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Spider Photos - Orbweavers (2006)(2)

Here's some photos of those common Garden spiders from the Orb Weaving family.   My apologies if there are some Araneus on pages where they don't belong but they are very hard to classify. Try this page for a species guide:
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Zoropsis spinimana    


Orb weavers (Araneidae) are often brightly coloured with rounded abdomens, some with peculiarly angled humps or spines. However, there is considerable variation in size, colour and shape in this group. They are often recognized for building beautiful, large, round webs, on which they rest, head downward, waiting for prey. The webs consist of a number of radiating threads crossed by two spirals. The inner spiral begins in the centre, winds outward, and is made of smooth threads like the radiating threads. It covers only the central 1/3 of the web. The outer spiral begins at the edges and winds inward. It is made of more elastic, sticky threads, coated with a liquid substance. One of the largest and most commonly encountered members of this group is Argiope aurantia, the yellow garden spider and we have photos of them on their own page. Please select a section below.
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28 December, 2006:
My name is Nathan and I live in Overland Park, Kansas, which is about 30 miles outside of Kansas City, MO. I nearly ran into this spider coming out of my house back in September of 2006. I have never seen a spider like this before. It was building a nice web right in front of my door when I found it. If anybody can id it, that would be great, my roommates have 2 kids and would like to know if this spider is dangerous. The spider has very strange spikes on its legs. Sorry I only have 2 pictures, it was alittle tough trying to take a picture from this angle and it was at about 10pm. Thanks for the help and hope to get some feedback soon.

Reply: Yes it is an araneus species.

4 December, 2006:

Hi could You please tell me what species of spider this is, Thank you,
Ryan Steele

Click for a larger view.


Reply: This is Araneus Diadematus, a garden orb weaver.

31 October, 2006:
So ... I just found this spider in my backyard today (in WA state). Is it what you call on your site an orb weaver? Either way, I thought it was pretty cool to find this 2 days prior to Halloween.


22 October, 2006:
hi, this spider made a web on our back porch in georgia. because of the background, it was difficult to get a good shot, but it is reddish brown, with these two white spots on a triangularish black shape on its underside. it was repairing its web after eating a ladybug.
thanks, alyssa

Click for a larger view.

22 October, 2006:
Good morning! I was wondering if you could help me in identifying a spider from Madison WI. This spider hangs out on my sister's balcony that faces NE. (If that helps.) She and I have been searching online for awhile now, but we haven't been able to find any pics that look remotely similar. If you could help us, or direct me to someone who can, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

11 October, 2006:
found this big guy in my shed last week...........mike r. michigan...
I feed him a few bugs to keep him fat!!!!

11 October, 2006:
Hi ! I took a photo of this spider outside my front door , in Southern Ontario, Canada. I wondered if anyone could tell me what
kind it might be. I've never noticed one this large, around here before. Its' rear-end was about the size of a marble. My wife has a
spider phobia and something this size is the stuff of nightmares for her. I'll have to see it doesn't carry her off. Ha! ha! PS:
Cool site, nice photos too. Take care !

11 October, 2006:
Dear Sir, I have found 2 spiders on each side of my porch light. I have tried to identify them but I am stumped. I believe them to be an orbweaver, but after viewing your site I have found them to resemble many others. My family has grown fond of these two spiders. We catch grass hoppers, crickets, and other insects to feed them. I live in North eastern Ohio, and garden spiders are common in this area, but I don't believe that is what they are. I tried to get some shots of the eyes, knowing this helps to identify them, but they are sometimes shy and move very quick. I hope you are able to at least help us put a name to are house guests. I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks, Christina

11 October, 2006:
Hi , Just another guy who took a photo of a spider and wondered what it is. So far it looks like a type of Argiope  But not exactly like any of the photos I have seen so far.
Takin in Northwest Indiana USA You may post with my e-mail address. I would love to here back from anyone that knows what this thing is , Thank You, Phil.

8 October, 2006:
Wow! What an amazing website!!! We live in Northern New York and seem to have a recent abundance of these spiders. Thanks to your website I was able to gain some education and calm my nerves as well. Thanks to all who have submitted the great photos, they were extremely helpful in my quest to identify this spider. I didn't realize what cool markings it had until seeing the picture of it on a white background. And on a special note... My family sends our deepest sympathies for the loss of Australia's GREATEST Wildlife Warrior. We have learned so much and gained a true respect for wildlife through Steve's example. "Crikey, we're gonna miss ya mate!" Our sincerest regards, Angela  & family,Dexter, New York

8 October, 2006:
And a couple more for you,


8 October, 2006:
Have a spider here I would like someone to help me identify if you could please. Live in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles. The body of the spider is about 1/2" long.
Thanks for any help you can give! Gwen

Reply: It is a garden orb weaver and not dangerous.
8 October
, 2006:
Reply: It is a garden orb weaver and not dangerous.
8 October
, 2006:

Click for a larger view.

Reply: It is a garden orb weaver.
4 October
, 2006:

Click for a larger view.

Reply: It is a garden orb weaver. Click for a larger view.
4 October
, 2006:
This spider had a web in my back yard from the top of my baby fig tree, to the ground.
I thought it was an orb weaver, but then I got closer and saw it was all brownish red. He sensed me and ran up to hide. Attached are two photos. Do you know what kind it is? I live in Texas .  Thanks, Laura
Reply: No it is a garden orb weaver. Click for a larger view.
4 October
, 2006: