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Viewers Spider Poems

Here's our viewer's Spider Poems. They come from all over the world, which is great!! Please send in your contributions and we'll be happy to publish them. Just email them to us by clicking here. Please only send original poems or if not, please include the author so we can give credit where credit is due!!
She Toils
Toiling till the race is run
a woman’s work is never done.
But undone,
skyward flung
in reckless abandon.
Still she toils
to repair the spoils
before dusk
with movement brusque
‘ere she be called lusk
before evening’s heady musk
descends all around.
No wonder she, without remorse
devours mate, a delicate course
with appreciation
for the copulation
so a new generation
will join life’s creation
and toil, or be devoured.

Cheryl Kp
2014 copyright poem and photo
Love your site!

silk the spider was ashamed.
though he lived in a hotel
and didn't know the name of it.
he lived alone because he killed
his friends so nobody came around.
sometimes they'd send flowers.
he spins his trap every night.
so carefully and right.
Towards the center he sits tight
for a midnight snack
to curb his appetite.
Yes occasionally they put up a fight,
despite his deadly bite, and if
that doesn't fix them, the
fright of his booooooo, will do.


Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
I hate spiders!
Don’t worry spiders,
I keep house
- Kobayashi Issa
Spiders are creatures
That have many features
I like the type that don’t bite
They’re cool but they can give you a fright

I like what they can do
They’re great as pets for you
They eat harmful insects
They are easy to suspect

They live all over the world
Their legs can be curled
I see spiders everywhere
I’ve seen nearly 20 spiders there

I wonder why they came
They may not be tame
They aren’t very long
They are very strong!

by Daria
I Love Spiders,
yes i do,
I love spiders
how bout you?
Big and small
I love them all.
Like to watch them craw and crawl,
they do not scare me at all.
I love spiders
yes i do,
I love spiders
how bout you?
- Sean
Spida Gone Gangsta
A Spider got stepped on by a Man
Then when the man sat down to eat
The Spider slipped some LSD in
The Guys Porage
The Man is Trippin
Spida Says HEYO!

by Matthew Knight

Spiders Never Prosper
A sad excuse for Abe Lincoln
They Murdered Abe Lincoln
With Their Spidey Fluid
No Wait
That was John Wilkes Booth
Spiders Rock my Fluid
by Matthew Knight
In the yard, I see a spider
spinning her web
tomorrow it will glisten
and begin a chain of life and death
a moth struggles as it's wrapped
the spider retains her milk
everyday she must continue
surviving from her art of silk
none of her captives are wasted
nor can they ever be spared
for it's one more day of life
from each victim stuck in her lair
near summers end, I go to see
how the web and its keeper are doing
the web found vacant and torn
and on the ground, the spider struggling
caught in the jaws of a predator
it's her last day of life
the torn web is now a reminder
that for one to live
one must die

1986 Cheryl Keck/SpydrWorks

This is a true story. I was really bummed to see her go.

Web of sorrow
(by Trentea Sebastian)

Into my spiderweb I lie,
Forgotten and in pain.
I know I'm cursed, condemned to die
And weave my soul again.

The darkest corner of the room
Was bound to be my home.
Abandoned, feeling only gloom,
I cry 8 tears, alone.

For too long have I looked at you,
Consumed you when you'd rest.
I weaved my spiderweb into
That hole inside your chest.

In morning's eye you would awake,
And tear the web apart.
Making it feel as a mistake
To offer you my heart.

Should I have been a velvet rose,
A glimpse, and you'd love me.
A bird you'd love, for one of those
Could sing in harmony.

Still, hatred is the only thing
You'd choose for all my kind.
I couldn't bloom, I couldn't sing,
No good for you to find.

I feel no envy for them, yet.
Could they ever success?
To weave your splendid silhouette
In spiderweb white dress.

Oh, but you crushed me yesterday,
Ending my dreams in fright.
And, since there is no other way,
I'll sting you by tonight.

Spider Mythology
There was a weaver, Nancy Snyder, sitting at her loom
Amid the skeins of yarn she’d spun
Washed and carded every one
Purple, pink, the setting sun
Shining through the window of her room

Nancy thought to eat her supper, out beside the pool
On a mat beneath a tree
Bowl of soup upon her knee
Glancing round, what did she see
Out in the middle, like a fool

Hungry, sad Anansi spider floating on a leaf
Amid the frothy threads she’d spun
Waiting, waiting, ‘neath the sun
For some puff of wind, but none
Blew near and she was overcome with grief

Do you see Anansi spider, black and red and gold?
Stuck out here without a breeze
You could bring me in with ease
Oh pretty maiden, pretty please
Tonight I think it may be cold

 My dear Anansi, I might save you, as you so invite me
But you are such a tricky bug
I don’t want you on my rug
Still I’d give a little tug
But I fear that you will bite me

You’re safe to place your trust in me, young Nancy Snyder
Good hearted maid, I’d have you save
this spider from her watery grave
But tell me, how will you behave?
Would you crush Anansi Spider?

I’ll pull you in and leave you be to go about your day
Nancy reached out with a twig
Borrowed from a nearby fig
Coaxed to shore the leafy rig
And went to sit down several feet away

Anansi, full of gratitude toward this gentle child
Bravely walked a ways toward her
Since she plainly now adored her
And respectfully implored her
To please let her stay awhile

The bowl of chicken soup was left alone on Nancy’s rug
A fly soon found it on the run
Anansi’s web was quickly done
In the glow of setting sun
Anansi gladly finished off the bug

Nancy Snyder gazed in horror at the spider eating
You have caught the little fly
You bit it, did it even die?
Your awful mouth has sucked it dry
What a despicable proceeding!

Anansi spider, belly full, began to feel loquacious
Kind hearted maiden,  don’t you think
That fly was aiming for a drink?
Anansi gave a little wink
Or is my asking too audacious?

The spectacle of my repast has made your kind heart quicken
The fly was numb and couldn’t feel
For me it made a tasty meal
I’ve saved the soup it meant to steal
And by the way, who killed that chicken?

