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Year 1 Spider Poems

Year 1S have also written some Acrostic poems about Spiders. Acrostic Poems use the letter of a word as the first word of each line of the poem. We think they've done a great job for Year 1 students, don't you Here they are:
Spider Spider
People are scared of spiders.
It has eight legs.
Different spiders are venomous.
Each spider builds different webs.
Red-back spiders are venomous.
Spider Spider
People are scared of some spiders.
Insects mostly get killed by spiders.
Daddy-long-legs have very long legs.
Every spider has fangs.
Red-backs are dangerous.
Spider Spider
People run into spider webs.
In some countries there are lots of spiders.
Different spiders make different webs.
Each spider has fangs.
Running spiders have eight legs.
Spider Spider
People are scared of spiders.
It is venomous.
Daddy-long-legs eat other spiders.
Every spider has many eyes.
Spider Spider
People are scared of spiders.
Insects fly into a spider's web.
Dangerous spiders can kill you.
Every bird eating spider eats birds.
Red-backs have
Spider Spider
People are scared of spiders.
Iím a red-back. Iím small but I bite.
Daddy-long-legs eat bad spiders.
Every spider has eight legs.
Red-backs have red stripes.
Spider Spider
People are scared of spiders.
Insects are trapped in the web.
Dangerous spiders are venomous.
Every spider has two body parts.
Red-back spiders are venomous.

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