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Unidentified Spider Photos 2004 (1)
Here's Page 1 of some unidentified spider photos sent in by viewers from 2004. Please choose a section below.
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29 June, 2004:
Hi Glen -
The attached photo which I took on June 26, 2004 looks very much like the one posted by John of Michigan on June 28, 2004 in your "Unidentified Spiders 2004" collection.
Tim Ward
Vienna, Virginia
(suburb of Washington DC)


28 June, 2004:
Dear Dr. Glen, I found your name on a website while trying to find out what type of spider I found in a shed in my yard. I hope you can help me with a question about this spider - what is it? I'm a 15 year old boy and I live in mid-Michigan in the US. I found this spider yesterday and was shocked because I had never seen one so big before. I have not been able to find a photo on the Internet that looks like this. It's abdomen is larger than a nickel (about the size of a 1 euro coin) and it is approximately 12 to 15 cm long. It also seems to be pretty aggressive. I tried to get it into a large jar to take it to a local nature center and it jumped on and bit the stick. At that point I decided against not to bother it any more. In addition to knowing what type of spider it is, I also need to know if, in fact, it is dangerous.  Thank you for your help, Eddie Pierz

Reply: These spiders seem to be abounding at present. They look like either a fishing spider or huntsman. If someone could please positively identify them it would be great!!


Reply: This spider and the one above is called Selenopid Crab Spider. When spooked it will run sideways like a crab.  Annette

28 June, 2004:
I live north of Detroit, Michigan. I found this guy on the brick of the house tonight.... never have seen anything like it here before. It took me about an hour to get the courage to put it in a large vase. As you can see from the picture, its about 3" long (the thickness of the brick and mortor). The legs are striped and have hairs. Do you have any clue?
Feel free to post the pic as well.
Thanks John


28 June, 2004:
Hallo Glen , its a Spider from South Africa, you now them ?
Thank you AL


26 June, 2004:
We live in California. Can you tell us about this spider? They seem to hide in the cracks in our home.


6 June 2007: Actually I researched it and found out we're both right. It is called a "Cow Killer Ant or a Velvet Ant" and they are in the wasp family. This is the website I retained my info from: http://lancaster.unl.edu/enviro/pest/Articles/CowKillerAnt.htm
Thanks Again! Betty
5 June 2007:
Another Reply
: Now I do realize that this was in 2004 and Chris's question may have already been answered. But, this is not a spider at all. It is called a "Cow Ant". It is indigenous to the Southeast. My husband, who is from this area, pointed one out to me one day. The Cow Ant will actually make a loud hissing/growling noise when provoked. It truly is a cool creature. But beware, it will give a nasty painful bite! Betty

4 July, 2004:
Reply: On the entry for Chris on June 26, 2004, the unknown black and orange "spider" is actually a female velvet wasp. In this species, the male has the same physical characteristics as a normal wasp, but the female is larger and wingless, and carries out its adult life as a terrestial predator. Care should be taken not to handle the animal, because it can give a nasty sting.
Reply by Kraig Kersten
Email at: jk9222@students.armstrong.edu

26 June, 2004:
Hello- very nice site. this was along the edge of a large pond in a cow pasture in on the Georgia/south Carolina border last week. i cant find a picture of one like it online- i wondered if you might know what it is? in this same field we found a scorpion and later a black widow with a body about the size of a small superball. sorry about the bad picture/ resolution, my buddy took this picture and came to show me and then we couldn't find the spider again.


26 June, 2004:
Hi again. My sister has the same problem but these spiders are in her
home. I have attached a photo of one of the spiders she got in a jar. please
let me know.

Reply: This one looks like a wolf spider.


26 June, 2004:
Glen, I've been trying to ID this spider can you help me. It's small less than a 1/2" in the body. Thanks, L. Zagranis

Reply: The pic posted on June 23 is an Argiope but of what sub species I don't know. They are great hunters of larger bad insects but do fall prey to the common Garden Jumping Spider. Again these spider are very common in the South as I have many pics of these
spiders. It is rare they even enter the homes since they prefer gardens mostly tall plants. Here in Oklahoma the spiders like to weave their webs between the trees. They have the nickname Zig-Zag Spider because of the zig-zag pattern they make in the center of the web. I hope this helps! :-) I love your site its really kewl. Keep up the great work! Annette
Reply: It is probably a silver argiope. glen