Beside the pond, the evening sky was splashed with golden glory,
Two weavers sat some feet apart
The spider’s full and gracious heart
Compelled her suddenly to start
An ancient, secret esoteric story

Anansi’s Story

Our mother wove a web of light
That startled the eternal night
They began to chase each other
From this came to birth first brother
Black as night with bright eyes glowing
Formless swirl of sudden knowing
Poured himself in all directions
Grew 8 legs with two mid-sections

A circle in the web he hardened
Mother planted there a garden
Should there be one spider only?
Such a life would be too lonely
Great the web and great the Mother
With her four arms made another
Doubling our Mother’s image
Counseled us to do no damage

Most beautiful of all the creatures
With the Mother’s self same features
Eight bright eyes and eight long arms
Bound by love to do no harm
Lovely mate and perfect gardens
Anansis 1 and 2 the wardens
Spun each day a web like Mother’s
Lived in harmony with others

Kissed his mate and lay beside her
Soon there were a thousand spiders
Searching with eight thousand eyes
So Mother made 10,000 flies
Which god it was he never heard
Created there five hundred birds
But they made us smarter, faster
Learning to avoid disaster

There was a sudden chirping in the trees above the pond
Anansi hushed and stayed quite still
The gold sun slipped behind the hill
Nancy felt a little chill
But moving closer, asked Anansi to go on

We were charged with sacred duty
Maintain the shrine of mother’s beauty
To every day perform the rite
Of startling the dark with light
By weaving webs just like our mother’s
Serving to remind the others
We all are one great mystery
However diverse our history

But we could not anticipate
This creature who appeared so late
Crashing in on two legs walking
Understanding not our talking
Burning Mother’s ancient garden
Without even asking pardon
Creature who did not respect us Pithecanthropus erectus

Anansi’s voice was growing fainter, Nancy came still nearer
Moved beside her on the mat
Watched her wrap another gnat
Lowered her head a bit so that
She could hear Anansi clearer

Their attitudes are furious
Insecticides injurious
Trees are felled to build their boxes
Forest pools are filled with toxins
If we find a place to weave
Immediately we’re forced to leave
And we are held in such disdain
They wash us down their bathtub drain

Nancy placed her hand down on the ground quite near the spider
“I can barely hear you dear
Step up on my finger here”
Lifted her up near her ear
Without a thought that she might bite her

Your kindness Nancy is so moving
Your understanding me is proving
There are some of your kind willing
To suspend this senseless killing
I will weave for you a wonder
Something you can daily ponder
By each morning’s light renewed
Sparkling diamond like with dew

 Two friendly weavers walk together back to Nancy’s room
From the finger to the sill
Stepped this spider of such skill
I believe she lives there still
They work together each at her own loomAs Anansi Spider deftly finishes her weaving
With amazement Nancy sees
The spider’s rare ability
To weave our greatest mystery
That all still in the Mother’s web are breathing

These are kind of long, but I think they're good. They are poems I  wrote to spiders from the mythological, ecological and political angles. Hope you like them. They were given to me by a spider I saved from a hotel pool. After I saved it, it walked up to me and sat in front of me til I got up to leave, saying goodbye respectfully of course...but it took ten years for the poems to reach me. Spiders speak so quietly. Shelley Buonaiuto

Spiders: A moral Tale
She scuttled o'er the kitchen floor,
and barely made a sound,
scheming where to build her web
she slid over the ground.
The corner of the ceiling?
Or the crack up by the door?
She couldn't make her mind up,
She just couldn't be sure...
She climbed down to the cellar,
by the dark and musty steps
and when she saw those dark damp corners
how her heart it must have leapt!
So she settled in quiet quietly,
and fed on juicy flies,
and when she her web had finished,
the days wizzed quickly by.
Now one day I had a garage sale,
and cleared my cellar out,
when I came across this spider
who was wandering about.
I took her gently in my hands
and put her out the door,
but no sooner had I done this
than she was back in once more.
It was quite hard to catch her,
as she could jump quite well,
and in my attempts to do so,
I accidentally fell.
So the moral of this story is,
do not set free that spider,
when you have the chance to do so,
squash the little blighter!

(c) Bethany Pulman. All rights reserved.
Permission is given to store, print, and use this poem for all non commercial ventures.

I get the jitters when the critters start a crawlin all around,
A flyin & a slitherin, not makin ary sound.

The spiders n the scorpions, the centipede-es too,
Work night n day to find a way, to make my home-life blue.

When I see a snake, I get the rake, or maybe get my shovel,
And if he’s lackadazical, Ol sneaky, he’s in trouble.

But what I really hate the most, is walkin smak dab in a web,
Not knowin where that spider is, and if he’s on my head.

So, spring is nice n pretty n I like those April Showers,
But isn’t there another way, to pollinate the flowers?

I know we need the honey bees, to work for us in spring,
But if ya stumble in a nest, those fellows sure can sting.

Now I’ve lived in out in the country, friend, pert near all my days.
And I’m pretty much in tune, with mother nature’s ways.

but give me bears, or wolves, or lions, something I can see.
And keep yur little creepy critters, like those hoppin, chompin fleas.

–Rudy Aguirre
Tulsa, Oklahoma

My Spider by Devin (age 10)

I have a friend that's a spider,
I made him a spider web frame.

In the autumn he likes to drink cider,
And on his web to play a game.

