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Spider Photos - Lynx Spiders

Here's some photos of Lynx spiders. Click here for Page 2. Click here for Page 3. Many thanks for allowing us to use the photos sent in. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.
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Lynx Spider (Peucetia viridans)
Lynx spiders get their name from the way that they sometimes pounce on their prey in a catlike fashion. These spiders spend their time hunting for insects in bushes and low plants. They are fast runners, but can occasionally be seen lying in wait for prey beside flowers. They build no web for prey capture, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.
Look For: Bright green, cream, or tan body; legs are yellow with black spines.
Length: 5/8".
Habitat: Fields, woods.

Range: Southern U.S.
Bite: While the Green Lynx spider aggressively attacks its insect prey, it very seldom bites humans.

Click here for Green Lynx Spiders.


7 November, 2017:
I have attached a picture of a spider that hitched a ride on my leg during a quail hunting day in Roosevelt, Arizona. We had been hunting for about 2 Ĺ hours. When I returned to the truck with my husband I noticed this spider on my pant leg. It was about the size of a silver dollar with its leg span. We were able to get the spider off my leg and as near as I can tell it did not bite me. I have never seen a spider like this before anywhere in Arizona. We were hunting on November 4, 2016 in the early evening. From about 2:30 to 4:00 p.m. I am really curious what kind of spider it is as when my husband tried to knock it off my leg with a board it hung on. He was able to get it off though without causing injury to it. We took the attached picture. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. I am not a fan of spiders, so having one hitch a ride on my camo pants was quite a scare. Especially since neither of us had seen one like this before. Thank you, Cari

Click for a larger view


13 July, 2016:
Hi Glen.  I live in northeastern Ohio between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. I have been bitten by something looking like this 4 times.  I'm beginning to think I attract this thing as spiders are not common in my house. No one else has  been bit in 23 years.   I'm getting spooked because the bite takes 6 weeks to just become a red mark. Until today i had narrowed it down to possibly  a yellow sac ALBEIT reaction less than Google would lead one to expect. I have been bit 4 times and  Each time I have been bit  it  has produced more reaction. Perhaps a harder bite coincidentally  I don't know anymore.  I get some descent swelling about  3 to 4 inches in length from bite and solid redness with itch.   The mildish swelling persists for at least 8 hours,  redness longer, a mild bump will form immediatly that becomes  almost a blister necrotic type bump. It will finally"drain" after 3 and me picking it. I can't take it.  Then I just have a Scab looking thing on my arm for a couple more weeks and  a red blotch that lasts months. I do scar and maintain  redness easily as my normal.This morning I was actually able to photograph what I thought it was until  closer inspection and zoom in  so I didn't realize it had such twiggy legs. But nonetheless it was on my car waiting for me t was on my car waiting for me. Until now I assumed what has bit me in my mind look more like yellow sac spider spider legs but more maybe  a clear translucent green color than actual  yellow.  Perhaps I'm attracting two different spiders now or they looked the same until detailed inspection. You are looking at the side of my  vehicle. 1st pic is on  white paint.  2nd on  the glass window.  I have been bitten in the house  each not outside.  


13 December, 2015:
Hi, After about 90 minutes scouring all manner of website and Google image trying to identify this spider, I came across your site, where you so generously offer assistance in identification - what a relief! The attached is about 2cm long, snapped in rural Southern Thailand surrounded by rubber tree plantations Thanks much in advance for your help.

Click for a larger view


24 September, 2015:
Good Evening, Can you possibly identify what species of spider is attached? Spotted and photoed in Huntsville, AL USA. Kind regards, Jeanne


11 August, 2015:
I couldn't find it in your list. Just want to know if it can harm my grandchildren.


7 March, 2015:
Also, if itís helpful Iím in Oregon. :) Jen


5 December, 2014:
Hello to all of you at Spiderz Rule! I found this lil guy on my front door as I came home from work last night and caught him so I could get a decent pic for you, (he will be released back into the desert to do his spider thang shortly!). I looked all over the net and couldn't find anything like him, so I asked some friends from back east, (I am in Tucson, AZ, but from Philadelphia, PA ) and one friend suggested a Yellow Lynx Spider, so I looked them up and sure enough, he looks very much like your pics of the Green Lynx! I hope at least one of these pics are acceptable and helpful! -spider fan in AZ! p.s. the bee was caught and put in for size reference but the lil beastie caught himself dinner instead!  appreciate it! Thank you, Nathan


11 November, 2014:
These are two spiders I have found in missouri, east of Kansas City. The first looks like a female wolf spider in a way but does not have the back markings so I was not sure. It was the size of a medium tarantula tho...I have seen a million wolf spiders living in this area but never one of this size/coloration so I was wanting to know if I was correct. The second spider I found I have no clue about, it was on the side of a building I was working on. If you could get me any info on what these spiders are I would really appreciate it! Thank you, Nathan

Reply: Looks like the lynx spider has adapted to the colour of the snow around it!! - glen

7 October, 2014:
I found you website and have been enjoying looking at the pictures. I have a picture of what appears to be a white lynx spider? Perhaps you can specify what it is? ~Gina

10 July, 2014:
Iím a photography enthusiast. I found this guy in the forest at Khon Kaen province (Thailand). Iíve gone through photo books and sites for identification but I failed to find a match. Iíd hope that you might be able to identify his species. Thank you in advance, Kitchanan

Beautiful pic, click for a larger view.


