Kid’s Spider Stories

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Another one of the writing activities for our Spider Theme was to write a story about a spider. I also had 2 sent in from other schools in the US and other readers from Europe. Thanks for that.

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“Tarantula the Terrific” by Jessica 

One day when I came home from school our garden looked totally different. It wasn’t like before how we had all dirt because that wasn’t  even a garden then. So when I was at school mum and dad started to build a whole new garden, because they thought that the other garden did not look good at all. But this time it looks a lot better, because they have put some plants in and some trees in as well – 2 of them in front of the garden. But later on Chilli our dog dug a big hole in our new garden.

Then suddenly mum and dad saw the hole that Chilli had done. They were shocked!! But then dad said, “We will definitely fix it up tomorrow.”

But during the night a spider built a web in between the 2 trees, but underneath was where Chilli dug her hole and that was were mum and dad wanted to cover up the hole. But mum did not see the spider web or the spider. So mum just kept on walking.

And then I said “Mum look out!”

Then she said “Jessica be quite you might give me a fright!”

Then I said, “Mum I mean it now look out spider!” Then she looked up and got a huge fright! She squealed.

Then she quickly ran out of the garden and said, “Thanks Jess you really do do a lot of things for me.”

“Thanks” said mum “I mean it too!”

“Thanks” I said.

Then we all said, “Are you O.K mum?” and then she said, “Yes.” Then we all started laughing because it had looked like the spider had a grin on its face.

Then dad said to my sister, “Want to go play in the garden now?” then Jordyn said, “No thanks!”

By Jessica

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“When I was a Spider” by Aaron 

It all happened when I was coming home from school. There was this weird, Chinese man walking along the footpath behind me looking very strangely. I was waling faster but as I did so the man walked faster as well. Soon after I was sprinting away from the man. “Yes,” I thought, “home!” As I ran faster I felt I was shrinking. Next I felt my teeth turning bigger and turning into fangs and I was seeing 8 of everything. Soon after I felt 6 more legs sprouting of me.

Just as I got to the front door BAM! I’d just turned into a tiny spider. I saw the man come through the gate and he said to me (the tiny spider) “You must see the Wise Wizard who lives on the other side of town.” He said, “He lives in the old Wafi mansion.” As soon as he said this he disappeared. When he was gone I began to think, “Could he be the Wise Wizard?” After a few minutes I began my journey to the other side of town.

The next day I had reached the town central. It was busier than usual. I guess it was because I was a spider. As I scuttled through all the legs I saw another spider. As I ran towards it, it looked at me and walked over to me. “Hello, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Chris.” said Chris.

“Who are you?” asked Chris.

“I’m Aaron, how are you?” I asked. 

“Fine thanks,” he said.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“To the old Wafi mansion” I said.

“I know the way, let’s go!” said Chris 

As we scuttled along we saw lots of things like birds which tried to eat us, bees and wasps and all sorts of funny looking insects. “Chris,” I asked, “are you sure you know the way?” I guess he didn’t hear me because he was looking and –pointing at a bi, old building which I guessed was the Wafi mansion.

“This is it.” said Chris.

“What, this old place?” I asked.

“Yup,” said Chris, “this is it.”

So we scuttled inside but we couldn’t get past the huge, wooden doors with big, gold door handles. “How do we get inside?” I asked Chris. He pointed to a hole in the very top corner. “That’s how we get inside, Aaron.” We clinged to the door and went through the hole. Inside there was a long, spiraling staircase to the upper floors.

As we looked around we saw that there was a fire lit in the huge living room. We ran to the light and saw that there was an old man with a long, silvery beard dressed in long, dark, blue robes and was puffing a pipe. He said wisely, “I see you come to seek your human bodies. If you wish” He said some magic words and I was back to my old self and to my amazement Chris tuned into a boy as well. “Thank-you!” said Chris and I and we left. After that we were friends for the rest of our lives.

By Aaron

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“The Spider” by Chris P

On Monday last week it was the first day back from the holidays of term one so I got up early and got ready for school. Once I was at school I got ready for school we started off by doing some spelling. After awhile the bell went for lunch. Once I had finished eating I went out to play soccer. While I was playing I saw a giant spider the grass so I ran as fast as I could and got away from it. About five minutes later the bell rang, so I headed towards the classroom.

When I was back in the classroom, we did some maths then we did some language until the bell. Once I got home and did my homework I decided to bring a jar with me to catch that spider. The next day I put the jar in my school bag and headed towards the bus. On the way there I saw heaps of spiders which were all weird and colourful.

I was at school the whole day and it never turned up so I came home with no spider. The next day I went with my dad to school and out jumped a spider from a little hole in the car. It was the spider I saw at school so I got my jar and tried to catch it I just missed it so I tried again but it jumped back into the hole.

