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Unidentified Spider Photos 2007 (2)

Here's Page 2 of some unidentified spider photos sent in by viewers from 2007. Please choose a section below.

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Reply: It appears to be one of the steatoda family of spiders to which black and brown widows belong but I can't tell from the photo.

8 August 2007:

is this spider harmful cannot sleep

Reply: Castianeira amoena Kevin L.
August 2007:
I found the same spider as 2 of your other viewers from the 2005 Unidentified Spiders pages. I also live in Northwest Arkansas (as did one other). The spider is approximately one centimeter and I found it in my home. Here are two photos. Have you had any luck identifying this spider? ~Michele

Reply: Male Steatoda sp. probably S. grossa Kevin L.
5 August 2007:

Ok, a few weeks back this spider was climbing on my arm and I am not sure what it is. I think it to be a Hobo but I can't be sure. I did end up  knocking it to the floor and then catching it with a clear jar thing I have.  The reason I think it's a Hobo is because of the large palps and also it could not climb the side of the slick plastic. I know Hobo's have a hard  time climbing. So, what do you think? Also, I did have my arm checked and the doctor said there is no bite marks  or anything like that. I am so glad of that. Thanks, Drew

A Reply from Carl: Definitely not Enoplognatha ovata. More like a Widow! Steatoda triangulos.
(Severe envenomation is uncommon following the bite of Steatoda species, and there are no known cases of human envenomation by S. triangulosa. - glen)

1 August 2007:

Good Morning! I live in Houston Texas and found a spider similar to this picture… I would say with legs included the one I caught that I didn’t get pictures of is about the size of a nickel… And I found him in my kitchen under a counter… in a web that he had built… I was wondering if he is dangerous considering I have a 17 month old son? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!

Reply: Sparassidae - Kevin L.

27 July 2007:
Thanks for your reply. Please see the pictures below. It was taken few months before the last pix I sent you. Based on the eye arrangement, I have a feeling that they are from the same family. Btw, these pictures and the last picture I sent you were taken in the Gambier and Penang hills of Penang, Malaysia. Thanks and look forward to your reply. Alan


Reply: It looks like one of the tegenaria family which includes the hobo spider.

22 July, 2007:
Hello Glen, I have another spider that I thought you could put up to see if anyone could  ID it. I live in Northern California near Santa Rosa. I found it in my front yard in an old tree stump. Thanks, -Brennan



Reply: Looking closer it could be one of the tegenaria family to which the hobo spider belongs. I don't know if they are common in your area, but check them out and see it they look alike to you. The swollen ends on the pedipalps and the colouring on the abdomen make me think this, although the legs are a lot thinner than other photos I've been sent. Anyone who can ID this one please email!!

25 July 2007:
Found in the basement of our house, there were three that I could find. Santa Cruz County, CA, about 800’ elevation in a forested area, redwood. This is a pic of the largest one, about 2 inches toe – toe. Any Idea what kind of spider this is? I’ll try and get a better photo next time I see one. I really like your web site, so much information, very useful. I’ll keep digging to see If I can find a match for this lil beast =).

Reply: And here's another one that could be either a fishing spider or a huntsman.
20 July 2007:
Hello Glen, I looked all over your website and did not find this spider in your  unindentified list or common USA spiders. I found it in my house(I live in  northern California); in fact I have found several before. Thanks A lot -Brennan

Reply: Not quite sure if this one is a huntsman or fishing spider. This is a good example of the many spiders that look alike and can only be really identified by the eyes and shape of legs etc. From the way the legs bend forward I would tend towards a huntsman but the colouring is more like a fishing spider. Immature huntsman have the same colouring though and as it was coming inside I'd say it's a huntsman.

20 July 2007:

This spider was found living outside my door. It seems to have taken residency in just the last few weeks since late spring. It was bold enough to cross the doorway into the house but was easily chased back out. I estimate the body to be about 1-1.25 inches. It was observed in early afternoon when the photo was taken.  I am located in Southeast PA, Chester County, Mark

Reply: Looks to be a male Calisoga sp. Kevin L.

16 July 2007:
Hello Glen, I looked all over your website and did not find this spider in your
unidentified list or common USA spiders. I found it in my house (I live in  northern California); in fact I have found several before. Thanks A lot

Reply: This could be either a wolf spider or a funnel weaver spider. My guess would be the funnel weaver but without being able to see its spinnerets I can't be sure. glen

16 July 2007:
Do you know what kind of spider this is? If it is poisonous? We found it in the bathtub of our lake house in Camden, South Carolina. Have never seen one like this. It was probably 3-4 inches long (9including legs) at its longest point.... Please let me know if you know what this is. You can post this on your web sight if you want to. Thanks. L. Bowers

A Reply from Carl: Phylaeus chrysops

Reply: This looks like some sort of jumping spider.