He thanked me so much for his gift,
It really, really, really gave him a lift !
Spins webs
Rain forest

Busy Sadie
There is a graceful lady outside my window
weaving every minute.
Weaving a net out of silvery web
to catch her food with in it.
She works and weaves without taking ease
and she hangs from a thread that sweys.
She's quiet a graceful lady
and her name is Busy Sadie.
She walks across her silvery silk
and wraps up bugs in her cottony milk
and drinks the dew left by the moon
but falls to die all far too soon.
Then dancing the dance of the spiders death
she falls from her web with her final breath.
Her children go uncounted as they crawl away from the nest
And start a life all on their own and weave themselves a silvery home
I guess they know what's best.
Beverly K. Hall
Outside the door a spider waits
Her web precise, perfect.
Unknowing prey are captured there
She's natures architect.
I watched her weave her masterpiece
I marveled at her work.
Then saw her sneak above it all
As patiently she'll lurk.
She is quite large, biggest I've seen
I'm scared, stay far away
Won't hurt her no, but really hope
Too long she does not stay.
She may be pregnant, I'm not sure
Or maybe she's a he.
It's just amazing to behold
Magnificent to see.
Barb A.


Spider, Spider
Spider, spider, on the wall,
Spider, spider, don't you fall.
Spider, spider, the most frightening of them all,
Spider, spider, with your long black legs on the wall.
Spider, spider, spin your web,
Spider, spider, may my fear ebb.

Hiya! I know this poem is a little similar to a poem posted on your webpage [a great webpage, by the way!] but I wrote it in 2004 and had it published in my own poetry book "Above The Clouds: Poems by Paula Glynn" in 2006. It is registered with the British library, although there are only 50 copies published.

An Eight-Legged House Guest
In my bed in the absence of light,
I was awakened in the middle of the night.
Under my covers something did creep
Up my leg that made me leap
Out of my bed ever so quick.
Turned on the light with a click.
On the cover was something red –
A large spider was on my bed.
Nickel-size or maybe larger was he.
From autumn’s coolness he tried to flee.
Kill the arachnid most would do,
But I didn’t feel I needed to.
Quickly I ran and got a cup.
Then with the cup I snatched him up.
I went outdoors and set him free,
Where creepy crawlies have a right to be.

Poem by Stacy Smith
For more of Stacey's work click here.

Nature’s Work of Art
I see a work of art shimmering in the light.
Before the sun goes down, it hits it just right
To make a rainbow effect within silken lines,
And I see its creator resting on my chimes.

Soon she’ll come out and go to her lair
And then her masterpiece she’ll soon repair.
A yellow eye is tattooed on her abdomen of beige.
It is quite noticeable when she takes center stage

Within her sticky structure she built for prey.
With a blackened sky she felt her way,
Around and around, until her deathtrap was done.
And I’m admiring her work in the setting sun.

 For this little engineer respect I feel,
And I gaze with wonder at her web of steel.

Poem by Stacy Smith

The Spined Micrathena
Poems & Photos by Stacy Smith
I walked in the space
Between my fence and shed
And then I proceeded
To raise my head
To admire the spider
That looks so unique.
I just couldn’t resist
To take another peek.
On her abdomen she sports
Some pointy projections,
Like thorns of a rose
For her own protection.
While I was by her web
An insect came by
And I instantly thought of
Howitt’s Spider and the Fly.
Just like in the poem,
The fly was doomed
When he visited her lair
And was consumed.
Although many hate spiders,
I don’t hesitate to say,
This pest control of nature
Is welcome to stay.
The Cigarette Spider

I met a little spider.
Who was looking for a lighter.
He wanted a smoke.
That poor old bloke.
So i gave him some apple cider.

By Mohaimen Ibne Mizan

email me at
The spider went up the hill the spider up the hill the hill was too wet then the spider went down on his face.

When the two little spiders went up the hill it was dry so the two little spiders went up the hill and played with Jill:)

They had fun until until they had to run! They said good night it was quite a sight.
Good night!.
By: Shawn Parker, age 6.
Spider, spider, munched on me
Hope he had a sip of tea
to go with every yummy cell---
I promise you it itched like h---!
Norma B.
spiders, they rock me.
I saw a spider from a far,
he was playing a guitar,
He was much cooler then Spock,
and i said, "Hey, you rock!"
Spiders spiders
end up in ciders
when you see them you will scream
it might be your worst dream

They have a skeleton outside their body
They really are a great hobby
Common ones dine on a little fly
but some can suck blood "Bye Bye"

Tarantula is the worst
battle one, you'll need a nurse
it might be on your neck
to bad its not a chicken
but that would peck

Alice Hayward

Thank you for this great website. I am a first grade teacher in North Carolina. We are currently studying insects and spiders. I made up a poem/song for the students to learn the spider's body parts I thought I might share with you. The tune is to Itsy, Bitsy Spider: Thanks again. Ms. H.

Itsy, bitsy spiders have four legs on each side.
Some make a web, others choose a hole to hide.
Two body parts can be hairy or be bald.
The abdomen and cephalothorax are what those parts are called.


The Path to Enchantment
By the trail, before a pond,
Two neighbors had settled upon
A wire spot made to divide,
Where they pitched a tent so wide,

Woven from silk strong as steel,
Favoring the shape of a wagon wheel,
One directly in front of the other,
With barely room ‘tween one another.

As we passed the spiders’ creation,
My son said with admiration,
“Look at those webs right over there.”
Then we all began to stare.
Mom wondered beside the lairs
How they weave while in the air.
One net of glue did trap and gather
Some gnats, a leaf, and a tiny feather.

As we admired the sunlit threads,
A creature emerged above our heads,
Breaking the light source from the sky,
With a silhouette that filled the eye.
And then we saw it fly beyond
The fence and land above the pond
Upon a branch where it did seem
To watch for fish amongst the green.

Then my daughter said with a look,
“The heron’s neck looks like a hook.”
Watching the hunter and works of art,
This moment in time warmed my heart.
My mom and kids were there with me
Enjoying Mother Nature’s company.
Earlier in the day, I had found
A four-leaf clover while looking down.

Although superstition is not my way,
That was, indeed, one lucky day!

The Spider Strikes Again.
(by Farrell Hope)

The spider came in leaps and bounds,
it's beady eyes agleam.
The little boy began to run,
his voice a gargled scream.

He got unto the garden gate,
there he was dragged flat.
The spider pounced upon him,
and squashed him like a gnat.

The next day on the ground,
the gardener chanced to see,
a thing that looked as if it had,
once been a boy of three.