23 June, 2004:
hi, my name is joe and i found this spider in my porch, i took a photo and tossed him outside. when the sun hit him he started to reflect and shine like he was wearing armor can u post this and tell me what kind he is.. thanks joe.. clermont fl

Hi Glen, I live in Southwest Oklahoma in the U. S. A. The pics posted on June 22, both June 28 and June 29 is a spider very common in the south. The spider is called Selenopid Crab Spider. When spooked it will run sideways like a crab. The book does not mention if the spider is dangerous. The spider eats small insects. I am surprised that it is found as far north as Michigan and Vermont. According to my book it is found only in the South as it is a tropical species. This just proves the global warming theory. Please let the folks know what kind of spider they have in their homes. Annette

22 June, 2004:
HI found this in my house extension- i live in southern Vermont. he was  about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide- that's a rough cut 2 by 8 rafter he is on. What kind of spider is it??? sorry picture is a little blurry.

Asia in New Orleans

29 July, 2004:

A response for picture of June 18, 2004 from Asia in New Orleans. The  spider depicted is an Orchard Orb Weaver or Leucauge venusta. I have had  about 3 or 4 in my yard. Not dangerous. May have a localized painful  sting, but not poisonous.
Billy Morris.

18 June, 2004:
Hello, I know you guys already have plenty pictures of spiders but I thought I might send you a couple more. The June 16th entry on the unidentified page for 2004 looks almost exactly like the spider I found. I have a picture of the underside of the spider as well as his back. From what I can tell in the digging I've been doing so far it is either an orb weaving spider or some kind of garden spider. I found mine with a beautiful circular web. His back looks like a watermelon with yellow and orange spots while his belly is black with an orange and yellow design. Sorry the picture quality isn't the best, I had trouble focusing with my digital camera. Use the pictures however you see fit. Thanks so much for your awesome site!
Asia in New Orleans


18 June, 2004:
Hi Glen,
We found this one and its abdomen measures approx. 18mm alone…but with legs as seen in this photo measure about 35mm. It has a black brown black brown pattern on the legs.
Any thoughts?

Justefanie Strachan

16 June, 2004:
I found this spider spinning a web in a shady corner behind some bushes at my home in Raphine, Virginia. Can you help me identify it? Use the pictures in any way you see fit.
I'm in awe of the huge variety of spiders around the world. Thanks very much for hosting such an informative page and for helping others learn more about these fascinating creatures.
Harry H.
Reply: It looks like a Venusta Orchard Spider.


16 June, 2004:
I had a close encounter with this spider while setting up for a garage sale. The spider was on the bottom of a plastic container. It had a large white sack attached to the under belly. The spider is about 2-4 inches in diameter and crawled under my brick home. I would like to know what type of spider is this and what the white sack does. I've attached a picture.
Thank you
St. Augustine, Florida

Reply: The white sac is its egg sac, it could be a huntsman.


16 June, 2004:
I love your website. There are a lot of nice photographs, and they are very helpful. It must take a lot of work to maintain and update the site. Here's yet another question/addition. Some friends and I have seen three of these spiders in the woods in Maryland, near the Chesapeake Bay. I've been trying to ID it, and believe it may be either a wolf spider, or fishing spider. Perhaps someone could provide some suggestions? Please feel free to post the pictures. It's a beautiful spider.

Reply: It looks like a fishing spider too.


15 June, 2004:
this is a spider i found in my garden in oakland co. mi. for size reference, that is a hasta leaf on which it is perched is it a fisher? any help would be greatly appreciated. feel free to post.

Reply: Could be a nursery web spider -
Pisaurina mira

15 June, 2004:
i think this is a daring jumping spider (quite a tiny guy/girl) that i found on my front door in oakland co. mi.I usually see four or five of these a year without even looking for them. you can see how small he is in reference to the hinge. this is the smallest one i've seen to date but it is only june so i guess i have all summer to let them grow. i think they are beautiful but my girlfriend is totally skeeved out by them! feel free to use as you see fit.

