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Long Jawed Orb Weavers  -
Festive Silver Marsh Spiders

Long-jawed Orb Weaver Spider - Tetragnatha sp.
There are 980 species of this spider worldwide. Long-jawed orb weavers are fairly easy to identify by their huge, powerful jaws, or chelicerae, and long, slender abdomen. Like the other family of orb weavers, the Araneidae, these spiders have eight eyes and these eyes are in 2 rows. They have 3 claws on each tarsus. There are about 25 species in North America. The Venusta Orchard spider  (Leucage venusta), a very common woodland arachnid, is a member of this family but its abdomen is not nearly as slender. The Festive Silver Marsh (Leucage festiva) spider found in Africa, is also a member of this species. Some species of long-jaws stand at the side of their web, keeping their legs on a radial spoke in order to detect vibrations that signal the arrival of prey. They are very adept at dropping out of sight at the slightest disturbance, or carefully camouflaging themselves as thorns or simply hiding lined up with the long axis of a twig or grass blade. They live in meadows and marshes, woodland edges. Food: insects. Most members of this family do not build vertical webs, they are usually tilted and sometimes close to horizontal. In some species, only the spiderlings produce webs. The orchard spiders build their webs in shrubs or trees.

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Long Jawed Ochard Weavers Venusta Orchard Spiders
Festive Silver Marsh Spider L. celebensis

5 December, 2014
Hi Glen I saw this one on a farm in south africa. I know most spiders but I have never seen such colors in one. I think it's some silk orbweaver spicie but not sure

28 January, 2014
Dear Glen We recently moved into a new house in Cape Town and found this little guy chilling in the garden. I have never come accross a spider like this before and would really like to know what kind of spider it is. I would also like to know if it is venomous. Kind Regards Gené

4 August, 2013:
Hi There I came across your website while trying to find pictures of spiders from south africa to try to identify this one i came across recently in Mpumulanga province in south africa. I can't find anything online that looks similar - are you able to identify it? Apologies for the poor quality photo, but essentially its an elongated white body with a 'skull-like' marking in reddish/orange browns. Thanks Caroline.