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Year 5 Spider Poems

Our Spider poems were written after learning about Rhyming Poetry. The children had a choice of rhyme. They could use either "a,a b,b" where every two lines rhyme, or "a,b a,b" where very second line rhymes. The children found it hard to write and the following poems are some examples of our better efforts. As you can see, all the examples below use "a,b a,b" rhyme which is somewhat easier to use.

If any of our visitors would like to add their own spider poems, we'll be happy to publish them for you. Just email them to us by clicking here.

It's not easy to rhyme
It takes a lot of time!
To write poetry is hard
We all can't be a bard! ("bard" means "poet")

Year 1S have also written some Acrostic poems about Spiders. Acrostic Poems use the letter of a word as the first word of each line of the poem. Click here for their poems.


Creepy, crawly, hairy things,
That will live among your rings
And when you go on a hike
They are something you wonít like

They will live all through the trees
And will even eat the bees
You might get caught in their web
But at least itís not an ebb

Spiders can be brown or black
And will possibly bite your back
Well at least itís not a glider
Thatís because it is a spider



Once there was a spider,
She had an egg sac,
She climbed into some cider,
And heard a loud whack!

It was the owner,
Trying not to cry,
For spider was in his cider,
And he wanted to know why.

The spider was in a fit,
Scuttling up and down,
To get rid of the thing, she bit,
While over head came a frown.

The owner decided in his haste,
He should have known better,
Squash went spider, What a waste,
Now thereís a stain on his sweater!

by Stevie

Iím a daddy long legs,
But my feet are the size of pegs.
Iíd like to eat a wasp or bee,
Because that is so plainly me.

I would like to get a docket,
And fly up to space in a rocket.
Iíd fly away to the stars,
Then to the moon and Mars.

Thatís what Iíd like to really do,
But if you measure me in millimetres Iím only one by two.
Even if I were taller I couldnít do that,
Iíd probably get eaten by a space cat.

To fly to space would be my dream,
But some dreams are not what they seem.
So I guess Iíll have to stay on earth,
Where Iíve been since my birth.

By Cassie


Spiders are creatures
That have many features
A spider is very sweet
Although you might not want to meet

A spider is very strong
Although it is no King Kong
A spider can really bite
Although it doesnít usually bite

Spiders can move quick
But donít try and hit them with a stick
A spider eats lots of food
But it doesnít really change its mood

A spider stays awake all night
Thatís why they sometimes give people a fright
You may see spiders in your house
Iíve even seen one chase a mouse

By Chris G.


Spiders do bite
But they donít like to fight
I saw one in a tree
It had caught a flea

I saw a spider in my house
It was chasing a mouse
It ran very quick
I hit it with a stick

It was almost dead
I hit in the leg
I hit again
It was in so much pain

I found it again
In a pig pen
And then
It was The End

By Chris D.



As a spider lies and waits,
For an insect to come near,
Last week was last time he ate,
A noise he heard from his ear.

This spider, Benny, is his name,
As he sat, just waiting,
He hadnít been the same,
This hunger he was hating.

All the bugs, beetles, flies,
Had somehow flown away,
Not a single one he sees through eight eyes,
He had been feeling ill for more than a day.

As he sat in a sticky web still,
He saw a little fly,
So glad he wouldnít be so ill,
So glad he wouldnít die.

The fly was peacefully flying,
It hit the web and was trapped,
And then it started dying,
Then with silk it was wrapped.

By Rachel


A spider has eight legs,
Thereís spiderís living in our pegs.
A spider is near,
I listen with my ear.

I heard a noise,
It was my brotherís toys.
I saw the spider eat a fly,
So it wouldnít die.

I bent down,
It was brown.
It was very fat,
It looked like a cat.

It had tiny legs,
It lived in the red pegs.
It had a face like a bee,
It stood up so it looked like a tree.

By Kaitlin


here was a spider
Whose name was Hider
She was so neat and tidy
Because her friend was Hidey

Every single day she uses tweezers
And she does what ever she pleases
She even picks her nose
Well I do suppose

One day Hidey pushed Hider in the mud
She even said Ď, you are a little budí
Hidey started to feel bad
Hider started to feel sad

How about I stop being boss
And you stop eating moss
Why donít you come to my house
And we can play with my mouse

By Aymie


One sunny morning Sammy the spider
Sat in his web and had a cider.
He snuggled in his jumper tight.
It had been a very cold night.

Can I have an egg?
I need one I beg.
So he went to the shop
But instead he bought a lollipop.

He sucked on it all day
Until it had all gone away.
The next day he went to the shop
But he didnít buy a lollipop.

He bought a pair of shoes.
It was very hard to choose.
He decided to go home.
But he saw and bought a garden gnome.


Skinny Larry went to Paree.
With his spider friend Harry.
When they met they had a bet.
They set a trap with a net.

They caught a snake.
Ate it like Flake.
It took them a year.

To eat its ear.

That night.
They had a fight.
It wasnít nice.
For some mice.

Harry made a home.
On this small gnome.
Larry went back.
To his small shack.

By Jasmine


Spiders are creatures
That have many features
I like the type that donít bite
Theyíre cool but they can give you a fright

I like what they can do
Theyíre great as pets for you
They eat harmful insects

They are easy to suspect

They live all over the world
Their legs can be curled
I see spiders everywhere
Iíve seen nearly 20 spiders there

I wonder why they came
They may not be tame
They arenít very long
They are very strong!

By Max


Spiders spiders everywhere
Spiders spiders in your hair
You might see a spider chasing a mouse
You might see a spider running around your house.

Spiders sitting in a bunch
You wouldnít see one in a bowl of punch
Theyíll freak you out
Without a doubt.

They really are not a pet
You wouldnít take one to the vet
You wouldnít wear one for a hat
I wouldnít squash one on a mat.

I wouldnít give one to a cat
Which is sitting on a mat
Nor to a dog
Sitting on a log.

By Josh