11 June, 2004:
Hi, I live in Georgia. Right at the Georgia-Florida state line and Iam in Pest Control. I really enjoy my job. However it really bugs me when I kind something in some ones home and can't tell them what it is or if it is anything to worry about. I was treating a customers house for spiders today and came acrossed this huge female spider and her egg sack. Now she was sprayed with poison so she is a little lighter in color than in this pic. PLEASE HELP me if you can . Thanks So Much!!!! Lynn

9 June, 2004:
I found this spider in my living room (already dead). It is quite strange as it has a coal black body and almost translucent legs. It was quite small (about 5 mm). Any ideas on what it is?
Leslie L.
Shepherdstown, WV

Reply: Hi. The spider that Sara Louise of Dansville, MI has pictured is none other than the bold/daring jumping spider.
9 June, 2004: I am so amazed by all the hypnotic spider photos on your website. I noticed this nasty little fellow crawling up along the ceiling in my entry hallway. Never before have I seen a spider like this, small to you but big to me. Black and tufts of hair on legs and abdomen. Top of abdomen has one large white dot and two smaller ones just south of the larger. A more curious thing to him is his right fore front leg, looking simular to that of a hermit crab with what looked to me as a "claw". Tried to identify it looking at various websites online but found nothing. I would like it how ever if it be posted on your site.
best regards,
Sara Louise
Dansville, MI

13 June, 2004:

We were able to positively identify this spider with assistance of your web site. You already have a photo of this type of spider in your collection, but here’s some more views.
The Giant Lichen Orbweaver an araneus bicentenarius; will bite if handled, but is not considered dangerous. You have a great site, very informative. Would like to see a link to a list of poisonous spiders by state or region.
Thank you,

Click for a larger view.

9 June, 2004:
I was cutting grass and found this ...Do you know what kind and if it's poisonous?

North Carolina

Reply: Looks like some sort of marbled orb weaver.

9 June, 2004:
I recently moved to an area where we seem to have a lot of these spiders in the home.
We are not sure how they are getting in but some of them are larger in size than we are
used to. We have seen some as large as a US 50 cent piece. I have attached in a zip
file 3 pictures of a spider we caught and were able to take a few pics of. I do not
wish to hurt it if it is not dangerous. I understand that the website that I got your
email address from does not identify spiders but was hoping you could give me a guess
and maybe help me to sleep better at night. Any idea would be appreciated Thank you
sooo much for your time..
My location is...
Temecula, California, USA (southen Californis)
Reply: This one looks like a wolf spider.

Reply: Another one of these, this is a nursery web spider - glen

7 June, 2004:
My family and I found this spider in backyard. We live in southern New
Hampshire, and thought that this might be an Argiope kind. Anyway, it's a very beautiful specimen and we thought you might enjoy the photo.

7 June, 2004:
My husband found this spider in our garage. I was wondering if you knew what type it is. I have been searching and I think it might be a type of wolf spider. Is there any way that I can keep these out of my garage and house. I am deathly scared of them.
Thank You,
Samantha Falgout

7 June, 2004:
My name is Jack and I am 8 years old. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio. My mom found this spider in the laundry basket in my house. I think it is a fishing spider. We looked it up on the internet, and it looks like a "Dolomedes tenebrosus" It is 3 1/2" long! Have you ever seen one this big?

7 June, 2004:
Excellent site I have sent a photo it is about 1.5 - 2 inches long and covered with little ones any idea ?

Paul Ackerman

Reply: Looks like a wolf spider and her babies.

Reply: This is a fishing spider - glen

5 June, 2004:
Found this spider on the front porch of one of our rental properties....about 4-5inches big. Is this a garden spider?
Donna in Cincinnati

Reply: Another one of these, this is a nursery web spider - glen

4 June, 2004:
I found this guy wandering around my back door in Southern Ontario Canada.
Anyone have any idea what species it might be?

Reply: Looks like a Huntsman to me.

2 June, 2004:
I found this spider in my house. Its huge, like 4 inches diameter with legs spread. I have lived here for thirty years and never seen a spider this size, except for banana spiders, in this area. Do you recognize it? What kind is it?
Thank you,
New Orleans

2 June, 2004:
My name is Shawn I live in Lithonia GA. I found this spider in my basement could you please identify and e-mail me back.

2 June, 2004:
Hello, I visited your website because I was trying to locate a red spider. We have found two little red spiders in our house that already seemed to be dead when we spotted them. We have no clue what they are. We found them in our house. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. We live in central Ohio.
Thank you so much!!

