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Unidentified Spider Bite

Here's an email from Jarod who is a soldier. He would like any help or suggestions from qualified people regarding his bite and symptoms.

Here's the details and a photo.

My name is PFC Jarod Miller. I am a soldier at Ft. Drum NY and had some questions concerning a possible spider bite I received while I was in basic training at Ft. Benning GA, in the summer of 2004. I have seen many different specialists including Dermatology (Ft. Drum and at Walter Reed), General surgery, Allergy, Endocrinology and Pain Management.
I was laying under a tree getting ready for a 15 mile road march, I assume I was bite when i got up and started to fasten my gear. A couples of hours past and we took a break for water and when i sat down my belt pressed against my abdomen and after I investigated the area i noticed what seemed to be a large pimple with yellow puss in the center. I showed my Drill Sergent and he said it might be a spider bite, by the end of the march it had doubled in size and and started turning black. There was a few other people in my platoon that had gotten bit (and had seen what bit them) and said it was a Brown Recluse. They all had the same thing happen to them when they were treated for it witch was a draining and packing w/ gauze. It looked like the typical recluse bite, but here is were there experience differs from mine, their's eventually went away mine seemed to go away and even healed over and left what looked like a welt.

One month later during a particularly hard morning of PT on a 5 mile run, I started to feel sick again and the same spot were the spider bite was turned red and started purtruding. That same day I started to get blisters with black around them. So for the 16 months I have gotten these blisters every time i do something to strenuous. The effected area has also gone from the size of a quarter to the size of a soft ball. I also have a lot of underlying pain and sensitivity to touch and movement.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this and look forward to hearing your opinion, and if you need any more info or have any question please write back @ or call evenings 315-688-2845. I also have pictures that show the changes from month to month.

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