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Spider Photos - Carolina Wolf  Spiders

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The Carolina Wolf Spider does not spin a web. It is a night time hunter and scurries along the ground. The female carries her spiderlings on her back for weeks or months until it is time for them to scatter. They have a gray-brown body with a dark centre stripe on the abdomen; long, hairy legs; eight large, dark eyes of unequal size. They grow to a length of 3/4-1 3/8" and live in fields. Their range is widespread.
12 December, 2016:
Two separate, but seemingly exactly similar, spiders. Found in NE New Mexico, elevation 7000 ft.


20 January, 2016:
Hi just wondering if you could identify this spider for me please? Thanks


5 February, 2015
Hi there! I'm in Parker, CO and saw this guy on our front porch. Can you please tell us what he is? He's pretty cool, though very big and mind of freaks my 5 year old out, lol. Please let me know, if you can! Thanks, Becky J. Parker, Colorado


11 July, 2014:
I have been finding these all over the place at my house, can you identify it? Is it harmful to humans and/or pets?


11 July, 2014:
Hi, I was wondering if you could please help me identify this spider I found. Photo is attached Thanks, Travis


11 July, 2014:
Hi Was curious if you identify this spider. We live in Midland TX. Thank you


19 December, 2013:
Hello. We've just found a spider in our house and we are wondering what kind of spider is it and the type.We are sending you a picture to watch it. If you know the type, please contact us. Thank you.


19 December, 2013:
What kind of spider is this?

10 October, 2013:
Hi! I'm trying to learn more about this guy and came across your spiderzrule site. I'm near Denver, CO. I figured it to be 4-5 inches from tip to tip. Any help in identifying it and determining any danger would be appreciated. I found him hanging out a ways from our front door and the wife is already having nightmares. Thank you for your time! --Eliu

10 October, 2013:
Two large spiders (2 inches long with legs), found in Denver suburb. I am not sure what these are. Feel free to post these pictures if you think they’re good. I’d appreciate if you told me what they are. E

10 October, 2013:
I love your website for all the information, nothing like your site for learning about spiders. Can you ID this for me? I have never seen any spider in MN like this, it was found on my doorstep late at night far from any possible web/ burrow. It had a grey brown color with some black areas like pie shaped triangles on its head/thorax sort and its abdomen is smaller than the head area. It has bright orange on its face between the eyes and the pincers (appeared to have 2 eyes?), I cant find any with markings like this in any guides, however I think it might be a less common type of Wolf Spider or possibly a Brown Recluse. Thanks for any help and info! - All the Best - Nate

29 May, 2013:
very large spider..

29 May, 2013:
Can you help us id please

Reply: Yes, it's a Carolina wolf spider - glen

3 November, 2012:
I have been finding these guys every night on my porch or waiting for the door to open to come in idk what they are I've looked everywhere I live in Indiana really appreciate if u could help me


2 September, 2012
Hi I found this in the house! In Colorado at 7,000 ft. What kind is it please? Thanks ELaine


19 May, 2011:
Good Afternoon, I was wondering if you are able to identify the attached spider picture which I found in my bathroom, my location is South Florida Thank you in advance Alex


Reply: From the eye pattern and thick legs, I'd say these are  wolf spiders too - glen

6 April, 2011:
Glen, I caught two more of our mystery spiders, one large and one small. I'm sending a picture of the two of them together (luckily they didn't eat each other), and a couple pictures of the larger one's face. I hope that the pictures will help. Thanks again!


12 April, 2011:
Found in southern vermont. Doesn't appear to be a wolf spider, as the "union jack" type marking is not present on the back near the head. I also was not able to take a look at the eyes (I'm quite terrified of spiders!!). This one was right outside the door to my dorm!! If you could let me know what it might be by email that would be great! Thanks so much! -Shira Z Putney, VT


Reply: From the eye pattern and thick legs, I'd say this is a wolf spider too - glen

29 March, 2011:
Hi, First off, let me say that I love your site. It has really sparked my interest in spiders. We always enjoy seeing the different kinds of spiders who live in our house. We try to ID each kind, but the spider in the attached picture has us stumped. We have many of these crawling around. We assume they are some kind of hunting spider because they are never in webs, and are pretty fast. We see them mostly during the day. From what I can find on the internet, they look a lot like a grass spider, but they do not behave like one. They also don't look exactly like the pictures I find of a wolf spider. We're assuming that they are not dangerous, since they've never caused any trouble before. We live in the USA. Thanks for any insight you have about our little friend. Tracey/b>


Reply:  Nice closeup, thanks  - glen

2 August, 2010:
Wow! We are having an exciting time since we moved out here. My daughter in law was just sweeping down the top terrace steps when she found a 3” scorpion which we safely returned to nature. Then I went to replace the BBQ canvas cover which we had left on the ground overnight when this ‘little’ friend dropped out. I have once again trawled through you site and been unable to find an exact match. I thought maybe a Funnel Web or Grass Weaver. Rather than keep pestering you is there some easy way of spiders? Can you rescue us once again – and again my wife won’t believe me when I said it was harmless – can you re-assure her? Thanks in anticipation, Jon

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a wolf spider.
18 August, 2008:
My husband and I stumbled on this spider while hiking in Colorado Springs. Could you identify it? Thank you  Click for a larger view.


20 July, 2008:
Hi! I quite enjoy browsing Spiderzrule, which has helped me identify a few spiders in my area. I live in Salt Lake City Utah, and have just figured out how to take pics of small things (like spiders). I have found that 98% of the spiders i see are 1 of 3 main spiders: Funnel Weaver/Grass spiders, Jumping spiders, and wolf spiders.

21 June, 2006:
Hi glen, I love your site. I have enclosed a picture of Harriet, captured in my garage. This picture is about two weeks before she 'became a mom' and we released her. Lee, Houston, TX

27 April, 2006:
i found this thing looking at me in my hallway and got him into the jar he is in now. I am kinda freaked out because i dont like spiders. could you please tell me what you think this is. I thought it was a wolf spider but its not hairy like the ones i have seen. Please help Thank You Andrea



18 April, 2005:
This is a picture of a spider i found in my dorm room at augustana in camrose. I can't figure out what it is. So far I think it is a drain spider but i'm not sure. If someone could identify it that would be great.


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