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Unidentified Spider Photos 2018

Disclaimer: Replies that I publish are done so with no guarantee of authenticity or validity. Please DO NOT rely on identifications from any other than an official source like a Museum or entomologist. Furthermore, where a spider is described as  "not dangerous" does not mean that it doesn't bite or cause a reaction. Any spider can bite and some people react differently to others, so it's best to treat all spiders with caution. That doesn't mean of course, going around killing them!!! Leave them alone and they will leave you alone - we are NOT spider prey and they don't jump in out mouths while we are asleep or attack unprovoked! Most countries only have one or two spiders that are considered really dangerous to humans, there are thousands of spiders that aren't!!

Here's some photos sent in by viewers. Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. PLEASE ONLY SEND IN CLEAR PHOTOS AND PREFERABLY THE TOP VIEW OR I CANNOT ID IT FOR YOU!!!  IT IS ALSO HELPFUL IF YOU INCLUDE WHERE YOU LIVE, WHERE YOU FOUND THE SPIDER e.g. INSIDE OR OUTSIDE AND IF IT HAD A WEB OR NOT. I'm getting lots of mobile phone pics and many are just wasting my time and yours as I can't see any details in them!! All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. If anyone can help with identifying those that people have asked about, please email me so I can pass the info on. I have made 2 pages - Common spiders Australia and Common spiders USA, where you might see your spider if you are in Australia or USA. Please check this out before emailing me. Click here for a map showing the location of some of the dangerous spiders found in the USA. Rick Vetter has put out a great guide for identifying hobo spiders which is one of the common dangerous spiders in the US. Click here.

Click here for
some photos sent in by one of my viewers with a lot of nice photos. I'll try and ID the ones I know but there are a few different ones there that I am not familiar with. If you can help with an ID please email me. Click the photos for a larger view and ID.

If you are in Queensland, you could try the Qld Museum's identifying spiders page. It's great! A new page is the Brisbane Insect and Spiders page. Another site to identify spiders from is Bug Guide which has some nice photos of American spiders on it and a new one I just found from Cirrus on Common American spiders, which has lots of photos. for European ones try Ed Nieuwenhuys' pages. This page has some spiders from South Africa as I seem to be getting more requests from that part of the world. Another new page is the Find a Spider Guide Page  from the University of Southern Queensland. Many thanks to Richard Adams, Paul Day, Nathan Hepworth, Brian Post and Josh Hillman, FloridaNature.org for their many identifications. Please choose a section below.
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Reply: Not sure about this one -  glen

12 December, 2018:
Hello, can you identify this spider for me? I live in Guatemala at 1560m attitude. The spider was in my house, it is pretty big, see photo Thank you, Jorge


Reply: Not sure about this one, maybe a type of wolf spider   glen

21 October, 2018:
I was hoping you might be able to identify this particular spider and get back with me. Thanks for any assistance in advance, Ravyn...



Reply: Not sure about this one, maybe a huntsman   glen

29 July, 2018:
Hi, Glen. Hereís a picture of a spider I found at my front door last night. Iím in the mid Blue Mountains, NSW. My feeling is that it is some sort of trapdoor or wolf spider. The abdomen markings reminded me of a black house spider. Sorry I couldnít get a clearer shot; it was on the move. Thanks. Bede



Reply: Not sure about this one, please see your doctor if the bite becomes a problem - glen

22 July, 2018:
Hi, Glen! I hope youíre still responding to id requests. I would truly appreciate your input. I found this guy in my toilet. He was in the water and I normally would have flushed without thought, but I exhibited what looked like a bite on my hand 2 days ago and Iím on high alert. I live north of Dallas, in the Denton area. Iím in an apartment complex that backs into a small area of large oak trees and grass. I see spiders in my unit much more than I would like. I nudged the spider with tissue and got him out of the water; much to my surprise he started moving. I guess spiders donít drown, but I would be a happier camper if they did. I snapped as many clear pictures as I could and hopefully they will assist you in identifying this one. I am including pictures of my hand for the sake of conversation. I was putting my make up on in the morning and noticed it was pretty sore. There was redness around a small area of more pale skin. I took photos in case I needed them for a doctor; my first thought was a bite of some kind. I had never had that sudden kind of swelling in my hand before. I didnít inadvertently injure my hand because if I had, I sure wouldíve remembered it given the look of it. By the time I got to work my hand had doubled in terms of swelling. It was odd-colored, like a bruise by evening. It took another full day and a half for all inflammation to go down. And now - there is a very small red bump just under my knuckle. I am, of course, leaving it alone. The soreness has also subsided, so I believe all is well. Either way, I have a toddler and I do not want to risk not knowing what the critters are. By the way, have you seen Lucas the Spider on YouTube yet? If not, do a search for him. I think you will get a kick out of it. He is truly the worlds cutest spider and I even ordered my son a Lucas plush. Thank you in advance for your help. I hope to hear back from you.

Reply: Not sure about this one, maybe a ground spider   glen

23 March, 2018:
Hi there,  I found this spider (body length without legs about 12mm) in our house on the island of Cyprus (Mediterranean). 

Would you be able to ID it? ;