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Spider Stories

Page 1 - "The Garden Spider" by Jessica
Page 2 - "When I was a Spider"  by Aaron
Page 3 - "The Spider" by Chris P.
Page 4 - "Runaway Ruby" by Elise
Page 5 - "Sid's Bad Day by Brandon
Page 6 - "Ronald's Day" by Kayden
Page 7 - Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.
Page 8 - Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler age 9



One day while I was walking to school I tripped over a large rock on the path and tumbled to the ground. The top of the rock was sharp and pointy and I had scraped my ankle. I saw blood drip from the scratch. I held it tightly so that the blood would not leak every where. With one hand I held my leg and with the other I reached for my school bag.

Inside was a bandage. It was there because usually at school there were bullies and I was allways clumsy. I quicky tied it and began to get up. But I kept on falling over. While I was trying to get up a red back spider was lurking over in the distance. It crawled down the path and towards me. As soon as I saw it coming I crawled away. But it was fast and allready climbing up my leg. It climbed up my dress and up my back.

The spider was now on my head and digging into my hair. The best thing to do was stay still. I yelled out to the people on the pathway but no-one would listen to me. Luckily a lady with her dog heard me and came to see what i was yelling about. "There is a red back spider in my hair!"

Gradually the lady was not scared of spiders. She reached into my hair and just rested her hand on my head. The spider didnot move.

The lady only said "you have to deal with it, it could kill you but it will soon have to go because it is a female and females...".

"A female! Females are even more deadly than males!" She went on with her sentence. " Females will have to have babies so she will have to leave your head."

I was scared to bits but the spider would leave soon. So I went to school. Every one kept on staring at me and asking me questions about the spider on my head. " Is that two spiders on your head?... No three...Four!" "DING! DING! DING!''. Went the bell. My teacher came in and screamed. I just shrugged my shoulders.

After the day had come to an end it was time to go home. I walked into my house and sat down on the couch. My mother always played with my hair when I got home. She saw the spiders and screamed. She asked why I had three red back spiders in my hair. I told her what happened. She just said goodnight and went to bed.

That night the mother red back gave birth to seven baby red back spiders. The next morning I found my self swamped in spiders. On my walls, bed, window, every where! Hundreds of them crawling around my room. I raced down stairs to get a huge jar. I scooped all of the spiders into the jar. i took them outside. There over by the path side was a big gum tree. I let the spiders go. They ran all through the tree. I said good bye to all of the spiders. " This tree is now called 'Red Back Gum Tree'. It was sad to say goodbye to ALL of the spiders. But I felt an ache in the back of my head. (the red back spider).

By Jessie Hustler
age 9

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