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Spider Photos - Venusta Orchard Weavers

Leucauge is a species of spiders related to Long Jawed Orb Weavers (Tetragnathidae). They are usually found in warmer areas. There are several varieties in this species - Leucauge venusta, Leucauge dromedaria (known as the silver or horizontal orb weaver,  and Leucauge celebesiana.  Here's some photos of Venusta Orchard Spiders (Leucauge venusta) and others in this species. The Venusta Orchard Spider, whose Latin name venusta means beautiful, is a small (7mm) orbweaver. The Venusta Orchard Spider (Leucauge) spider has bright green and silvery-white markings on its body. Some specimens have yellow, orange, or reddish markings. Males are half the size of females. They carry their egg-shaped abdomens high. The legs are very long.  This spider lives in open, light areas, on one foot-wide orb webs built on trees and shrubs. They are not considered harmful to humans. Please choose a section below for more spiders.
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27 October, 2007:
I found this venusta orchard spider at my house; i’m from Managua, Nicaragua in Central America, I saw it and just thought that was the most beautiful spider I have ever seen.
Sheyla, Managua, Nicaragua
Click for a larger view.


13 October, 2007:
Glen, Here are some photos I took of some Orchard Orbweavers in Pamlico County, North Carolina on October 9-11, 2007. They're very small, but they shine like neon lights among the shadows of the impatiens. They really caught my eye. There were about 6 or 7 scattered throughout the bed.
Click for a larger view.

2 September, 2007:
I took this today in my yard. I used your site to ID it as an Orchard Spider. Thought maybe you'd like to have the photo since its pretty sharp.

14 August, 2007:
Hey! This spider has been living by my front door for the past two or three weeks. It's a really pretty spider, but i cant find it anywhere on the internet. I'm
actually going to college at A&M this next school year so if you can't identify it I'll bring it to someone there and see if they can help me. Thanks,
Brenna (College Station, TX)

11 August, 2007:
i caught this little guy right next to a huge garden orb weaving spider thanks, melvin , ada oklahoma

these are a lot better enjoy


24 July, 2007:

15 June, 2007:

8 January, 2007:
Hello Can you tell me what kind of a spider this is? We live in Miami Florida and have a 2 year old daughter that loves to go to the backyard and play and we found this spider by her swing set.
Maria T Molina

24 September, 2006:
I have exhausted my field guides and the web, and can't identify this spider. Found in it's web in the woods in coastal South Carolina. I want to say it's some kind of orb weaver, since it was in an orb-like web (hard to see here.)  Any ideas?  Thanks,  Paul P.

Reply: It is similar in shape to a venusta orchard spider and they can come with orange markings rather than the normal green.

21 August, 2006:
Hi - Found this one in the rosemary bush and didn't see it your collection of images and was just wondering if I missed it.
Sincerely,  Frank in East Tennessee

29 May, 2006:
I found this spider in our back yard recently and have been unable to find anything like it and we’re wondering what it is exactly. It was found next to our rabbit hutch and we were worried that it might bite her. Anyway, we were just wondering if you know what kind of spider it is. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. Also, this photo shows more of the underside of the spider and we couldn’t get a good shot of the back of it. The areas that appear black in the picture (legs, etc.) were actually a dark green color, though it didn’t show too well in the pictures. The spider was about 1 ˝” including the legs. Aaron and Amber


4 April, 2006:
 Here is a picture I took with a Canon Digital Rebel with the stock 18-55m lens. Can you tell me what type of spider it is? Feel free to use the photo as needed. Dave Schuman Tarpon Springs FL


4 April, 2006:
 I have a few photo's of Spiders would you want to post them on your web site. Here is one. Thanks for your time
Marilyn Villar


4 January, 2006:
Hi Again. Just want to send you a pick of the orchard spider, and a relative of the orchard spider, a long-jawed orb weaver. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!! Joe Hollner

 long-jawed orb weaver.


Reply: It looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.

4 January, 2006:
We took a digital picture of this spider on our fence in South Florida. There seem to be a few of them along the fence. Would you be able to tell me what type of spider this is? Is it dangerous? We have a kids that run barefoot and a dog who runs around the yard. Thank you for any assistance. Susan


Reply: It looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.

15 Sept, 2005:
Hi, I Just moved to the woods and the spiders are all over the place. My husband spotted this beauty on the light pole out side. I do not know what the name is either but this is the underside of what Steven Walker 9-6-2005 took. They are very small and quit iradesant in colors.
Bobbi Beasley


Reply: This is a Venusta Orchard spider.
5 Sept, 2005:
Found this spider in the bushes around the pool cage. It looks somewhat like a widow but the side picture is different. Could you identify it for me? Steven Walker


Reply: It looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.

24 July, 2005:
Hey there. i was look around online to identify this spider. i came across  your website. i thought maybe since i had no luck elsewhere you might be  able to help me. I live in metro detroit, Michigan. i was outside painting  my house and i found him. Let me know if you can help. thanks! Curtis


Reply: Looks like a Venusta Orchard spider.

27 June, 2005:
Hi, like your website. I found this spider in my flower garden in Corpus Christi, tx. the body is about 1/4 to 3/8 in. long and I wasn't able to find anything here that looked like it. Thanks for the help


Reply: I think looks like Venusta Orchard Spider too.

25 June, 2005:
Dear Glen, i live in Southeastern Michigan (near Detroit), and while i was in my garden
outside the other day, i spotted this spider (the picture is attatched) on  its web near some tree branches. i snapped some pictures of it and came to  your site to identify it. I thought it might be a Venusta Orchard Spider,  but i didnt know these were in Michigan. The color and markings looks  similar, but the abdomen looks a little smaller than a venustas. So what do  you think? -Emily


Reply: Looks like a Venusta Orchard spider.

15 June, 2005:
Thanks, Glen.
We saw this little spider near the Appalachian Trail in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia while hiking. Thought it was pretty enough to pose for a  picture. Any help with ID would be greatly appreciated. -Lacey


Reply: That is a Leucauge species, possibly L. venusta -- an orchard spider. It is harmless - Nathan Hepworth

June, 2005:
This spider was found in FL and I have been unable to identify. I was hoping someone could help me. I love your website!  These are some more pics of the same spider I asked for identification of. The underside has appearances of being a 'widow' but once I see the top, it doesn't remotely look like one. I am baffled! Catherine

16 May, 2005:
? neon green and yellow spider  - illinois (near st louis, mo) usa

Reply: The top spider is a Leucauge species (orchard spider), Nathan Hepworth
14 February, 2005:
hey, i found your site while trying to identify the attached black and yellow arigiope, or St Andrews Cross spider, i'm also sendin some pics from other spiders i've been able to capture here, i live in Colombia, South America. Anyway i hope u can help me identify them as i'm really hoping u can... Thanx a lot guys, great site!


Reply: It certainly looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.

14 September, 2004:
Southern Illinois, USA. Discovered this lovely spider at work on my deck. Your site is fabulous!


Reply: It looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.

29 August
, 2004
Hello. My husband found this one day at work crawling out of some vents. I believe it is a small garden spider but I am unsure. I have never seen one with such emerald green legs before and a disporportionate body. Can you help me identify this little guy? Thanks in advance.
Christy from Missouri

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