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Spider Stories

Page 1 - "The Garden Spider" by Jessica
Page 2 - "When I was a Spider"  by Aaron
Page 3 - "The Spider" by Chris P.
Page 4 - "Runaway Ruby" by Elise
Page 5 - "Sid's Bad Day by Brandon
Page 6 - "Ronald's Day" by Kayden
Page 7 - Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.
Page 8 - Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler age 9



Sid is a Sydney funnel web spider who lives in the garage under a work bench where it is dark and warm .Sid is pure black, he is the size of a babies hand and has black hairy legs. The door to the garage is usually let open so he goes out every now and then but one day, when he went out, it was the worst day of his life.

When he crawled out of the shed, he went across the lawn and  into a sand pit and saw a little kid Mike . He spotted Sid   and threw his plastic spade at him .Sid bolted out of the sand pit, he spun a web from the ground to the balcony and crawled inside the house and saw a lady named Debra. She was in the kitchen sweeping dirt and while she was sweeping, she saw Sid and she hit him over the head with the broom. He bolted out the back door and jumped off the balcony and swung with his web like a monkey.

When he landed on the ground, he saw a little wooden house and he went around to the front door. There was a dog drinking from its bowl the dog was named Angus .When he stopped drinking, he saw Sid and stomped on him .When the dog lifted its paw he crawled into the shed and noticed that his web had been destroyed because a power tool had fallen on it. So he looked for a good place to make a new web He checked the garden but there was no space there, so he checked on top of the balcony but the young lady Debra was on guard. So then he checked a gum nut tree and there was space for a web so he spun a web and a caterpillar crawled into his web so Sid wrapped him up with silk and ate it.

When he had finished, he went down the tree and into the sand pit again and the little boy named Mike saw Sid and picked Sid up and Sid was worried so he bit him.  As soon as Sid could escape, he bolted back up the tree. Mikes mum Debra came down and saw two bite marks on his hand so she picked him up raced up stairs grabbed the car keys, went downstairs, got in the car and raced to the hospital. The doctor said that he has been bitten by a Sydney funnel web spider. The doctors and nurses raced him into the emergency room while his mother Debra waited in the waiting room.

Back in the back yard, Sid came out of his web in the tree and went out onto the balcony and Mike and his mother Debra came home. Debra, Mikes mum saw Sid and she quietly got the broom and squashed Sid.


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