He got his rake, he got his hoe,
and scooped it in his barrow.
The bones were light and hollow,
for the spider'd sucked the marrow.

The gardener did not chance to see,
the spider lurking near.
It scuttled out and grabbed the lout,
and dragged him to it's lair.

With vicious blow of fist and toe,
the gardener soon broke free.
It was for naught, he was recaught,
and joined the boy of three.
spider spider in the sewer.
I was doing my daily run through the sewer.
Wen a stepped into a pile of spider manure.
So i shouted "Man Dis aint right"
Then the spiders gave me a fright!!! Goodnight
spider country...USA
A spider was being chased by a giant rat,
then he realized he had left his hat,
far behind and far away...
in spider country... USA.
hello my name is Orvanshlegs,
i just realized i had 8 legs!
I used to hang out with my friend named Sid,
now i am just a silly Arachnid.
Spiders are a secret race.
They never die and they thrive in space.
Ive seen a giant spider race.
Ive seen one leap into outer space.
if Jesus was a spider.
If Jesus was a spider, he wouldn't want to fight me,
if Jesus was a spider he would never bite me.
If Jesus was a spider i would probably step on him,
cause I don't like spiders, they are full of Satan sin.
Spiders and Flies.
(goes to the tune of Tupac's "sha-la-la")
Spiders and Flies always fighting TOday.
They fighting like gangsters outside my doorway.
A spider shot the flie. He shot him in the head.
That fly don't fly no more and he's in a pool of blood and got no wings and he is dead.
spider bit my eye socket out???
i am sleepy,
spider creepy,
i dont wanna die,
spida took my eye!
Spiders like to jump from planes.
today was the day wen i was going parachuting.
and right next to me was a spider.
and man he scared me so i jumped out the plane(without my chute)
and then he was flying through the air next to me? he lived , i died.
spiders and me got sumthin in common.
spiders and I like to make poetry.
spiders and I like to climb a tree.
spiders and I like to eat giant poisunous blades of grass.
spiders and I like to bash chickens!

by Andrew Keeley Gillihan, and
Kyle Thomas Sullivan


silly spida, dont come round me no more.
spider, dont you see that im bake a homecooked meal,
spider, get away, im trying to make a homecooked meal,
spider, LEAVE, im trying to build a homecooked meal,
spider, TERMINATE, im trying to fix a homecooked meal,
The Architect

The day was barely lit by the dawning of the morning sun

The dew hung in the air thick, making a kaleidoscope of the web built by the master architect of the night

Concentric circles were held apart by thin threads of arcing silk, placed and tacked so precisely and with so much enthusiasm they became one

The geometric wonder hung tightly between the branches of small shrubs and trees, cleverly hid from its victims sight

Insects large and small flew high and low, back and forth, as though they were having fun

The un-caring insect flittering with all his might flew into the  magnificent creation of nature and his existence was concluded
with one fatal bite

Robert R. Todd 1988
Scarlet Hourglass
-Copyright 2004, Brandon Moss-

Rest, my child,
For Night draws near;
And with it comes darkness,
Shadows, and fear.

Her glistening eyes
Hold the fears of her prey.
So rest, my child,
She's not far away.

She gracefully spins
Her frosty-white seat;
A Siren's beauty
Masks Deadly deceit.

A moment of wonder;
A blood-stained sign;
The sand trickling down;
The ending of time.

That moment of beauty
Will be your last;
A bite from the
Scarlet Hourglass.
by S Craycraft

Five baby spiders
Ready to be flyers
One ballooned right out the door
That left four.

Four baby spiders
Ready to be flyers
One ballooned into a tree
That left three.

Three baby spiders,
Ready to be flyers,
One ballooned into the blue,
That left two.

Two baby spiders,
Ready to be flyers,
One ballooned out in the sun,
That left one.

One baby spider
Sitting all alone.
Decided there was enough food now,
And said "I'll stay home!"0
Here is a poem created by RM 111 - 1RB at Peter Muschal Elementary School in the Bordentown Regional School District in Bordentown, NJ.

The day we had our Halloween party
A spider came into our class.
It scared everybody out the door.
We all ran screaming in a big mass.
The spider asked, "Where did everyone go?"
"I was ready to put on a show!"
Instead he decided to explore our big room.
He even found our witch's broom.
When we finally came back inside
Some us laughed; others cried.
The spider was happy to all the girls and boys.
He said, "Don't be afraid, let's make some NOISE!!!"
Mr. Spider finally put on his show.
At the end he said, "I really must go."


There once was a boy named Roy who got bit by a spider and brought no joy his mom was crying his dad went flying and that was the end of the brave little Roy who was the strongest boy I ever soy!

This is my Fractured Nursery Rhyme

Spider Spider on the wall,
Have you any since at all?
Cant you see its freshly plastered,
Get off the wall, you stupid ...........Spider!

Tiny Anderson
Little Miss Muffet's Breakfast

Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet,
Eating her bacon and eggs.
Along came a spider who sat down beside her
With spindly long hairy black legs.
Though Miss Muffet was frightened, she was enlightened,
And captured him in a glass jar.
Then her breakfast-filled plate she contentedly ate
While she watched her new pet from afar.

Leslie G. Harper
(circa 1974)
Eek! A Spider
by Desiree
Oh dear Oh my
I want to cry
Spiders are a pest
And a mess
Oh yes!
Spiders are mean
Some are green
The web is sticky
And oh so icky
And some
Even live in the muck

These poems are submitted from Casas Christian School in Tucson, Arizona (USA)

A Web for Ned
by Hayden
There once was a spider named Ned
And he made a beautiful web
He said, "Without a doubt the web is fair
And so square."
It's so creepy
It just makes me weepy
Ned said that sillk
Reminds me of milk
Spider Sense
by Chaz
I wonder why
the spider can't fly
Oh why oh whyThey can try
So high
But they might die
Oh why oh why
I wonder why
by Emilly
Spider are creepy
When I see them I get weepy
I run off
And then I get a cough
I start in fright
Then it turns night
Then my dad turn on the light
It was just a dream
Boy didi I sure scream!
Wait a minute, why did I feel a bite
But it is only my dog, what a delght
Spider Fright
by Aylssa

Spider spider I see at night
Spider Spider I have delight
I jump in fright
When a spider is in sight
Spidedr Spider go doom
It is time for you to go boom
You are so creepy
You make me weepy

Without a doubt

by Tina McMillan
This spider less seen,
Is certain to make you lean.
It's bite may cause pain,
but you need to stay sane.

