many emails asking me how to get rid of spiders in the home as understandably, a lot of people have a great fear of spiders.

Spiders  are an important part of the food chain, getting rid of unwanted insects and being food themselves for birds and other animals, so I don't really advocate removing them.

However, I decided to do some research and find some ways that people have found to keep spiders out of their house and included them on a new page here.

If you have any proven methods, please email me with them.

"I have felt tired with some back and headaches together with giddiness but put this down to jet lag and back to workitis. I would appreciate your advice as a friend has suggested that they could be spider bites......"

I quite often receive emails like this one and cannot stress strongly enough how important it it to seek medical advice for any suspected bite or sting that causes a reaction.  I am not a doctor, just a teacher in Australia, so have absolutely no qualifications to give advice on medical situations!! Please see your doctor!!
I must also stress the fact that any bite can be dangerous, as even the most harmless of spiders can have an adverse affect on certain people.  Any spider bite you are concerned about, should be reported to your doctor.
Just to straighten out a common misconception!Just about all spiders are venomous NOT poisonous. Most have venom that has little or no affect on humans.

The Uloborids (Arenea: Uloboridae) have no venom glads at all. Poisonous means if you ate it, you would get sick, venomous means that it injects its venom into your blood stream and this can cause a bad bite or severe reaction if allergic.

These photos are doing the rounds in an email and I thought they'd be a great addition!! Click here for the photos.
All copyright is acknowledged!!

Flying spiders? All across central Texas there have been millions of spider webs flying thru the sky. Scott Lawrence from Snerdey Webs has a video of them to share.  Click here.

"If you wish to live and thrive, Let a spider run alive"  -
so says an old English saying.

This started a search for more spider legends and superstitions so I have now added 2 new pages  - Spider Legends and Spider Superstitions.

If you have any to contribute, please email me and I'll add them to the pages. 

Check out the photo to the right, here's one to feed those arachnophobic's nightmares!! Not real of course!!! Thanks Yanik for the photo!!

Some pictures and information on these pages have been adapted, with permission from Steve Parish's wonderful publication: "Amazing Facts About Australian Insects and Spiders". Available at all good bookstores.

I had quite a few queries about Daddy Long Legs' Venom and the different types of Daddy Long Legs.  Click here for the answer kindly provided by the Australian Museum.

People often ask about spider bite symptoms and treatment so I have added a page with symptoms of some of the most dangerous spiders in the United States and some not so dangerous ones, as well as the treatment for them. 

Please remember to see your doctor for any bite that is worrying you.
Click here for Spider Bites, Symptoms and Treatment.

Check out YouTube's video of the effects of drugs on spiders. Click here.

Golden Silk Orb weaver eats snake. Click here for the story from Ch. 9.

COURIER MAIL: -  An Alice Springs man  bitten on the bottom more than 20 times by a  Redback spider. Go to our Redback  page.

NEWS24.com -  Spider snacks on snake. Click here for the full story from Africa.

Check out iNaturalist (IOS) (Android) to identify plants and animals.

Click any of the hoaxes below for the truth about them.

Brown Recluse in Australia
Blush Spiders
Two Striped Telamonia
Exploding Cactus Spider Hoax
Camel Spiders
Brown Recluse Bite Photos

If you find any others please send them in.

Click the chart for a page from www.termite.com
with spider charts for both Australia and USA which have spider identification of venomous and dangerous spiders.  Click here for a small version of the chart you can get free on their pages.

Paper writing help from expert writers. College students choose this homework writing blog.

I have been sent some nice photos of spiders in amber. They are available to buy too!! Click here.

Finally something to think about from one of our visitors. If only we all had this attitude and took the time........Click here.

Scientists have crossed a spider with a goat! Click here

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