Kid’s Spider Stuff

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As a Year 5 teacher at Rochedale State School, I did a theme on Spiders every year with my students. My motivation for this was to help children overcome their fear of spiders and show them that spiders are beneficial to our ecosytem and not something to be stomped on at first sight.

This is how these pages started with me making web pages from the research projects they did on a spider (a lot fo the information under the Spider Information section is creditted to them) and photos I took of a Red-back spider we kept very safely, in the classroom. They also made Spider Homes as a technology project, and were graded by their fellow students and the photos are published here as well. Some of the work sheets I used are included in case any other teachers out there are doing Spiders in their classrooms. 

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Spider Recipes: 2 recipes for Chocolate spiders and one for Cookie spiders.

Spider Art: Some artistic stuff to do with kids, making webs etc.

Spider Work sheets: 
These are available to download. Please feel free to adapt them to your own needs.

  1. Spider questions: simple questions to use with these pages or Encyclopaedia.
    spiderquestions.doc to download as a Word doc.

  2. Spider worksheets: Work sheets to use with these web pages, going through the different pages answering questions and different activities.
    Spider Questions.doc to download as a Word doc.

  3. Spider Tasks: The children were given 5 tasks to complete on spiders using these pages and their own observations and research.
    spidertheme.doc to download as a Word doc.

  4. Here’s the Identifying spider sheets  which go with these tasks:
    identifying spiders.doc to download as a Word doc.

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Spider Photos: Here are some photos from our time keeping a Red-back spider in the classroom. The first page from 1998 is mentioned in one of the work sheets. It’s interesting to look back on the photos taken with one of the very first digital cameras of the time. Click on the name to go to the page.

Kids’ Spider Homes: Here are some photos of the Spider Homes the children made in class. 

Kid’s Spider Stuff

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