Once I was back in school about five minutes, there was a spider crawling on the wall it was the same spider so I got the jar out of my bag and caught it. I asked the teacher what type it was. She didn’t know so I asked if I could look it up on the computer and she said yes. It was a Huntsman and a big one too. I also found out that it was a female.

We left her there overnight. When I was at home I tried to find something for her to eat. Everything I saw flew away or hid. Luckily the next day my friend Aaron had caught a cockroach so we fed it to her. The next day it looked like the there were two spiders in the jar because it had shed its skin. At lunch I found a caterpillar so I fed it to the spider.

The next day my teacher said I have to let it go. I decided to let it go after school at home. At lunch I tried to find something for her to eat. I found a cockroach and fed it to her. It was her final meal with us before I let her go. On the way home my dad saw that I caught that spider so I told him that it was a Huntsman and how long I’ve had it at school and  I also told him that I had to let it go. As soon as I got home I let it go in the backyard and I still miss her now. 

“Runaway Ruby” by Elise 

Hey, I’m Elise and I’m going to tell you about a time in grade five in 2004. This event happened at Rochedale State School, in the class room.

This is how the story begins-well my job was to feed the teachers pet Ruby which was a red back spider. I’d always feed Ruby after I’d dug up a few slimy insects. One day I came back as usual with my hands all dirty carrying insects and Ruby was GONE! “Aarrrrrrrr!” I screamed.

Mrs Crew, my teacher, quickly rushed into the room. “Oh, my dear what ever is the matter?” she asked. I suddenly stopped screaming and stammered, “I, I, I, but, gone”.

My teacher looked completely confused! Oh no, I thought to myself I’m going to be in big trouble. “Now settle down and talk properly my dear,” softly said Mrs Crew.

After six minutes of settling down, I whispered, “Ruby’s gone, all gone,” I said as tears continuously kept falling out of my eyes. I whispered, “And well, I’m going to be in big trouble”.

“No you’re not, we’ll just find her and that’ll be that. No problems at all”, Mrs Crew snapped as the rest of the class came in. “Get out your maths books please” , asked Mrs Crew to the class. “What is 6×2?” asked Mrs Crew to Jimmy the unworking kid of the class. “Um, 52”, Jimmy responded.

While maths went on Lyell had noticed I had been crying. “What’s the matter with you?”, Lyell whispered. Before I had a chance to answer she suggested “Don’t you under stand the fractions?, or is it that you just don’t like maths at all”. I cleared my throat and whispered back Ruby’s gone, and it’s my entire fault”.

Just then Jimmy screamed, and screamed, and screamed. By the look on her face you could easily tell Mrs Crew didn’t know what Jimmy was screaming about. Of course I knew, he had a spider on his shirt and I bet you it was Ruby. Ashleigh, beside Jimmy flicked the spider off Jimmy and Jimmy stopped screaming.

It was Ruby in the end she was put back into her glass box home by Mrs Crew and since then she, Ruby has never escaped from the glass box again.

By Elise 5G

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“Sid’s Bad Day by Brandon 

Sid is a Sydney funnel web spider who lives in the garage under a work bench where it is dark and warm .Sid is pure black, he is the size of a babies hand and has black hairy legs. The door to the garage is usually let open so he goes out every now and then but one day, when he went out, it was the worst day of his life.

When he crawled out of the shed, he went across the lawn and  into a sand pit and saw a little kid Mike . He spotted Sid   and threw his plastic spade at him .Sid bolted out of the sand pit, he spun a web from the ground to the balcony and crawled inside the house and saw a lady named Debra. She was in the kitchen sweeping dirt and while she was sweeping, she saw Sid and she hit him over the head with the broom. He bolted out the back door and jumped off the balcony and swung with his web like a monkey.

When he landed on the ground, he saw a little wooden house and he went around to the front door. There was a dog drinking from its bowl the dog was named Angus .When he stopped drinking, he saw Sid and stomped on him .When the dog lifted its paw he crawled into the shed and noticed that his web had been destroyed because a power tool had fallen on it. So he looked for a good place to make a new web He checked the garden but there was no space there, so he checked on top of the balcony but the young lady Debra was on guard. So then he checked a gum nut tree and there was space for a web so he spun a web and a caterpillar crawled into his web so Sid wrapped him up with silk and ate it.

When he had finished, he went down the tree and into the sand pit again and the little boy named Mike saw Sid and picked Sid up and Sid was worried so he bit him.  As soon as Sid could escape, he bolted back up the tree. Mikes mum Debra came down and saw two bite marks on his hand so she picked him up raced up stairs grabbed the car keys, went downstairs, got in the car and raced to the hospital. The doctor said that he has been bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider. The doctors and nurses raced him into the emergency room while his mother Debra waited in the waiting room.