Reply: This is a fishing spider - glen

2 June, 2004:
Hey there. I was wondering if this is a wolf spider or not. I live in east Tennessee and found it in a barn just sitting on the floor. Please e-mail me back sometime and let me know!
Niki Quickchic311@aol.com

1 June, 2004:
Could you please identify this spider. i caught him hiding out in a heater vent in the house. i live in Oakland county Michigan. you're welcome to use these photos.

thank you,
ron conigliaro

22 Sept, 2004:
Reply: The photo posted on June 1, 2004 by Justin is a dysdera crocata (aka wood louse hunter.) Jenni

1 June, 2004:
Hi there. I found this spider in Western Washington, USA and I was wondering if you could help identify it or post the pic on your site so somebody else may be able to identify it. It would be greatly appreciated.


31 May, 2004:
Hey there Glen,
I lived in Florida 3 or 4 years back in Ybor city right in Tampa - I saw some of the largest spiders I have seen - and they were Brown Recluse spiders (confirmed by the exterminators I had come out) I took a few pictures of one of the SMALLER ones I caught with poison - As you can see it is about the size of a 5 dollar bill. I caught about 7 of them and this was the average size however 2 of them were even much bigger. The exterminators were shocked! I kept a jar of them in water and they actually begged me for the jar of them. I wish I had kept it.  Most sites talk about Brown Recluse spiders being small - size of a quarter and so forth but let me tell ya Florida lives up to its reputation of having the "supersized" version of spiders and insects in this nation. Please take a look. -Andrew

PS: Thank God my cats alerted me almost every time one of these things were lurking - judging by there size I am pretty sure I would have lost at least a limb had I been bitten by one of these.


Reply: This is a huntsman - glen

30 May, 2004:
Hi Glen,
Thought you might like these spider photos for your site. They were taken on the wall outside my back door at night. The spider is about 4.5 cm across. We have plenty of these in Adelaide.
Gerry McAndrew
Adelaide, South Australia

Click for a closeup.


30 May, 2004:
here is a spider I found in my kitchen pantry actually there were about 10 or them and they are quite small and were catching moths. the body is about as big as the end of a pencil.
Reply: Here is a link to that type of spider, we're in Oklahoma, and I currently have a female living in my kitchen window catching flies and moths for me :D

Jessica Eastin
owner FabriConnection.com

7 June, 2004:
Hi, My name's Norah Murphy, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I think I can  identify the spider posted by Terry Lucas in Lakewood, California (May 27, 2004). It looks like a Daring Jumping Spider. I have them in my garden in Toronto, and they come into the house sometimes. Their chelicerae are quite  a stunning metallic green, and you can see them very clearly in Terry's photo. They are black with some white and grey spots and stripes, and bigger than most jumping spider (females us to 5/8 inch). I identified mine using the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects & Spiders" (picture 652). This is an okay book, but I only get a hit for about 1 in 5 insects and spiders that I find. I am definitely bookmarking your site. I stumbled across it trying to identify a spider I saw yesterday (I don't have pic, but but it was a pale white or ash-grey jumping spider, about 1 cm or a little less, with most of  its abdomen a berry-red metallic colour. Absolutely gorgeous--still haven't identified it.) This is a wonderful, wonderful service. I'm going to tell all my friends, even the ones who get freaked by spiders.
Norah Murphy
Toronto, Ontario

27 May, 2004:
This guy lives in one of my Cactii, Lakewood, Calif.

- Terry Lucas -


25 May, 2004:
I saw your website and had to ask about this spider that has made it's home in my door jam. There were 2 I had to get rid of one. This one sort of stays where he is. I've never seen a spider like this one in Maine...we are not supposed to have any poisonus ones here I'm told so maybe he's not too threatening. Let me know when you get a chance!
New Gloucester, Maine


Reply: This is looks like a red spotted ant mimic spider - glen

24 May, 2004:
Hi there,
Found this spider in my living room. I live in Wichita, Kansas, USA. I've never seen a spider with this marking before. It is extremely fast moving, that's why I took the picture with it in the glass. Could you tell me what you think it is?


Reply: This is a jewelled spider - glen

23 May, 2004:
Found this one on a broken branch with ball moss. Was weaving a web to a
potted plant about 2-3 feet away.

See attached! Have a few more if you need 'em. This shot is clear, so you
can zoom in a lot.


Reply: This is a fishing spider - glen

20 May, 2004:
Hi, Found this very large spider in my shed. There are woods all around our house and shed. Could you help me to identify it?


Bev Magyar

20 May, 2004:
I'm attaching pictures of this spider, and hoping you can identify her. We do have some black widows in this area. This particular spider does not appear to be making any webs, and as I said, is not very aggressive. Hope you can help...........anxiously awaiting your answer.  Kathy
Reply: Looks like a crab or flower spider.