15 July 2007:
Please can you help me to identify this spider that I found last week on our nursery in Tilford England. Thank you, Debbie


8 July 2007:
I found this spider on my sidewalk, lying on his back struggling to right himself. I've searched but can't seem to find what type of spider this is. I was wondering if you could help identify him. I live in Indiana, if that helps, Thanks, Jody

Reply: These is also an opilione.
4 July 2007:
Could you please help me with this spider? First, what is it and what are the sacs on the legs of this thing? They are a reddish/orange color and are shiny. I live in Pittsburgh and I have tons of these spiders living at my home. It's about the diameter of a soda can.
Thanks for the help, Kim in Pittsburgh

Reply: These are opiliones or harvestmen, often called daddy longlegs. They have no venom but do have scent glands that secrete a peculiar smelling fluid when disturbed. They may be mating or there may be a good food source in that area.
4 July 2007:
I have a question to ask, it is bugging me that I don't know exactly why this happens! I have a LOT of "daddy-long-legs" on my back porch that collect in one area and have been doing this for almost 2 weeks I have taken pictures of this to attach to this email if you can answer this it would sure save my sanity!! Thank you. Christie

26 June, 2007:
Hi. I found these spiders when my nephew and I were looking for frogs in a dried up pond. We found them under an old board living with a frog. The spiders were easily bigger than the frog. They were probably about two or three inches long. The one we took the pictures of was under a wet piece of old carpet near a small creek. Upon first inspection, they looked like large black spiders with a white abdomen. I came home and searched for a spider matching the description, but had no luck. I was determined to get a picture to use
while I searched. We went back, but the boards had been removed. We happened to stumble upon the carpet. I was delighted to find the spider underneath, but received a shock. The white was not the spider's abdomen, but actually an egg sac. The spider was in a kind of dug out area in the mud with another one like it. Try as I might, I could not get a full body overhead shot. I found a website with a spider resembling mine, and it said it was a nursery web spider. However, the ones on your site seemed much too light to match my spider. I was wondering if she might actually be a wolf spider instead. The markings shown in the picture are practically invisible on the dark spider outside. My nephew is only five, and I'd like to identify these guys to make sure that he isn't in any sort of real danger playing around them. Thank you for checking this out.  ~Jessica

Reply: It could be a wolf spider or a fishing spider, which usually lives near creeks etc. The only way to tell for sure is by the eyes and I can't see them clearly enough in these photos, sorry.

Click for a larger photo.


26 June, 2007:
I have some lovely pictures of some spiders i found in the garden, The third is a long-jawed spider type, its a gorgeous yellow and black colour, not sure at all what kind in specific though it looked kind of like a writing spider, but not close enough. any ideas??

Reply: From the number and arrangement of the eyes I'd say it is Spider Dog!!
22 June 2007:
Attached is a photo I took of a rather large spider found outside my house. I have a 1 year old pug that went missing last week, and we’re afraid that he may have been bitten by this thing. From its marking behind its ears, I’m afraid it could be a brown recluse or a black widow. We sprayed it, but it just barked at us and ran away. Please let me know. Love your site! Bob in La Mesa, CA

Reply: From the number and arrangement of the eyes I'd say it is a wolf spider. If you look closely I think you can see spiderlings on her back.
21 June 2007:
Hello Glen, I am trying to identify this spider. Is it a tarantula or a wolf spider ? I have found 3 other similar burrows in my garden. I would like to know if this spider is dangerous. I have 3 children and my son has allergies. But I don't want to kill these spiders if they are harmless. Can you please help me, (I'm living in South Carolina)
Thank you Gig
Click for a larger photo.

21 June 2007:
I found these guys under my back porch, But I am not sure what kind they are and if they are poison. Can you identify them?

