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Daddy Long Legs (Opiliones)

The name 'Daddy-Long-Legs' has been used for at least two different kinds of arachnids - daddy long leg spiders (Pholcus phalangioides) and harvestmen (Opoliones).Please choose a section below.
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Pholcus phalangioides

Opiliones (Harvestmen)


The other eight-legged invertebrates which are sometimes called "daddy-long-legs", are members of the order Opiliones or Opilionida in the class Arachnida. Biologists generally call these animals 'harvestmen' (e.g. the CSIRO Handbook (ed. Ian Naumann) cited above).
Unlike spiders, they only have one part to their bodies and their bodies do not have a 'waist' and they do not produce silk; they normally have only one pair of eyes. They do not have venom glands or fangs, although they  may produce noxious defence secretions. Most harvestmen eat smaller invertebrates but some eat plant material and others feed on carcasses of dead mammals and birds.

23 January, 2017:
Hi, attached I send you a photo of spider founded near Plitvice leaks, in Croatia. I hope you can help me on identification. Best regards, Nenad

Click for a larger view

9 November, 2016:
Hi Glen, I have these everywhere! Your website seemed so helpful that I thought I'd try to send it in- can you help ID it? Gillian

Click for a larger view

22 October, 2016:
What is this?

Click for a larger view

22 May, 2016:
This guy was lurking deep in the compost heap. Any idea what it is? Thanks, Robert

Click for a larger view

27 March, 2016:
Hello there. My name is Lana. I live on 20 Akers in California. Since the weather has changed and it has started getting warmer, my husband and I have noticed a rather different looking spider that we have never seen before. I was curious as to what type of spider it maybe and if we need to be cautious when approaching it. We see about 20 of them around our house daily!


27 March, 2016:
Hi, We need help identifying this spider. Do you have any idea what it might be? We have exhausted Google! Cheers, Hayley


24 November, 2015:
Hi, I’m not scared of spiders or creepies in general, however, I’ve never seen one like this… it’s body was ‘Shell like’ and not soft looking… I’ve been unable to find an image that looks like it on the inter webs so I thought I’d take the chance that you might be able to shed some light on it. Thanks, Dan

Click for a larger view

19 February, 2015:
Photo for your website

Click for a larger view

7 January, 2015:
Hi. A friend of mine who lives in St. Louis, Missouri posted this photo on FB today. She was trimming dead wood off of a hydrangea bush in her backyard and found this spider. I found your great web page but can’t find this spider on it anywhere. Do you have any idea what kind of spider this might be? Mary

7 January, 2015:
Hi! Found in the mountains in Central Valley, Costa Rica. Found her outside of my house, on the porch. Would love to have her identified!

9 Oct, 2014:
I found this spider on my deck. Was wondering if you know what it is, or if it's poisonous. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks for your time. Sincerely, Ruth

29 Sept, 2014:
Spider ID

24 Sept, 2014:
Photographed in Elyria, Ohio on September 18, 2014. I have not been able to match it to any spider catalog pictures.

22 July, 2014:
Hi there, Please could you identify this spider? Found loads in my garden in the UK and just wondered if dangerous at all?

9 June, 2014:
Hey, I can't figure out what this is. Could you help me. I live in Ohio so Idk if its typically from this area. Let me know. Please and thank you!!

19 December, 2013:
Hello, We were camping at a national forest in Conroe, Texas this past weekend and this spider was crawling on my son. No bite, but my curiosity has got the best of me about this spider. I cannot find it on the internet so I was wondering if you knew the name of this spider? Thanks for your help. Lorri

30 October, 2013:
Can you please let me know what it is my email is marcus.colwill75@yahoo.com Thanks

17 October, 2013:
This is some sort of arachnid species my sister in law was bit by in her home here in Oklahoma. I know it is not a brown recluse spider nor a black widow now a hobo spider and it doesn't look anything like any of the other spiders that are common in North America except a daddy long-leg but those aren't really spiders they have no fangs so I've read and this thing did. Anyway i do know it does not have the normal spider body this thing's body is just 1 round circle and a missing leg (only 7 legs) which I'm guessing it was injured somehow. Her house is infested with these and no exterminator can seem to rightly identify it. 1 said beetle and another said crab spider....that thing is so not a crab spider and definitely NOT a beetle it's rocking 7 legs. Would like to find out the identity of this spider or arachnid so we know if there is a danger or not. She has children. Hope to hear back soon, Danielle