It won't chomp or gnaw,
Maybe it's behind the wall
Perhaps, she'll bite,
Maybe he'll only fright

We all know this though
The spider less seen lives not in the snow
It is the spider less seen
That keeps us keen

From Emma Greer . Saint Peter and Paul Primary School Canberra.





You have an outstanding website! I enjoy coming on here and looking at your  different types of spider and guidelines just in case if I get bit or someone  close. I have a poem and if it is possible can you post it on the poem web  page. from Sammi

Name: Ben#

Spiders are cool,
Pretty and sweet,
Intelligent and colourful,
Disgusting and yucky thing of the past),
Extremely kind,
Red colour when squished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


He wanted to play
a spider came out one day,
hoping that he could find someone to play,
he scurried around and found not a single person,
but he found another spider that wanted to play,
and they played in the sun,
and decided to run,
faster and faster they went until.......smash!!!!!!!
they were killed because of a rolling car.
a spider came out one day ,
hoping that he would find someone to play.
by Sammi
From Lauren Sollenberger - age 6 - north carolina, USA

Some spiders are big
Some spiders are little
Some spiders eat blood
One spider it bit me
one night i was asleep
something was there
i knew it, but now believed me
i thought is was a monster,
but it was
just a harmless spider!
Spiders are creepy and also crawly,
but I like their colors and formation
with their long legs and tiny feet.
As they walk and crawl about,
I don't complain nor shout.
They're interesting to watch, indeed they are,
I like their big eyes, I like them a lot,
with those big eyes they can see quite far.
I like the different designs on their back,
it's their identification, individuality, and
interesting to me, and that indeed is fact.
Though there are different and many many kinds,
when I look on their back, I see different signs.
Some mean harm, some mean peace,
some mean nothing, nothing the least.
It's interesting how they're different in many ways,
they make then spin their web with lace.

Spiders are so crazy
Even when they're sleeping
spiders are always on my head
as if my head was their bed!
I usually squash them flat
Then they go splat!

By David Hesmer, 4th grade, Wilson, North Carolina USA

Our class read "Charlotte"s Web and found your web site as we were researching spiders. We enjoyed all your information. Your poems inspired us to write some and David's was chosen to send. 4th grade reading class,
Greenfield School, Wilson, NC

Dear Children,
We are a class of 6-7year olds who have written some spider poems. We hope you like them. We have lots more but have only had time to type these two in. They are acrostic poems
Class 6
Spider Poem

Spotty spiders crounching down .
Poisonous spiders creepy.
Insects fly in the shiny webs.
Dangerous spiders have spot.
Energy spider make big webs.
Running very very fast.
Spining spiders

by Hannah
Spider Poem

Sticky spider webs catching fly.
Poisonous spider creepy.
Insects fly in the shining webs.
Delicious spider have spotty.
Every spider make big webs.
Running around the country.

spider! spider! spider!
by Harriet

I am a reading teacher in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA! After reading a book on spiders my small group of second graders were very excited when we discovered your wonderful web page.

You and your students have done an excellent job in your research and creativity. Well, you have inspired my little group to write a poem of their own! They are very proud of their accomplishment and would love to share it with you . They are very excited to see it published.

Written by the following group of second graders at Mckelvey School in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States - Joseph, Rachel and Sarah.







Spiders are cool.
They certainly don't drool
and they really don't like school.
If they bite you it is not cool.

They make webs to catch flies
and then they eat their eyes.
Spider bites make people cry,
but some of us do not see why.
So please do not whine
and maybe the spider won't get out of line.
Oh poor little spider friend, 
I empathize with you
so beautiful and timid ye
to sit and waite so patiently
You are afraid when I come near
but I pose no threat to fear
Just want to watch you
as you work
for work is what you do
oh my little shiny friend
I am proud of you
I wonder why the people fright
when a spider comes in site
for I , oh I
will inquiry you
and love to sit and study you
most people will bring out the broom
and sweep away
an ancient groom
whome gracefully was walking by
to make a nest and catch a fly
for they do not understand
that the spider helps the man
by taking care of what we hate
but then again, may I relate
I never have been bit by you
but never gave you reason to
for all I do is sit and stare
and handle you with loving care
and try not to frighten so
when you would rather turn to go
so put you down and watch you weave
a lovely nest for me to see
with raindrops ruin your pretty place
your web you easily replace
and so I tell you little friend
I am your advocate till the end!

If you want to see a rainbow.....You have to put up with the rain.
Poem by: James, Alison, Adam, Drew, Manus, and Kari

This is a poem that I wrote in '94, and it has always been 1 of my  favourites...I was 14 when I wrote that poem, & living in Blackpool, UK (still am) Thanks, Tim.

Web of Deceit
You were the spider -
All legs and feet,
I watched while you spun
Your web of deceit.

I was the fly
Who was caught in your net,
Wishing, that we,
Had never met.

You were the Hawk
Who was looking for prey -
I was the mouse
Who was going to pay.

I should have seen it,
I should have known...
But when you weren't there
I felt so alone.

If I now see her,
I run, I don't linger,
From the girl with the spider
Tattoed on her finger!

