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Great Spider Photos - 2007

Copyright Notice: All photos to this page are copyright to their owners. They may not be reproduced or copied without express permission from their owners. Please contact me by email if you need to contact the contributors. New page - Black and yellow argiope laying her eggs courtesy of Joe Hollner. Click here for the page and some great shots!!  Here's another new page with some great shots of South African Spiders sent in by Hannes.  Click here.
Here's some great photos sent in by viewers. Many thanks for allowing me to use these photos. Please click for a larger view.
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6 December, 2008:
Hi, Glen. Thought you (and others) might like these pics of a jumping spider found in the kitchen sink here in Montrose, California. These little buggers are awesome.

30 September, 2008:
Here's a couple of photos of a huntsman I found downstairs, glen
Click for a larger view.

23 September, 2008:
Hi, I found this spider on a honeysuckle plant. I put it on craiglist and someone sent me your site. Thanks for the site! It is definitely a lynx. Lyn

9 June, 2008:
As you will note in the first picture, she was hiding on the underside of a pansy petal!
Minneapolis, MN area

Click for a larger view.


8 June, 2008:
Hi Glen! You have an awesome site. I've been lost for days now looking at all the amazing spider photos available. I wanted to send you this up-close photo of a Brown Recluse spider I took last month in Oklahoma. You can see the hair on it's legs! Keep up the great work, Neil

Click for a larger view.


4 May, 2008:
Hi Glen, just something to say hello with. One resting on a leaf and one unlucky Crane fly, I think you can see the fright in his eyes. Take care. Eddie
4 May, 2008:
Hi Glen,
This little female was toting around her offspring the other night on the carport. She was nice enough to let me take a few pictures. Feel free to use them if you want.



3 May, 2008:
Hi Glen,
Most Wolf Spiders are pretty, but this one was just gorgeous, in my opinion. Something about his fur. He was out and about on the carport the other night during a thunderstorm. Feel free to use the pics if you want.

Click for a larger view.

2 April, 2008:
Hi Glen,
I have attached a picture of a grass spider that was kind enough to pose on my finger. I do not condone picking up wild spiders, but I decided to get his picture while he was being calm. Damy

Click for a larger view.

29 February, 2007:
Hi Glen, some photos of a Crab Spider I found in a Frangipani flower in Jakarta. Possibly a Thomisus sp. I based my guess on this page:
Frank, Melbourne

Click for a larger view.


23 February, 2008:
Glen, You have an amazing site.  It is obvious that much work and passion has gone into it.  I spent about 45 minutes looking at pictures and studying colours and patterns on spiders on your site and have yet to find a match for this little guy (or girl more likely).  I am in Tampa, Florida and this one is creating what appears to be a pink coloured egg sack in the door jamb of my Toyota.  Its entire leg spread is just about the size of a quarter, and it appears to have a surface wound on the upper right side of the abdomen.  I will use my better camera for some shots tomorrow, if you would like some higher res. shots.  These were taken with a low quality, beater camera that I keep in the vehicle.  I dare not get too close to this one without knowing anything of it, or risking hurting it, as it may demonstrate protective behaviour with regard to the eggs. Would you please examine these pictures and give me an expert opinion as to what it is to satisfy my curiosity? Many thanks, Steve 

8 February, 2008:
Hi Glen,  Last night was unseasonably warm here, and there were some creatures stirring that are usually dormant in February. Two of them were under my carport, so I thought I'd snap some pics. I think this was a male and female Wolf spider. Feel free to use the pics if you want. -- Damy

Click for a larger view.

8 February, 2008:
Hi Glen, I know you already have lots of Steadota pictures, but I thought I might send you these. This one kind of stood out among the dull brown ones in my kitchen. Feel free to use the them if you want. Damy

14 January, 2008:
Here is a great picture of a green lynx spider I found in my back yard. My kids named her Linda. Also I have included a picture of her eggs sack.

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a garden orb weaver. Click for a larger view.

12 January
, 2008:
I live in NE Florida and found this spider living in the front of my house. It only builds its web in the late evening and is gone by the morning. I  think it hides in the soffet around my front porch. It's about an inch to inch and a half long. Any ideas as to what this might be?