8 September, 2013:
Hello, Can you help me identify the attached photo which is of a spider I found in my house. I live in the UK. Thanks Alex

6 July, 2013:
Hey, I saw this spider in Thailand. I wonder if you could tell me what it is? Thank you in advance Anders


24 June 2013:
Found this in my house. Please identify I have a few more good photos also. Thank you.



10 June 2013:
Hello, This fellow is the second of it's kind I have seen in the last month and I have never seen this kind of spider before. I love spiders so I was shocked to see a new species. For now I'm leaving it be (he lives outside my front door) but If it is dangerous Id like to relocate it. I have a baby and I just want to know for the future. the first one I saw was by her play area outside. NO web! Very slow moving and seems to not be an aggressive spider at all but curls up when touched. Kind of tear-dropped shaped body. Its a heavy body with long legs. Also kind of flat. Hope these pics work. Look forward to hearing back for you. I'm very curious to learn more. Thanks, Amber

Click for a larger image.


13 April, 2013:
That hair is my cats! Spider has blown away, so these are my best pics of it. Thanks for looking Glen :)


31 December, 2012:
Another arachnid from La Sirena, Costa Rica. An impressive harvestman, legspan about 12 centimeters.

Click for a larger image.


Reply: This is an opilione- glen

15 November, 2012:
I just wanted to say I embarrassingly enough have just discovered your site and I love it. I recently received a new camera & love taking pics of the critters here in north west FL...of course spiders are one of my all time favorites! I'm not great or anything and the spiders are common here but I thought you might appreciate seeing some of the pretty spiders my yard has to offer


Reply: This is an opilione- glen

15 November, 2012:
Thank you for your time, this is as clear as I could get. I recently had a few of these appear in the house. I live in Fort Worth, Tx.



Reply: This is an opilione - glen

7 May, 2012:
Glen, I have sent a picture of a spider that I found on the side of a cardboard recycling bin for plastic bottles in our tea bar at work today. It is approximately 8-9cm across (between the tips of the long legs), making the body approximately 5-10mm across. As you can see it is very flat, only a few mm high. It has large poisonous looking "jaws" which I suspect are feelers. I am in Berkshire UK. Do you know what it is? Craig




Reply: This is an opilione - glen

7 May, 2012:
Recently a large quantity of these spiders took refuge in my laundry room. 50 plus. I know what brown recluse and black widows look like we have them both as well as many grass spiders. The day before these spiders came our back yard/3 acre pasture was mowed. I'm hoping this is a grass spider and not a cousin to the brown recluse. We see a lot of brown recluse out in the open this time of year compared to other times of the year. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time, Joan


Reply: These are opiliones  - glen

16 May, 2011:
I've attached a couple - the first is of a type of long-legged arachnid that is common here in Georgia - kind of like a daddy longlegs, but with a bigger body. I often see them congregating like this - this was actually a small grouping.

Reply: This is an opilione or harvestman, also called a daddy long legs - genus Ischyropsalis. - glen
Click for a larger view.

