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Spider Art


You need: A piece of black card, glue, spray can of varnish, spray can of paint.

1. Make sure the spider has finished with the web and is not on the web.

2.Spread a thin layer of glue on the black card.

3. Spray the web with the paint, gold or white are particularly suitable. Or you could gently brush on some talcum powder.

4. Bring the glued side of the card carefully up behind the web. Avoid any sideways movement. Try to get all parts of the web to stick to the card at once.

5. Cut the supporting threads at the edges of the web - the spider will soon make a new one.

6. Spray the web with varnish to form a protective layer. Hang up your preserved web - it makes an unusual and attractive picture if you frame it.

It takes practise to get spider's webs to stick onto the card without distortion. Don't be disappointed if your first efforts are rather folded or tangled up.

If anyone has any other great Spider Art ideas, please send them in!!


Viewer's Contributions:

An art idea for you!


1. Cut black sugar paper into a circle to fit inside a round cake tin.
2. Dip a marble in white paint and roll around the tin.
3. Create upwards and downwards as well as round and round movements.

Creates some spectacular results.


How to make a spider's web.

Fold a piece of card in half as if you were making a card to send to someone. Have your hot glue gun ready. Open your card to only half way and with the glue gun make a small dot of glue in the middle of one side on the inside of the card. Drag the hot glue still attached to the gun in a long string over to the other side of the card not letting it touch the centre of the card. Take the stringy glue back to the beginning side but to a slightly different place and continue from side to side until you have a nice looking 'glue' web. Don't close or fully open the card until the glue is dry. This is effective if you're doing a spider project or something.

from the Brunkes


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