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Spider Photos -  Orbweaver (2007)(1)

Here's some photos of those common Garden spiders from the Orb Weaving family.   My apologies if there are some Araneus on pages where they don't belong but they are very hard to classify. Try this page for a species guide:

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14 August 2007:
Hello, There is this beautiful spider outside our living room window that is just spinning away. After looking through your site, as far as I can tell, it looks like a Garden Orb Weaver spider. Would that be correct? Either way, hope you enjoy the pictures and feel free to put them on your site if you like!   -Kelly, Northwest, Indiana

14 August 2007:
Even with my "assistant" gently guiding him with a pine needle, I never really got what I wanted from this little fellow. Ah well. My poor assistant flinched every time the spider moved.... Perhaps this is the example I need to convince him that I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED the macro lens that shoots from a foot away.... Nah, probably not. After all, I was the one close to the spider and I wasn't flinching....

14 August 2007:

Hello! Just found an enormous spider outside my back door. After searching online, my guess is that it's an Orb Weaver of some sort. I was hoping you could tell me if I'm correct. I'm living in Southern Maryland and the spider is the size of a half dollar. Thank you, Cathie

11 August, 2007:
Hi Glen, I know you probably get 20 million pictures but I had some more great pictures of our Garden orb weaver in action. He built this beautiful web outside our door. Thought you might like to see them you are more than welcome to use them if you want to. Thank you for your help, your site is awesome!! ~~Alisha, New Mexico

11 August, 2007:
what kind are they? thanks, melvin ada oklahoma

8 August, 2007:
Hello Glen, I love your website its very informative. My kids found this guy weaving its web from my wind chime to our umbrella on our back porch. I live in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I took some pictures so I could see it up close. It is a little one about the size of a nickel. I am not sure if it is definitely a Orb Weaver but I was hoping you could help me in identifying it! I hope you like the pictures you are more than welcome to use them as needed!! Thank you again for your wonderful page and all your help!

8 August, 2007:
Hi Glen, This little lovely gave my 7-year-old son quite a fright when it walked along the chair he sat on while eating lunch in our backyard. We have been searching for hours on the internet and believe it may be either a brown recluse or a hobo. Its body is approximately a half an inch long, with a leg diameter of about 1.75 inches. Its brownish-yellow body has a dark line down its cephalothorax, but the “fiddle” we are looking for appears as if it could be there, only lighter in color than the rest of the brown line and surrounding area. Its abdomen appears to have faint yellow and brown somewhat “stripy” markings on top, but most unusual is the double row of 3 yellow spots (6 total) on the underside of the abdomen. We live in northern California, in the inland valley – about 75 miles north of Sacramento. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a spider this big and exciting. Can you help us to identify it? Thanks, Kristina

5 August, 2007:
I have been trying to identify the type of spider this is and have been unscuccessful thusfar. I live in Peachland, BC (in Canada) and this big fellow made his home in one of my lights on the garage. He is about the size of a Loonie and has two odd bumps on his abdomen that mimic eyes, and an interesting pattern on his belly. He is grey and black in color but the lights gave him an amber glow. If you have any idea what this is, please e-mail me back and let me know, I would really appreciate it. Thank you very much for your help, Lorraine


5 August, 2007:

Hello Glen, Like Pam we are in NW Florida; Pensacola to be specific. We encountered this fellow who is quite large while he was building his web.  We would appreciate any assistance in identifying this guy.



30 July, 2007:

Here's a pic you can post that i've taken, it was found in BC Canada with a large web outside spanning the inside corner of a large fence, he only comes out at night to feed.


24 July, 2007:
Wandered outside this morning, minus glasses and walked right through a VERY sticky web. Once I brushed it off and realized the spider was safely nearby on a vine, I ran back in for my camera. No real stunning shots, but nice for folks that enjoy a spider! I have no idea what it is-it's decidedly furry!

20 July, 2007:
Any idea if this is a good spider or a bad spider ?? Found outside our front door (north side of house/no sun) in Shakopee, Mn.

16 July, 2007:

Click for a larger view.


26 June, 2007:
I have some lovely pictures of some spiders i found in the garden, The first is of a female orb weaver , i even got a good shot of when she  flipped over. The second is what i believe is some type of orb weaver also (male this  time), i thought it may have been a hobo spider, but its body shape doesn't seem to  be right. Blondie

Reply: I think it's a garden orb weaver.

6 June, 2007:

Dear Glen, Hello! At last I managed to get some photos of the big spider next to my window! Please let me know whether it is venomous. Also if possible let me know the species/genus. thanks a lot! bye, sowmya

30 May, 2007:
Found in Fort Pierce, FL. The body is about pinky finger size.. Thanks! Teresa Lane



30 May, 2007:
hi glen; i've been trying to ID this critter (attached photo). it's about 2.5~3 cm total body length, extremely docile, and lives in san francisco, california, USA. they seem to appear yearly during the warmer months and weave large webs with incredibly strong closest guess is that this is some type of orb weaver, but i'd love to know the exact species. thanks in advanc e for your help & expertise, skott reader


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