Tim Cox

(c)Tim Cox. All rights reserved. Permission is given to store, print, and use this poem for all non commercial ventures.




climbing through the tall yew
I know how the hammock spider feels
balancing on random boughs
upright on the roots

slowly across driftwood tangles
I teeter like the comb-footed spider
using scantier limbs as I go
testing each, feeling for a snap

striding over cobbles and boulders
I touch the wolf spider's cautious
strides, as she makes short gaits
over algae slick pebbles and sand

like all three, I am moving
but like so many hatchlings today
I am moving slowly, trying my steps
uncertain, afraid to fall

by Matt Welter 

Lycosa frondicola

Come climb upon my back
my red velvet grains of sand.
I wish you to adorn me
my sparkling raspberry brood.
You're my living fabrication
a bustle filigreed with shiny legs
clinging by your birth yolks.
I once carried all hundred of you
in a satchel spun of cotton.
It was a large aspirin
that I swallowed after you hatched.
You tickled me with your 800 teensy legs
crawling up my own.
Worry not, my tiny garnets,
if you fall off I'll rush back
and let you climb upon me
hind leg to abdomen.
Your plush seat awaits you
reserved upon this mother coach.
Hold tight, my wee beasties,
the time has come for feasting.
I spy a sand fly, tired and landing.
We become the wolf we are
and dash at our savoury prey.

by Matt Welter 

a spider lives in the top of the tree
the spider lives in the top of the tree
the spider lives in the top of the tree
but then got frightened off

by R Christiansz

The Red-Back's Silent, Psychic Hunting Call
by A. E. L.

I squirening images filled my head.

Soon, my body was covered with sweat,
I had worked myself into quite a fret.

Back and forth, I kicked my feet,
Until I was trapped in tangled sheets.

Spiders all over me!
How terrible an imagination can be!

Red stripes blazing on spiders of black,
Please, I thought, cut me some slack.

I could almost feel them bite my toes,
Those red-backs, who marched on in rows.

They crawled on me,
Never let me free.

And as soon as I thought
That I'd surely be caught,

I awoke from my slumber,
And realized my blunder.

It was only a dream after all,
And then I heard the red-back's silent, psychic, hunting call....


My bathtub is my haven
When I've had a busy day,
The soothing steamy water
Seems to soak my cares away.

Imagine my chagrin one night
When hiding from it all,
To see a big black spider
Clinging to the blue tile wall.

He ignored my keen displeasure
As he yo yo'd on his line---
He was practising rappelling
And his technique seemed just fine.

I sensed that he was spying
On my privileged retreat....
That he thought my shiny earlobe
Might be something good to eat.

He crawled around his universe
Inspecting every tile,
Then climbed upon his special perch
To watch me for awhile.

We played a game of "chicken"..
I matched him stare for stare.
He suddenly got careless
When he thought I didn't care.

I snatched that interloper...
His chance to live was gone!!
I wrapped him in a tissue
And flushed him down the john!!

This poem was written by my daughter when she was 16 for her Grandmother's 80th Birthday.

The Family
Love is like a spider,
and a family like the web.
It grows with the years and expands with time.
That's what Grandma said!
Each strand is held together,
the bond is very strong.
Though sometimes the strands can weaken
and break if they're left too long.
But that is what the spider's for,
to mend the broken strands.
For although life has its problems,
love is there to lend a hand.
A family will always be there
when you're feeling sad or scared.
And remember that if it ever breaks,
it can always be repaired.
By Leah Gabauer.
Sent by


A NOISELESS, patient spider,
I mark'd, where, on a little promontory, it stood, isolated;
Mark'd how, to explore the vacant, vast surrounding,
It launch'd forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself;
Ever unreeling them--ever tirelessly speeding them.

And you, O my Soul, where you stand,
Surrounded, surrounded, in measureless oceans of space,
Ceaselessly musing, venturing, throwing,--seeking the spheres, to connect them;

Till the bridge you will need, be form'd--till the ductile anchor hold;
Till the gossamer thread you fling, catch somewhere, O my Soul.

by Walt Whitman


Here's a poem from Sarah R. who's 10 years old.

Spinning Spinning little spider
Spinning Spinning, go a little higher
Weave your web above my head
Then drop down on me until I
Scream     Scream


Here's a poem sent in by the Roberts Family.

There was a spider under the bin at school
My friend and I, thinking we were cool
Poked it with sticks
And tried to make it do tricks.

Unfortunately my friend got bit
Before my eyes she had a fit
Thanks to 5A I knew what to do
Thank you people, my compliments to you.

The Raffy Spider Poem (Please Sing This To The Tune Of "Yankee Doodle")

Raffy Conti had some donuts and then he had some cider.
He drank a lot of Evian and then he saw a spider.
Raffy always sees spiders and sometimes they are fighting.
Sometimes spiders jump real far and sometimes they are biting!!

Raffy Conti went to town.
He saw a blue zamboni.
He made some fresh arachnid soup and then some macaroni!!

Raffy read some spider books and some saw dirty beaches.
He ate a lot of white clam sauce and then he ate some peaches!!
Raffy Conti couldn't see and didn't find his glasses.
He ate some big beef tacos and he took some spider classes!!

Raffy wanted to learn how to become a spider!!

Raffy Conti had dessert, he had an orange bunny.
He sang his favorite spider songs and made a lot of money!!
Raffy Conti got called Ralph and then he got called Randy.
He saw about three Black Widows and gave two girls some candy!!

I hope you like the poem

The 90's Version of the Itsy Bisty Spider.
By Raffy Conti

The itsy bisty spider went up the Waterspout.
He really likes Nirvana and especially No Doubt.
He sang Here Comes The Sun and then he saw some rain.
The spider likes New Zealand and Southern Spain!!

The Itsty Bitsy Spider climbed a real big tree.
Ask him what he thinks and he'll say I disagree!!
He went down to Carvel and Zerto Butterflies.
He got himself a big mac and a real large fries.
He walked in Mcdonalds and smelled a lot of
He was really thirsty and asked for Diet Coke!!

The Itsy Bitsy Spider really swam to far and
then he asked his parents if he could have a car!!
He got himself a white shirt and some dark brown jeans.
He some bug burritos without the cheese and beans!!