13 March, 2011:
Good day, Please assist me in telling me what type of spider this is? I’m not sure whether it is a spider or other type species of insect. The location it was found is in Secunda Mpumalanga in South Africa. Attached is some pictures of the insect/spider Regards Riaan
Reply from Anne: Try entering 'Trogulidae" in google. It's an opilione, a weird one. I rarely see them, here in Holland. Anne

12 December, 2010:
Hi, Glen. Many thanks for your speedy response, I enclose a couple of images for you to look at, and hopefully ID. All the best, Carol

Reply: "Many species of harvestmen easily tolerate members of their own species, with aggregations of many individuals often found at protected sites near water. These aggregations can count up to 200 animals in the Laniatores, but more than 70,000 in certain Eupnoi. This behavior is likely a strategy against climatic odds, but also against predators, combining the effect of scent secretions, and reducing the probability of each individual of being eaten..." answers.com

16 October, 2010:

Can you tell me what's going in these pictures? This is on the north side of my house this morning. -- Charley and Carol

10 June, 2010:
You might have read that we seem determined to kill every living thing in the Gulf of Mexico by drowing it and its larva or eggs or embryos with crude oil. The diversity of life and the astonishing forms life pursues continues to fascinate me--just exactly does this silly thing get on down the road is problematic, but it does. Best always, use in any way you wish for teaching or loaning out to others, Ellen

Reply: This is one is an opilione  - glen

3 January, 2010:
Hi Glen, Great website -- thanks. Here's a couple of spiders that I can't identify from my yard. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I apologize for the lack of clarity in my pictures, I'm still learning to use the macro setting on my camera.  The other one was in my garden, and the body is not very big -- maybe about the diameter of a pea, or a little smaller. And.. I believe I've identified the last spider correctly, as a grass spider, thanks to your website. Let me know if I'm wrong! Thanks for your help. -- Sue

Reply: This is also an opilione  - glen

24 October, 2009:
My dad and I were walking through the woods yesterday in central Illinois and when we picked up and old brick, we discovered this odd looking spider. We have been unable to identify it even though we looked at all your pictures. We were wondering if you had any clue as to what spider this could be. There is a picture attached. Thank you for your help.

Reply: This is also an opilione  -harvestman or the other daddy long legs.

6 August, 2009:
Hi Glen, I have looked all over the web for anything that looks like this and haven't been able to find anything. I visited your site and still didn't see anything else like it. I hope you can help. I've only seen this one time, I was moving my coconut palm inside from outdoors and this may have dropped off the bottom of the pot and started crawling back outside (not quickly though). It was about an inch long total. Is it even a spider? I live in NE oklahoma.

Reply: Looks like an opilione  -harvestman or the other daddy long legs.

6 August, 2009:
Here is a photo I took today of a corn “spider condo”. It is a daddy long legs that has been residing in my corn growing in a container pot on the patio. He’s been living in it for about 2 weeks now and comes out regularly to get in the sun so took a photo with my digital camera. It turned out clear and good of him. Credit {if used} Susan Lauraine.

16 February, 2009:
Hi Glen, I live in London, England and when I was in Cornwall, England I found this guy in my boyfriends back garden. from our wildlife's point of view, this is totally bizaar! could you please identify it? many thanks, Louise

Reply: Looks like an opilione  -hravestman or the other daddy long legs and possibly a male.

9 August, 2008:
Glen could you possibly tell me what spider this is. It came out of a drum which came from the China area Dave


29 July, 2008:
This other spider that looks like a daddy long legs.


4 March, 2008:
Hello again.... I'd love to know what the spider is in the attached photo, and hope that you can help me once again. Hopefully it's among the harmless here in SW Florida. :) I've reduced the picture down to 50%, but I think it's still pretty clear. Thanks so much for sharing your time and knowledge.... Kimberly


4 March, 2008:
Hi Glen, I had fogotten about this little fella that was stretching out inside of a mortor join the other night. Saw his picture and thought you might like to see it. Feel free to use it if you want - Damy


Hello Glen, I was hiking along side a creek bed and I saw this cave structure and I happened to spot a Orchard spider around the rocks in the entrence of this cave-like openeing. I happened to also see some Harvestman by the area as well. I kept trying to look inside the opening to see if I could see anything. A minute or two latter I heard this ruffling inside the cave and I thought it was some sort of mammal (i.e. a skunk or snake maybe). Then I heard this low frequency high pitch streetching noise coming and some sort of whistling of grass noise as well. Instantly after, 200+ harvestman spiders were rushing out of the cave. It was an amazing sight to see.