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You Tube Spider Videos

You Tube has many great  (and some not so great) videos of spiders so I thought I'd do a search and put links to the ones I could find that were worthwhile on this page. If you would like to submit and links please email them to me here.

Submitted By Topic Info
National Geographics Tarantulas What to do if a Goliath spider lands on you
National Geographics Tarantulas The largest spider on earth - Goliath spider
National Geographics Spider catches frog An African  fishing spider catches a frog
National Geographics Spider catches Bee A Jumping spider catches a bee
National Geographics "Deadliest Bite" Brazilian Wandering Spider and tarantula video
National Geographics "Toe Stabbing Spider" Sydney Funnel web
National Geographics "Spider kills Bat" Who wins? Golden silk orb weaver vs a bat
Dr Spider 1984 "Feeding Video of  Haplopelma lividum." Tarantula vs. cricket
ImTecho "Mexican Red Knee Tarantula moulted" Nice example of a moult
ImTecho "Goliath Bird Eater hungry" A Goliath Bird eating spider eating a mouse.
TPhilth "Theraphosa blondi  breeding" Breeding pair of Theraphosa blondi
slk320k "Huntsman Spiders" Information about Huntsman spiders
slk320k "Funnel Web spider" Milking a Funnel Web spider
slk320k "Redback Spiders" Catching its prey
Amy "Spider in a wind storm" A garden orb weaver makes a web in a wind storm
piggy237 "Salmon pink bird eater" Here's one girl who's not afraid of spiders and this is one of the biggest tarantulas I've ever seen!
"Big Red Spider"
Video of a spider in backyard
Apeman88 Spiders on drugs A humorous look at the supposed effect of drugs on spiders







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