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Spider Stories

Page 1 - "The Garden Spider" by Jessica
Page 2 - "When I was a Spider"  by Aaron
Page 3 - "The Spider" by Chris P.
Page 4 - "Runaway Ruby" by Elise
Page 5 - "Sid's Bad Day by Brandon
Page 6 - "Ronald's Day" by Kayden
Page 7 - Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.
Page 8 - Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler age 9



It all happened when I was coming home from school. There was this weird, Chinese man walking along the footpath behind me looking very strangely. I was waling faster but as I did so the man walked faster as well. Soon after I was sprinting away from the man. “Yes,” I thought, “home!” As I ran faster I felt I was shrinking. Next I felt my teeth turning bigger and turning into fangs and I was seeing 8 of everything. Soon after I felt 6 more legs sprouting of me.

Just as I got to the front door BAM! I’d just turned into a tiny spider. I saw the man come through the gate and he said to me (the tiny spider) “You must see the Wise Wizard who lives on the other side of town.” He said, “He lives in the old Wafi mansion.” As soon as he said this he disappeared. When he was gone I began to think, “Could he be the Wise
Wizard?” After a few minutes I began my journey to the other side of town.

The next day I had reached the town central. It was busier than usual. I guess it was because I was a spider. As I scuttled through all the legs I saw another spider. As I ran towards it, it looked at me and walked over to me. “Hello, who are you?” I asked.

“I’m Chris.” said Chris.
“Who are you?” asked Chris.
“I’m Aaron, how are you?” I asked. 
“Fine thanks,” he said.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“To the old Wafi mansion” I said.
“I know the way, let’s go!” said Chris

As we scuttled along we saw lots of things like birds which tried to eat us, bees and wasps and all sorts of funny looking insects. “Chris,” I asked, “are you sure you know the way?” I guess he didn’t hear me because he was looking and –pointing at a bi, old building which I guessed was the Wafi mansion.

“This is it.” said Chris.
"What, this old place?” I asked.
“Yup,” said Chris, “this is it.”

So we scuttled inside but we couldn’t get past the huge, wooden doors with big, gold door handles. “How do we get inside?” I asked Chris. He pointed to a hole in the very top corner. “That’s how we get inside, Aaron.” We clinged to the door and went through the hole. Inside there was a long, spiraling staircase to the upper floors.

As we looked around we saw that there was a fire lit in the huge living room. We ran to the light and saw that there was an old man with a long, silvery beard dressed in long, dark, blue robes and was puffing a pipe. He said wisely, “I see you come to seek your human bodies. If you wish” He said some magic words and I was back to my old self and to my amazement Chris tuned into a boy as well. “Thank-you!” said Chris and I and we left. After that we were friends for the rest of our lives.

By Aaron

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