The Itsy Spider went up to Big Bee Knox.
He watched Jets and Mets and the NFL on Fox!!
He hates the month of April and the Month Of May.
He likes Dallas Cowboys and the Packers From Green Bay!!

The Itsy Bisty Spider called Mr. Fell and
He asked WebbinBread form Zippo Roll In Bell!!
He sang Eltrappatoray and went to Buggindale
He went to Colorado and then he went to Vale and
Then he called up Raffy which was his good friend.
The spider made a sign and said I'm glad that that's the end!!

Spider in a jar 

Oh creepy spider in a jar
I'll admire you from afar

If you get hungry I'll feed you bugs
just don't expect me to give you hugs

You sit still too long, You're boring me
Maybe I'll replace you with a circus flea

Your web needs work, are you short on silk?
Maybe a snack would help, with some milk.

Or maybe I'll shake the jar, make your web break
Oh, I can't, a webless spider would make my heart ache.

But if you don't do something soon
I'll feed you to my dog, on a spoon.

By John

Ode To Big Ugly Spider
AKA Nature Photographer "hee-bee-gee-bee's"
AKA "Honey, Come See the Big Nasty Spider I Found"
AKA Nature Lover from A far
Creepy spider you have found,
Keep your distance on the ground.
Yellow and silver and white and black,
Can feel it creeping up my back. (right now)
Sticky, crawly on your web,
Crawl on me and you'll be dead.
Nature lovers that we are,
I'd like you better in a jar.

Lynette "Stinky"

This poem is from Chaska, Minnesota USA

A spider climbed a leaf
And thought she would fall.
She got to the top
And didn't fall at all.

by Peyton Alto, Six Years Old, Lincoln, Virginia, United States
spider, spider, burning bright, 
in the darkness of the night.
you give me a terrible fright, 
when you crawl up my leg and bite.
By Mary Hackett

The Black Widow

So beautiful, so filled with wonder
You have class with the Arachnids
Latrodectus mactans is your scientific name
Your venomous bite is what gives your fame
Beware of her sting, she'll get you on the arm
Fall not for her false lustrous black charm
Avoid her at all costs, don't get to close
Her neurotoxin will take your breath away
For then they may be doing your post.

(Louis B. Caruana, Ph.D. ©1997 - all rights reserved)

Spider Web

By Neil

She makes her web big and bright
Shining in the moonlit night.
Her web is to catch bugs you see
And she has mentally captured me. 
Night after night I watch her weave
Amazed that she does not grieve 
Over the loss of her old web.

Spider poem from Papua New Guinea:

We found a spider hanging on the helicopter line.
He was outside our house and learning in the school 
and hanging on the line.
We got some sticks and swam in the pool 
Then the spider went in the waterfall with us.

The end.

From Jake, Joey and Claire

The Spider  

I found a spider on my bed, 
I found it on my head, 
I yelled and leaped of my bed, 
The spider it was dead. 

Oh, why was the spider on my head? 

From Ti-ann Kira Peachey 

black spiders in their webs
crawling spiders too
black spiders
scaring me in the bath.
By Sahra Hussen, age 7, London UK
There once was a spider who lived in my house
I knew he was here when I felt his bite inside of my blouse
And when it bit me I screamed so loud 
I scared a poor old little mouse rite out of my house. 
By : Candace Dembowski 11 year old in fifth grade
spider, spider creepy crawlie
find them in the house
up the drainpipe
into the bathtub
now they're in
watch out !
spiders spiders
creepy crawlies
makes their home
called a web
waiting patiently
for a fly to pass by
better watch out
or they're dead
by Shannon Caligari, age 7, London, UK
Here is a spider poem to add to your collection....Brandon Wilkerson age9 from Palatka, Fl...USA

I saw a spider in the tree
I saw he was looking at me
I looked at him in the eyes
And said Hi!
He said he was sad
And he felt bad
I looked at his web
Which was his bed
It had a tear
from here to there
so I got some thread
and fixed his web
so the spider was happy from there
Spiders on a midnight prowl,
Spiders on a midnight prowl,
Don't they make you want to scream and howl-
Spiders on a midnight prowl!
Anthony J. Harkins 
Spider with your tiny legs waiting for something to fly into your almost invisible threads.
And once it does you will paralize it and drain it.
Even though I feel for those insects .
In your brain you think it's all right but know matter what it's in your nature and that's what you will do tonight.
By: Candace Demowski, Age eleven in fifth grade. And i would like to dedicate this to our spider in the window and Mr.Keryeski
Spiders creep and crawl
Like shadows darting about
Frightening humans, but really
Trying to keep to themselves

They can spin a web overnight
Gorgeous in the dew
But quite a nuisance when not seen
Until you feel the tingle
There was a Black Widow who tied a shoe,
She tied a knot in the next she tied two
Then she tied 3 then 4
Then there was a knock at the door 
"Who could it be?" "Who are you?"
"I am here to help tie a shoe"
so many legs
me two
to sit and wait.
so go.
spin not.
flyless be.
eight legs trot.
Poem by: Aubrey, Barbara, Matt, Philippe, Daniel, and Will

Spider Poem
I see a spider on the ground,
I don't know what to do.
It starts to crawl up my pants,
but it falls into my shoe.

I took off my shoe,
and I said," Who are you?"
The spider crawled up to me
as said, "My name is Boo."

The spider name was weird,
but I didn't care.
I wanted to kill him,
but I didn't dare.
Poem by: Danielle, Joe, Brittany, Francesco, and Sarah

A spider was crawling up my arm.
It wasn't a real charm.
I was really very sad,
when he bit my Dad.

So, I ran to my Mom,
and said, "Get my brother Tom,
tell him to get the bug spray."
Now we can all say HOORAY.
Spider, spider
come sit down beside her
tell her a tale
of how you live in a pail
how you eat insects
and tickle as you run up little boys necks
you will not harm me
I can see
because, you are a harmless Garden Spider
who just came by, to sit beside her

Shannon & Landon Lucansky,
 Kansas City USA
There once was a spider on my bed.
I sat on the bed and I saw the spider
so I called him Fred.
So I fed Fred.
Fred said thank you .
But when I got off it was just a dream
Fred was Dead....
The Spider Poem
Spiders are not insects 
Spiders have eight legs. 
Spiders have four pairs of eyes 
Spiders hatch from eggs! 

