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Spider Stories

Page 1 - "The Garden Spider" by Jessica
Page 2 - "When I was a Spider"  by Aaron
Page 3 - "The Spider" by Chris P.
Page 4 - "Runaway Ruby" by Elise
Page 5 - "Sid's Bad Day by Brandon
Page 6 - "Ronald's Day" by Kayden
Page 7 - Spider Story sent to me by Paddy in North America.
Page 8 - Spider Story sent to me by Jessie Hustler age 9


The Garden Spider

One day when I came home from school our garden looked totally different. It wasn’t like before how we had all dirt because that wasn’t  even a garden then. So when I was at school mum and dad started to build a whole new garden, because they thought that the other garden did not look good at all. But this time it looks a lot better, because they have put some plants in and some trees in as well – 2 of them in front of the garden. But later on Chilli our dog dug a big hole in our new garden.

Then suddenly mum and dad saw the hole that Chilli had done. They were shocked!! But then dad said, “We will definitely fix it up tomorrow.”

But during the night a spider built a web in between the 2 trees, but underneath was where Chilli dug her hole and that was were mum and dad wanted to cover up the hole. But mum did not see the spider web or the spider. So mum just kept on walking.

And then I said “Mum look out!”

Then she said “Jessica be quite you might give me a fright!”

Then I said, “Mum I mean it now look out spider!” Then she looked up and got a huge fright! She squealed.

Then she quickly ran out of the garden and said, “Thanks Jess you really do do a lot of things for me.”

“Thanks” said mum “I mean it too!”

“Thanks” I said.

Then we all said, “Are you O.K mum?” and then she said, “Yes.” Then we all started laughing because it had looked like the spider had a grin on its face.

Then dad said to my sister, “Want to go play in the garden now?” then Jordyn said, “No thanks!”

By Jessica

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