Crab Spiders

Running Crab Spider Photos

​Philodromidae, also known as philodromid crab spiders and running crab spiders, is a family of araneomorph spiders first described by Tord Tamerlan Teodor Thorell in 1870. It contains over 600 species in thirty genera. They are commonly known as “running crab spiders“, after their speed and the fact they run sideways, like their seafood counterparts. This family is superficially similar to […]

Flower Crab Spiders Photos – Misumena Vatia

Crab spiders (Flower spiders), Misumena vatia, can change their colors similar to the way that chameleons do. They often reside within flowers, waiting for nectar-seeking insects (such as bees and butterflies) to come looking for a meal. These spiders are usually white, yellow, or green… though I have seen reddish ones and dark (black/brown) colored […]

Australian Crab Spider – Thomisus spectabilis

The scientific name for the Australian crab spider is Thomisus spectabilis. It is named Crab Spider because it has white or yellow stout legs which are held like a crab. The full size of the Flower Spider is between four and ten millimeters. Australian Crab Spiders are often  white or yellow, some have green, brown or rosy […]

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