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Spider Stories

Page 1 - "The Garden Spider" by Jessica
Page 2 - "When I was a Spider"  by Aaron
Page 3 - "The Spider" by Chris P.
Page 4 - "Runaway Ruby" by Elise
Page 5 - "Sid's Bad Day by Brandon
Page 6 - "Ronald's Day" by Kayden
Page 7 - Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.
Page 8 - Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler age 9


Runaway Ruby

Hey, I’m Elise and I’m going to tell you about a time in grade five in 2004. This event happened at Rochedale State School, in the class room.

This is how the story begins-well my job was to feed the teachers pet Ruby which was a red back spider. I’d always feed Ruby after I’d dug up a few slimy insects. One day I came back as usual with my hands all dirty carrying insects and Ruby was GONE! “Aarrrrrrrr!” I screamed.

Mrs Crew, my teacher, quickly rushed into the room. “Oh, my dear what ever is the matter?” she asked. I suddenly stopped screaming and stammered, “I, I, I, but, gone”.

My teacher looked completely confused! Oh no, I thought to myself I’m going to be in big trouble. “Now settle down and talk properly my dear,” softly said Mrs Crew.

After six minutes of settling down, I whispered, “Ruby’s gone, all gone,” I said as tears continuously kept falling out of my eyes. I whispered, “And well, I’m going to be in big trouble”.

“No you’re not, we’ll just find her and that’ll be that. No problems at all”, Mrs Crew snapped as the rest of the class came in. “Get out your maths books please” , asked Mrs Crew to the class. “What is 6x2?” asked Mrs Crew to Jimmy the unworking kid of the class. “Um, 52”, Jimmy responded

While maths went on Lyell had noticed I had been crying. “What’s the matter with you?”, Lyell whispered. Before I had a chance to answer she suggested “Don’t you under stand the fractions?, or is it that you just don’t like maths at all”. I cleared my throat and whispered back Ruby’s gone, and it’s my entire fault”.

Just then Jimmy screamed, and screamed, and screamed. By the look on her face you could easily tell Mrs Crew didn’t know what Jimmy was screaming about. Of course I knew, he had a spider on his shirt and I bet you it was Ruby. Ashleigh, beside Jimmy flicked the spider off Jimmy and Jimmy stopped screaming.

It was Ruby in the end she was put back into her glass box home by Mrs Crew and since then she, Ruby has never escaped from the glass box again.

By Elise 5G

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