Reply: Hi Glenda, thank you for your trust in my "identification skills", however, i have exactly the same problems here that you already mentioned: The carapace section is indeed resembling more a Sparassidae (giant crab spider / huntsmen) than that of a Ctenidae (wandering spider). However the leg position is rather untypical for what i´m used from sparassids. There are two other things though: Apparently the picture is taken in an angle that may have an effect of the appearance of the spider.
If you look at the face of the spider there seems to be a reflection in the eyes of the spider through a flash used to produce the picture (?). If that latter impression should proof to be true it´s definitely a sparassid as Ctenidae have a different eye configuration. Does the person who sent you the picture have possibly more / other pictures of that specimen? Are there any more informations about the spider available like size? There are quite some Ctenidae around in Costa Rica, BUT there are not too many big species found. The spider in the picture seems to be not too small so this might give an additional clue... Greetings from sunny Germany, Stefan
21 June 2007:
glen can you tell us what sort of spider this is
<<corridor-spider male from banana spider family leg span 5in.JPG>> We are told its a wandering spider so can you confirm
Regards  Bob

Click for a larger photo.

Reply: Male Latrodectus sp. Kevin L.

16 June 2007:
I'm gonna let him or her go tonight. I looked at the pictures you sent. It doesn't look like a steadota to me but can I have one more go at it please lol. This one's back end is thin'd out, sort of flat. Thank you, you are very quick! Heather
Click for a larger photo.

14 June 2007:
Could you help us to identify this spider that we found in our house? We live in Minnesota, but we had guests in town from Arizona and this was by their luggage.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Trish Falk

14 June 2007:
Love the website. I have found a few of these spiders in my house in the Bay Area, CA. They have all been about 2 inches in diameter. Any ideas?

Another Reply from Nathan:  Maria's spider of June 10th is indeed a brown recluse, albeit a FAT one.

10 June 2007:
I found this spider in our closet, I compared with a picture we have on the wall, I'm pretty sure is a recluse, can you tell me if I'm right please? thanks Maria

Reply: Mature Male tarantula, Aphonopelma sp. Kevin L.

Reply: It looks like some sort of myglamorph probably a trapdoor on the wander. They often fall in pools. Doubt whether it would have caused the sore on the dog, please take the dog to a vet if it needs attention - glen.

6 June 2007:
Wendy Austin, Texas  

Reply:Looks like a a yellow sac spider.

6 June 2007:
I found this spider hanging in my kitchen from the ceiling…about eye level. I live in Houston, TX. My first thought was that it was a brown recluse, but after looking on the net, I am not so sure. Any help? RAC

Reply: Male Steatoda sp. probably S. grossa Kevin L.

6 June 2007:
i live in norther california and found this spider in my bed here are the pics i have taken of this spider i would like to know what it is. it is about the size of a quarter and its web is really thick and a little chunky

Reply: Really amazing to see these spiders living in such large colonies. They appear to be some sort of garden orb weaver.

6 June, 2007:
Hi Glen...I found your site while attempting to identify some spiders that my husband and I found. Last July we were driving along Walker Lake in Nevada. As we left the roadway and drove down toward the lake, every single bush, weed, guard rail, picnic bench...everything was encased in spider webs! The more we looked, the more spiders we saw...the bushes were simply alive with spiders...hundreds of thousands of spiders! I'm creeped out by spiders but this sight was so incredible that we spent more than an hour photographing them and being awed by them. The nearest town is Hawthorne and no one we spoke to could tell us anything about them other than they invade the area every summer and die out when winter cold hits. Is it common for so many spiders to live so closely to each other? We really hope that you might help us to identify them and learn a bit about this phenomenon. Attached are some of the photos that we took. These are 4 mega pixel photos, so you can enlarge them to see them better. In photo P7030009, not only can you count nearly 100 spiders in the one bush, you can see other bushes in the background encased in webs filled with spiders! Thanks for your time... John & Cindy

Click for a larger view.

Sergui did some more research and came up with an ID: The species is Araneae Lycosidae] Arctosa Cinerea (Fabricius 1777). Arctosa cinerea has several German names such as sand wolf  spider , river bank (giant) wolf spider or Sandtarantel [Sand Tarantula - my translation]."
Reply: I think it is some sort of lycosa - wolf spider , because of the number of eyes. glen
6 June 2007:
Dear Glen, thank you, once again, for your kindness and the help you gave me trying to identify the spider that I took pictures with. Past weekend I was again at the Black Sea shore (in Romania); this time I was, I could say, extremely lucky: in the same place I found another spider/same species; he was posing like a superstar, like a top model, so...I came back to you with better photos. please see the attached ones. yours sincerely, sergiu

Click for a larger view.

Reply from Nathan: The spider at the bottom of the page ( from June 6th), is a Gnaphosid spider. It's bite could cause mild swelling and perhaps a little malaise, but nothing serious.

Reply: Pictures like this are very hard to identify as it doesn't show the eyes or really any markings that might help to ID it - glen

6 June 2007:


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