Back in the back yard, Sid came out of his web in the tree and went out onto the balcony and Mike and his mother Debra came home. Debra, Mikes mum saw Sid and she quietly got the broom and squashed Sid.


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“Ronald’s Day” by Kayden

Ronald is an orb-weaving spider. He lives in a dog’s kennel and the dog’s name is Don. Don is a peaceful, harmless, nice dog. One day it started to rain between 10:00am to 11:00am and Don the dog had a hole at the top of his kennel where Ronald the spider had made his web. One of the drips came through the hole and wrecked Ronald’s web. Ronald fell down off his web and landed on Don the dog. Then Don the dog got such a fright that he wiggled and wiggled and Ronald the spider was getting so annoyed that he bit Don the dog.

Later on Betty the owner came outside to feed Don the dog but she saw him lying down dead in his kennel. She fainted on the grass. Mean while Ronald worked his way out of Don’s kennel and the owner left the door open so Ronald could get in. Ronald felt happy that he could go in a house he’d never been in a house like this before. So Ronald just walked inside. And then Fred saw Ronald and they were both scared.

When Mrs. Keen came to their house, she saw the owner lying on the ground outside the back. Mrs. Keen then came inside the house. She went into Fred’s bedroom. He was jumping around like a maniac. Mrs. Keen said,” Are you ok?” After five minutes Fred went down stairs and said,” Spider, spider, spider right there!” But there was no spider. Then Mrs. Keen saw the spider climbing up on Fred’s hair and Mrs. Keen told Fred,” Do not move, But Fred turned around and the spider bit him. Then that was the end of Fred.

Mrs. Keen was not afraid of spiders. So she went home and Betty the owner died after lying on the grass for about three hours and took her to a grave to put her into. Oh Ronald the spider had died, because he bit two people. Therefore Ronald would have used all of his poison and died.

Fred had got a new house, car, job and Fred had married a beautiful lady. She was called Susie Niles. Mrs. Keen became a spider lover. Fred and Susie went on their honeymoon. They went to the Greek Islands. They lived happily ever after.

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Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.

Once upon a time there was a window. One fresh spring morning there was the spider laying there sleeping. When he woke up, before his eyes, there was DINNER! Then he ran toward it, but it was only grass. 🙁 

The spider had lunch in the meadow as always. Then, before his eyes came a cat. He was scared to his wits. He ran til he dropped. The cat was gone. 

Then he met a human and they put him in a cage. He escaped.

And he lived happily ever after. 🙂

By Paddy, 6 years, a home schooler, in North America

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Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler – Age 9 

One day while I was walking to school I tripped over a large rock on the path and tumbled to the ground. The top of the rock was sharp and pointy and I had scraped my ankle. I saw blood drip from the scratch. I held it tightly so that the blood would not leak every where. With one hand I held my leg and with the other I reached for my school bag.

Inside was a bandage. It was there because usually at school there were bullies and I was allways clumsy. I quicky tied it and began to get up. But I kept on falling over. While I was trying to get up a red back spider was lurking over in the distance. It crawled down the path and towards me. As soon as I saw it coming I crawled away. But it was fast and allready climbing up my leg. It climbed up my dress and up my back.

The spider was now on my head and digging into my hair. The best thing to do was stay still. I yelled out to the people on the pathway but no-one would listen to me. Luckily a lady with her dog heard me and came to see what i was yelling about. “There is a red back spider in my hair!”

Gradually the lady was not scared of spiders. She reached into my hair and just rested her hand on my head. The spider did not move.

The lady only said “you have to deal with it, it could kill you but it will soon have to go because it is a female and females…”.

“A female! Females are even more deadly than males!” She went on with her sentence. ” Females will have to have babies so she will have to leave your head.”

I was scared to bits but the spider would leave soon. So I went to school. Every one kept on staring at me and asking me questions about the spider on my head. ” Is that two spiders on your head?… No three…Four!” “DING! DING! DING!”. Went the bell. My teacher came in and screamed. I just shrugged my shoulders.

After the day had come to an end it was time to go home. I walked into my house and sat down on the couch. My mother always played with my hair when I got home. She saw the spiders and screamed. She asked why I had three red back spiders in my hair. I told her what happened. She just said goodnight and went to bed.

That night the mother red back gave birth to seven baby red back spiders. The next morning I found my self swamped in spiders. On my walls, bed, window, every where! Hundreds of them crawling around my room. I raced down stairs to get a huge jar. I scooped all of the spiders into the jar. I took them outside. There over by the path side was a big gum tree. I let the spiders go. They ran all through the tree. I said good bye to all of the spiders. ” This tree is now called ‘Red Back Gum Tree’. It was sad to say goodbye to ALL of the spiders. But I felt an ache in the back of my head. (the red back spider).

By Jessie Hustler
age 9

Kid’s Spider Stories

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