Reply: No don't burn down the house, these are harmless!! - glen

10 July, 2014:
Picture I took outside my home in central Indiana. What is it and should I burn my house down? Thanks John

13 June, 2014
I've looked through your photos and other sites and can't find a match.


Reply: Lynx spiders are common all over- glen

1 April, 2014:
Hi..Iím Avinash Deepak form Hyderabad, India. After I found it I searched  it online .they said they are common only in NA.

Reply: This is a female lynx spider - glen

19 December, 2013:
Hi! Love your site. The photos of the spiders are amazing! I was hoping you might be able to identify the attached. I couldn't get a photo of her face, but hoping the egg sack might help. She's beautiful and fairly big- including her legs, about the size of a golf ball, thorax almost as thick as a pencil, and she lives in my parent's back yard in Southern California. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide!

Reply: This is a male lynx spider - glen

19 December, 2013: 
Dear Glen, Please identify this spider. The pictures are not too clear, but I'm sure it is easily identified. Thank you.


16 November, 2013:
Aloha! I found this really cool spider in the women's restroom of this San Francisco area East Bay Regional Park: http://www.ebparks.org/parks/shadow_cliffs in Livermore, California. I love spiders, and have purchased many ID books to help me with the great task of "name that spider", but somehow I am not really as successful at it as I am with my #1 love, birds.  Can you please help me ID this  spider? You will be happy to know that our house (at least where my son and I are concerned) is a SPIDER NO KILL ZONE.  I relocate ALL spiders, Black Widows included!!  I LOVE SPIDERS!  My husband doesn't feel the same way, so I have to be proactive and hunt down and relocate spiders before he finds them.  Yesterday, I saved the cutest, tiniest little spiderling that was crawling up my bathroom wall.  I had to be so careful, and I thought because he was so small that I had better not relocate him outside just yet, so I relocated him to the guest bedroom and out of harm's way for now.  The window is open in case he decides to move out on his own O:- Thank you for your help!


16 November, 2013:
Is this any better? xoxo


Reply: Another one the same as below. Closest I could find is this one on bugguide - a lynx spider

30 July, 2013:
Looks like yellow sac, but when I switch back to my photo, suddenly i'm not sure anymore. The butt of the spider is metallic like, shiny (similar to rose gold color). Two black dots in from of him looks like eyes. he uses his eyes poking around discovering his path. Picture is not clear enough, but the legs with long hair.


Reply: Closest I could find is this one on bugguide - a lynx spider

30 July, 2013:
Can you tell me what this spider is?

22 October, 2011:
I found this one by my grandmothers house. As you can see, two of it's legs had been ripped off. Do you know what it is??

Click for a larger view.

6 September, 2011:
I live in Eastern Alabama and have used your site a number of times to identify spiders here. We have only lived here a year (military). I've been especially grateful to your site now that we have a child, so I can both protect him from harmful spiders while not killing harmless ones. I found this one inside my house recently and I have been unable to find any information online about what it might be. I saw another one a few days later. I assume they're spiders because they have 8 legs, but I've never seen anything like it. I'd love to hear what you think. Regards, Diana D

Click for a larger view.

8 June, 2011:
Hello Glen, Cheryl Stark here from Roseville, CA. I sent you a pic last year of an orb spider that was camped out on my front porch for a bit. Now I have attached another spider pic if you like it feel free to use . I need to know what kind this spider is it was on my back porch hanging out in the sun. I couldnt seem to focus his head very welll...it looks like a dead fly with eight legs at first glance. Please help, what kind of spider is this? Thanks again, \ Cheryl

12 November, 2010:
I am Manohar from India studying on spiders in Bt cotton ecosystem. Please identify these species .I hope there is positive response from your side. Thanking u Manohar

 Click for a larger view.

12 November, 2010:
Hello! I can't seem to find a website to identify this spider in my yard. I live in Southern California and have never seen one of these before. I would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

Click for a larger view.

8 August, 2010:
Dr. Glen, I found this spider in my house in Tulsa, OK. It was around 1cm in size. I would appreciate any help you could give me in identifying it. Don

Click for a larger view.

31 July, 2010:
Hello, I was trying to look on the web to see what kind of spider this is, and I can not tell. I came across your site and decided to email you to see if you knew. All day at work today I felt something around my neck and in my shirt, I thought that it was just a string of my hair, so I was trying to find it and kept on brushing it off. Then finally I looked down and saw this spider on on my desk....so I know I finally brushed him off of me and on my desk. Kind of creepy, but I do not know much about spiders. Thanks, Sarah -- Crosby, TX

Click for a larger view.


2 December, 2009:
I found this beauty while hiking in Thousand Oaks CA. MC

Click for a larger view, lovely closeup

23 August, 2009:
Hello. Perhaps you might be interested in a few of my photos to add to your collection. They are, perhaps, nothing spectacular, but they are a bit different. I'll try to describe them in the order of attachment -  Live spiders, all from Ann Arbor, MI, USA: a brown lynx spider. Yours sincerely, David
Click for a larger view.