16 May, 2004:
Hi, Glen
My son and I found this spider outside of our home in Oklahoma, I have not ever seen
one quite like it so I was wondering if you might know, or could direct me to somewhere that I might could find out. It was really small and had brown legs and a copper coloured shiny body. Thanks for your help.



13 May, 2004:
Dear Glen,
You're in Australia and I'm in Fairfax, Virginia, USA, but can you help me
out? What IS this thing? About the size of a U.S. quarter, with furry  legs. Black, with red markings. EEEEEEE!!! Thank you for a great website and permitting this intrusion on
your time. :)



13 May, 2004:
Hello, I found your web-page yesterday on the internet and I just find it great. I was looking for a page that tells something about Australian spiders, because I found a strange one yesterday in my garden.
Since I am from Germany and only been here for roughly 1 year, I am not
very familiar with all these crawling things around here. I have already encountered redbacks, huntsman and the house
spider, but do you know the one in the picture I took yesterday? The body of the spider was about 2-3 cm big and it was all
completely red and it seemed like it had some 'hair' on its back. It'll be great if you could find out / know what kind of spider
that was. Thanks and keep on going!
elke from Perth


10 May, 2004:
Hi Glen,
I came across your email address while searching for spider pictures. I am located in Phoenix, AZ USA, and found this spider near my front door and was wondering if you could let me know what kind of spider it is. Thank you very much for your help, and I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Jim Angel

Reply: Nice photo of a female wolf spider with her babies on her back.


10 May, 2004: I have attached a few pics of a spider that I noticed while I was about to go for a swim in a creek in Costa Rica. It was by far the biggest spider I had ever scene being about 8- 10 inches in diameter. I don't know what kind of Indiana Jones bravery I had that day but I managed to get a pic from only a foot away. I was told shortly afterwards that spiders (not to my knowledge at the time) can jump. So my questions are; Can this one jump? What kind is it? and most importantly, is it venomous?
Thank you for your time,
Michael Jonsson
Reply: Could be a fishing spider?

Your unidentified "spider" on the "unidentified spiders 2004" page  is actually two Solifugids (common name wind scorpion, camel spider or sun scorpion/spider). It appears to be two Galeodes granti which are rather common in the areas that the American troops are right now. The Solifugid on the lower portion of the picture is holding on to the upper Solifugid's abdomen by its mandibles. They are relatively harmless arachnids (no venom) but they have a significant "bite". I have had one for about a year now and they are quite fascinating http://kinetikx.8m.com/inverts/Ggranti.html. They move very quickly, thus the common name "wind scorpion". Solifugids only live about a year and are very interesting to observe, especially when eating. I only wish that the soldiers in the picture weren't grabbing the animal by its leg with a pair of pliers- they are rather delicate even though they appear very ferocious. Some records say that they seek out shadows very actively (which makes sense due to their environment) and some accounts state that they will even follow the shadow of humans, thus some people think that they are being "chased" which is not the case at all. A very good resource for information is located here http://www.tarantulaspiders.com/pages/solifugid.htm
David Gennari
10 April, 2004
I've had at least 4 emails from people who have been sent this photo from the US troops in Iraq. They look like camel spiders and I've been  sent photos before from people who have found this spider in the Middle East. They certainly don't chew people's legs off as has been reported!!!

10 April, 2004
Wonder if you could identify this little chap for me? I found him on a citrus tree last spring but have.not seen him since, Here in Auckland we have had an aerial spraying programme which may have done him in. Since I couldn't find anything like it on your site you have my full permission to use this image. Looking forward to your reply.

17 May, 2004:
Glen, In reply to your spider identification request on your web page........ please find the link  which will show the spider to be none other than the two- spined spider. Poecilopachys australasiae. MAF gets a lot of public enquiries about this spider.
Doug Farr
Quarantine Officer
MAF Quarantine Service
Auckland International Airport

10 April, 2004
My wife and I took these pictures in Costa Rica last Aug 2003. We believe that on of them is a Gold Weaver, but we are not sure. The spiny one we have no idea It was in the rain forest resort we stayed at. (Sorry the photo is so bad).  As for the last, It was on our balcony. It caught my because it was about 9:00AM and it looked like a 5 - 6 in "X" on the wall. At night it looked more like a spider. When the hotel staff removed it (with a broom and a plastic bag to be released off grounds) We saw it had red under each leg.