Spider webs are sticky 
Spiders weave them tight 
Spiders spin that silky string 
Spiders weave webs right! 
Some are big
some are small
some are fat
some are thin
some eat a lot
some eat just a little
some like a Goliath can eat a bird
but some like a Samoan can eat a fly
some spiders have a family.
By Derik  Anyang, age 8, London, UK
spider: you scare people 
don't come near me
no-one likes you
you make me scared
every night
i don't go to sleep
because of 
by Janki Patel, age 8, London UK
spider, spider
in the night
when i see you
you give me a fright.
i don't know how
you run so fast
flies don't see
your web-
they get caught in it.
and you eat them so quickly
Soon you will eat all the flies.
by Patrick Arnold, Age 8, London , UK

Poem by: Corey, Mark, Andrew, Amanda, Caitlin, and Michelle

I've got a lovely bunch of spiders-didileydi
There they are all standing in a row-bom bom bom
Big ones, small ones, some the size of your head.
Opps! I forgot my lines, oh dread.

I've got them all in a case-didileydi
They are all standing on their eight legs-bom bom bom
Large ones, tiny ones, some the size of your hand.
Opps! I forgot the rest, oh dread.
Poem by: Chris, Marget, Claire, Greg, and Ernie

Spiders in Our School
Spiders are cool.
They live in our school.
They even crawl up our stools.
Spiders are arachnids.
They are as smart as kids.
Even climbing on our map grids.
They really scare Mrs. Doherty,
because they are hairy.
Poem by: Christie, Page, Kenny, Tom, Eddie, and Colin
Spiders are here.
Spiders are there.
Spiders are everywhere.
Spiders can crawl.
Spiders can run.
Spiders are tall.
Spiders are small.
Spiders do not live very long.
Poem by: Taylor, Vince, Kyle, Greg, and Michael

I got bit by a spider today.
I was not happy or gay.
It came and bit me on the leg.
It gave me some sort of plague.

It was then that I started to play.
On the beautiful sunny day.
It was in the middle of May,
but the bite made me pass away.
Poem by: Kate, Logan, Michael, Matt, and Lauren

When I was sleeping in my bed
an ugly spider fell on my head.
It made a web in my hair
and now it is stuck right there.

It crawled down and bit my thigh.
I thought it was just a fly.
Then I felt really ill
so I took a really big pill.
As I was going down the stairs,
the ugly spider fell from my hair.
Poem by: Chris, Adam, Kelsey, Greg, and Amanda

Spiders are arachnids.
They have eight jointed legs.
Most spiders live on land,
and they lay a lot of eggs.

The dune spider digs
a burrow in the sand.
It can even make a door from it's own silk strands.
Poem by: Dutch, Melissa, James, Owen, Patrick, and Ali


Spider are slow.
Spiders are fast.
They even hide in the grass.
They can even climb up glass.
Some are big.
Some are small.
They can even be in the hall.
Spiders are neat.
Poem by: Chris, Adam, Kelsey, Greg, and Amanda


Spiders are arachnids.
They have eight jointed legs.
Most spiders live on land,
and they lay a lot of eggs.

The dune spider digs
a burrow in the sand.
It can even make a door from it's own silk strands.
Poem by: Dutch, Melissa, James, Owen, Patrick, and Ali

Spider are slow.
Spiders are fast.
They even hide in the grass.
They can even climb up glass.
Some are big.
Some are small.
They can even be in the hall.
Spiders are neat.
Poem by: Allie, Christianne, Nick, Lindsey, and Julian

Spiders have eight legs
and they have many eyes.
Spiders lay eggs
and they can be girls or guys.

Spiders live in many places
and they have different looking faces.
Spiders live in webs.
You can even find them in beds.
Poem by: Laura, Madeleine, Ryan, Elizabeth, Rhett, and Grant

Spiders can be big or small,
but they have eight legs in all.
Poisonous or not, spiders are neat.
They like to move with all of their feet.

Spiders can be black or red,
but they like insects alive or dead.
Spiders make webs to catch their prey
and insects get caught in them every day.
Poem by: David, Mike, Christo, Helen, and Maggie

Spiders are so scary.
Sometimes they are even hairy.
Some are poisonous, some are not
They are in your house a lot.

If they come and get on you,
you might stomp them with a shoe.
Sometimes you might think they are funny,
but when they bite life's not so sunny.
Poem by: Joey, Caitlin, Adam, Joey, Allison, and Alex

Some spiders are yellow.
Some spiders are white
Some are ugly and not a pretty sight.
Some will even put up a fight.

Some spiders are very light.
They love to eat even at night.
If you say their cool, you would be right
I love spiders, they are quite a sight.
Poem by: Erin, Gerald, Kendall, Megan, Charlie, and Mimi

As I was lying in bed
something fell upon my head.
I opened my eyes.
What a big surprise.
I thought it was a fly so I quickly shut my eyes,
but when I got a bite it was such a fright.
I was rushed to the hospital
and they gave me a popsicle.
That thing was a spider,
a poisonous spider.
Poem by: Katie, Michael, Kathryn, Johnna, and Kal

Spider, spiders are no fun.
They will bite and you will run.
Spider, spiders look like the devil.
They will go down to the lowest level.
Spiders, Spiders there are different types,
some are mean and some are nice.
Poem by: James, Alison, Adam, Drew, Manus, and Kari

Spiders are cool.
They certainly don't drool
and they really don't like school.
If they bite you it is not cool.

They make webs to catch flies
and then they eat their eyes.
Spider bites make people cry,
but some of us do not see why.
So please do not whine
and maybe the spider won't get out of line.


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