Lynx Spider

Green Lynx Spider with flower green

Lynx spiders get their name from the way that they sometimes pounce on their prey in a catlike fashion. These spiders spend their time hunting for insects in bushes and low plants. They are fast runners, but can occasionally be seen lying in wait for prey beside flowers. They build no web for prey capture, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.

Look For: Bright green, cream, or tan body; legs are yellow with black spines.
Length: 5/8″.
Habitat: Fields, woods.
Range: Southern U.S.
Bite: While Lynx spiders aggressively attacks their insect prey, it very seldom bites humans.

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Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia Viridans)

Other Lynx Spiders

Lynx Spider

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