Reply: The top pic in this section looks like a golden silk spider.

Reply: This one looks like an Arrow-shaped Micrathena
Reply: This is a parson spider - glen
29 March, 2004:
We had this visitor last night on our kitchen floor. I looked all over the internet and I believe it is Parson Spider which is a ground spider of the family Gnaphosidae. What do you think? Michael J. Schlenk
Washington, New Jersey

25 March, 2004:
I have just discovered a spider living along the gas pipe to my fireplace. I live in Albuquerque, NM and there are many different types of spiders inhabiting this area. I've see the black widow and I think a few brown recluse, but the one i found in my living room stumps me. Unfortunately I only have a view of the behind/abdomen area. Every time I try to get close it hides. Can you id this one for me. I am concerned it's poisonous. It has one of those messy nests like the widow makes. Thanks for you time.


21 March, 2004:
i am in mississippi, right outside of jackson. what is this house spider, just in case it did bite someone here who does not talk yet


20 March, 2004:
I found this spider crawling across the floor in Northwest Arkansas....At first I thought maybe a Hobo Spider but Im pretty sure they arent found around here. Also from the pictures I have found online of Hobo Spiders it looks a little different. Any ideas?

17 March, 2004:
Could you please help me identify this spider.The picture is taken just beside the sidewalk where we live west of Sydney, Australia. Hope you can tell me what it is.
P.S. I have more pictures of it if you need them or would like to have them.

Reply: Looks like a wolf spider?

17 March, 2004:
This spider was found inside my patio on the screen. I live in Loxahatchee FL. I was wondering what kind of spider it was? From the looks of other pictures on your site, it looks like a wolf spider.

Reply: I agree, these look like a wolf spider, too.

7 March, 2004:
Here is a photo of the spider that scared my
nine year old son to death when he was washing his hands (it was in the sink). Before I had a look at it, I told him he shouldn't be afraid of spiders because he is about 8,000 times bigger and he should go back in the bathroom and turn the water off. Then I got a look at it. I screamed, my son laughed, "I told you!" Any suggestions as to what kind it is? Thanks, your site is wonderfully creepy!

Upstate New York

7 March, 2004:
Glen, I'm an exhange student here in Perth
attending ECU. We actually stay on campus
here in Joondalup - we found this beaut
outside our apartments. Size wise, it's most
likely 2.5" x 2.5" or so.

Any idea what it is?


3 March, 2004:
Hi Glen
Got another pic for you.
From the bottom of my Springwood garden.
Body length is about 45mm.
Any idea what make it is ??

(Click for a larger view)

24 Februar
Can you tell me what this is it was at my garage door? I am in south Florida.

Reply: Looks like a wolf spider??


21 February, 2004:
My 4 year old daughter caught this spider in our basement. I later took a closer look at it, and was afraid that it may be a type of widow. It is glossy black, small, has a brown hour glass on its belly. Any thoughts?

Sarnia Ontario

15 February, 2004:
I live at Springwood and took a beaut spider picture with my new  digital camera.
I have no idea what sort it is. But here it is (attached). Cheers.
Reply: Looks like a St Andrews Cross

(Click these pics for a larger view)


15 February, 2004:
Could you please identify the two spiders in the attached photo's. The smaller lighter spider was found walking inside our house and the darker and larger was found coming out of a hole in our front lawn. I had been hand watering the lawn when I noticed the dark, large spider coming from its hole. I'm think the small brown spider may be a wolf spider but am unsure about the larger. I have found three holes in our front lawn close to the house which are about 15mm round. I have not looked over the whole lawn as yet.
We are concerned because we have only just moved to the area Penrith (Glenmore Park) in the past couple of months and have a 2 year old that loves playing in the yard. Could you please help me identify the attached,
Thank You
Craig Shelton
0418 652 457

9 February, 2004:
Hi! Sorry for my english but it's not very good ;). I found a spider outside my house, at the beginning was small but now it has changed it skin ( well you know ) and now it's abdomen it's bigger and so. I was trying to identify it but it's very difficult :(
I don't know if it's a marbled one, a brown widow... I'm lost :'(. I've pictured in order you can see it to help me. It's not very big 1 cm - 1.5 cm and I live in Spain quite hot 18ºC now in winter. Thanks in advance


