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Unidentified Spider Bite

Here's an email and some photos from Mechelle who has been bitten on the arm. Anyone with any ideas on what may have bitten her please email me.

Here's yet another reply: Concerning the woman with the bites that formed under her watch. it looks like scabies. i had this on my wrists palms webbing of fingers toes and feet. with random postules forming on arms and legs. and thats what it looked like  - Ian

Here's yet another reply: Hello, I ran across your website accidentally. While looking through the "spider bite" pictures, I found the pictures from Mechelle, who thought she had been bitten by a spider trapped under her watch. I tend to agree with the person who replied that it looked like a reaction to the metal the watch was made from, or perhaps cleaning of the watch. I have very severe nickel dermatitis, and I will break out in sores like these if I wear jewellery made from anything except gold, 10K or better. Even gold-plated jewellery, sterling silver or tungsten will cause this reaction on my skin. Time of contact can be as little as 1 hour or less in me. These sores swell up like little pimples on my skin, can spread if popped, and are filled with a clear puss. No medication I have tried has cleared these bumps up any faster than just good, old fashioned time. Hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl cream, etc. does seem to relieve the intense itching associated with these bumps. I have no experience with spider bites, but these bumps look like a skin reaction with the metal or cleaning products associated with the watch. Just trying to help you calm unnecessary fears over spiders (even though I hate and avoid them),
Trish in Alabama

Here's  another reply: Hello, I've stumbled upon your site and viewed this picture of a bite that the woman states must have been from an insect under her watch. The rash looks very similar to a skin reaction I encounter anytime I wear a watch with a "questionable" metal backing or lesser value jewellery. If I continue to wear the watch or jewellery the rash worsens quickly and often pusses and takes weeks to heal as the metal is still reacting with my skin after I remove it. If I was presented with this picture I would first ask if the watch was new or had been recently polished or cleaned. If it was a new watch she may have gotten a hold of a bad watch, if it's a watch she's worn for a while with no reaction, she may react to it after a polishing or cleaning if the watch has a "plated" back. Just my opinion.......Gina, Austin, Elkin, NC 

Here's a reply from Andrew: The bites to me look more like the stings of fireants, but I would think you would have felt that as many times as it looks to have stung you. We have a lot of fire ants that are now in the TN area, I was stung on the ankle by some fire ants and it looked just like a zit everywhere they bit or stung, but if you didn't feel anything it is more than likely a chigger and you have to get it out of your body to get the infection out of it. If it is chiggers instead of squeezing them out and maybe let them dig in somewhere else, apply a heavy coat of nail polish on each bite. I know this sounds funny, but a chigger breaths through your skin if you cut off its air it will die. If you do decide to bust them, use rubbing alcohol or anti-bacterial hand sanitizer on everything around the bites and also on your hand if you don't use gloves or tissue to squeeze them out. If you grew up in eastern TN or anywhere in the deep south you have gotten chiggers at least once as a child playing in the woods and field areas. I do hope this helps with your situation.

Here's an email from Charlotte: Perhaps this picture is of a Chigger bite… We have them A Lot here in the Great Smoky Mountains – Tennessee - USA … Here is a great site just in case…..  Charlotte.

 From Mechelle:
I think this is one or more spider bites. The insect was trapped under my watch. I did not feel it bite me. Let me know what you think? Photos are from day 3.

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