Orb Weavers

Black & Yellow Argiope

There are several types of Argiope spiders which live in different countries. They are not considered a dangerous spider but are venomous like all spiders. The Black and Yellow Argiopes (Argiope Aurantia) are commonly found in the United States in the Summer months. They are often called “writing” spiders because of the zigzag stablimentum which characterise their web. […]

Neoscona Semarak

Neoscona Sp. are hairy field orb weaving spiders with a round abdomen which overhangs the carapace. The genus Neoscona is similar to Caerostris being nocturnal and cryptically coloured. The legs are equipped with numerous spines. During the day this spider takes refuge amongst leaves and in or under bark. Neoscona species are very variable in colour. This is the spider responsible for the […]

Two Spined Spider

​The Two Spined spider (Poecilopachys Australasia) is a nocturnal spider. It is an immigrant from Australia and has been recorded in New Zealand since the early 1970s. The female, Poecilopachys Australasia is about 8 mm in length and when mature, has two white horn-like spines. Yellow and white bands and some red-brown markings are visible. Large body hairs […]

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