7 February, 2004:
I've made this picture of a spider yesterday in south-western Germany (near Stuttgart) after I've turned a branch near a forest. I know that most people visiting your side are from the USA or Australia, but maybe someone can help me with the identification of this ca. 1cm (with legs!) small spider. At first I thought it was a wolf-spider but when I looked at the picture at home it looks more like a small Tegenaria spec. My problem is the size and the metallic reflection of the legs (I think because of the flash...). Normally I can identify spiders by myself but here I am overtaxed... Hope someone can help me

4 February, 2004:
I hope I am sending this through alright. I found 4 spiders of this kind in my home and car. I am thinking it came from out Christmas Tree we bought in Half Moon Bay. This spider is the smallest of the 4.Any help you can give me would be great. Thanks! Angie

27 January, 2004:
Just wondering if you could help identify this spider. We live on the Sunshine Coast in SE Queensland. I don't like spiders at the best of times.
Reply: This is a striped garden orb weaver.

14 January, 2004:
I'm glad I found your website. I just recently moved to Central Mexico and I'm encountering all kinds of interesting little things. I found this spider one morning in my pants. I left them on the floor of my room and normally I'm good about shaking off my clothes and my shoes before throwing them on.. but it was early in the morning and I was taking my dog out. Luckily I wasn't bitten. I'm not sure what kind of spider this is and would love to know. In Mexico supposedly it's called "cara de nino" little kid face...which you can see it has some sort of wicked face. Hope to know what this is...thanks if anyone can help identify this little kid. Thanks again.
18 August, 2004
Reply: This looks like a type of Filistata, which are not dangerous.
Nathan Hepworth
18 August, 2004
Reply: This is an orb-weaving spider, possibly a species of Araneus or Neoscona,  both of which are harmless. These spiders build the classic wheel shaped  web, are almost exclusively found outdoors, feed mainly on flying insects,  and are not considered dangerous.

Nathan Hepworth
12 January, 2004:
Dear Sir,
I found your website, and it is simply great. I just need a little knowledge about this particular spider. I found in one of our locations in Brunei Shell Petroleum. Please assist.
Hj Alias
Health Department
Panaga Health Center, Brunei Shell Petroleum

9 January, 2004:
Any idea what these spiders are???? We spotted this huge web on the side of a cow pasture just outside of Ocho Rios Jamaica.
There were at least 6 spiders on this web. I have never seen spiders share a web like this. Please let me know.
Patrice McLean

18 August, 2004
Reply: That looks like a species of Argiope, though I can't tell which.
Nathan Hepworth

8 January, 2004:
Love your web sight!! I have a spider that was found crawling in my daughters bed. The picture isn't great but, it looks the same as the spider Dave sent in on July, 22 2003. What I would like to know is if his spider had a pattern of white dots around his back? And was it ever identified? Is it dangerous?
Thanks, Candy in South GA


Reply: No his photo was not identified. All those that are, have the replies with them in red.

18 August, 2004
I can't determine species from that
picture, but it is  likely a wolf or fishing spider, and neither are dangerous.
Nathan Hepworth

18 August, 2004
Reply:  That is most likely Steatoda borealis, a cobweb weaving  spider related to the widow spiders, though it is not dangerous. Pic to  compare with ( the color of the abdomen varies among individuals from reddish brown to near black ):

Nathan Hepworth
6 January, 2004:
Please assist us in identifying this spider which we found in our storage
closet in Lake Forest, CA.

Tony Kollmorgan

22 September, 2004
Yet Another Reply:
Photo posted on Jan 4, 2004 by Kristen and Mike is a callobius severus. - Jenni
glen: Check out http://www.ivory.org/spiders/callobius.severus.html and decide for your selves and http://spiders.entomology.wisc.edu/Dysderidae/Dysdera/crocata.html for woodlouse hunters. comparing the two, I tend to think it is the callobius severus....
27 May, 2004
Reply: I live in northern Utah, and have recently come across spiders such as the one pictured below and found that they're called "woodlouse hunters". From what I have read they're not dangerous to humans, but to those pill bugs, or as my kids call 'em, rolly polly's. (but in my opinion, the only good spider is one that is NO WHERE near me!)
AnnaMarie Beck
Logan, UT
4 January, 2004:
we live in Northern California.. (Eureka, CA)
we caught this spider in a local storage shed so it may be from out of the area.  We haven't been able to identify it or find anything close. if you have any ideas we would be very thankful. Thank you so much for your time, you have a wonderful website!!!! thank you very much
kristen and mike

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