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Spider Photos - Lynx Spiders

Here's some photos of Lynx spiders. Click here for Page 1. Click here for Page 3. Many thanks for allowing us to use the photos sent in. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.
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Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia viridans)
Lynx spiders get their name from the way that they sometimes pounce on their prey in a catlike fashion. These spiders spend their time hunting for insects in bushes and low plants. They are fast runners, but can occasionally be seen lying in wait for prey beside flowers. They build no web for prey capture, but they do release a silk dragline as they hunt among leaves.
Look For: Bright green, cream, or tan body; legs are yellow with black spines.
Length: 5/8".
Habitat: Fields, woods.

Range: Southern U.S.
Bite: While the Green Lynx spider aggressively attacks its insect prey, it very seldom bites humans.
30 September, 2008:
Hi Glen, Thank you for your great website on spiders! Thanks to you, I was able to identify that Max (named by my four year old nephew), who has been living on my Zinnia flowers for the past month is a Lynx spider. He managed to "trap" a bumble bee the other week, but I didn't get a good picture of it. However, I took a few photos of him hanging out on the Zinnia and thought I'd send them to you, just in case you could use a few more on your site. Thanks again! Val  Click for a larger view.

23 September, 2008:
Hi, I found this spider on a honeysuckle plant. I put it on craiglist and someone sent me your site. Thanks for the site! It is definitely a lynx. Lyn

20 September, 2008:
Thought you could add to your collection. Thanks, Alice

14 September, 2008:
This pic was taken in Wendell, NC USA.

14 September, 2008:
I think this is a lynx -- saw it early one day on a clump of Sedum, and later in the afternoon it had its prey:

14 September, 2008:
I painted this spider from one of the photos on your site of a lynx spider just thought you would be interested in and if you like to post it you may thanks so much alexis


7 September, 2008:
Here is a pretty good photo I took of a Lynx spider today. He just sat there while I mowed the lawn! Thanks for having a great website that helped me to identify this little guy!


31 August,  2008:
Thought you might could use this pic for your web site. I identified this one thanks to your site as a “green lynx”.
Click for a larger view.

24 August,  2008:
Hi Glen, I have a picture of a Green Lynx Spider hunting in a blooming Sage bush in a Texas State Park. I thought the contrast in colors actually make the spider quite beautiful. You can also use this picture as well if your interested. Sara Giguere

Click for a larger view.

5 August,  2008:
Hi Glen, Here are two pics of a Green Lynx Spider that was on my Blueberry bush the other day. I think the Spiders in my yard have gotten to know me pretty well. Feel free to use the pics if you want. --Damy

Click for a larger view.

20 July,  2008:
Hi Glen, Here are two pics of spiders in my backyard... one, obviously is a Green Lynx (male), Mariellen

10 July,  2008:
Hi Glen, I have attached the best picture I've taken of a Green Lynx Spider so far. There are so many of them in the bushes around my house and my grandmothers' houses. They have very good eyesight, because they are very hard to sneak up on!

29 June, 2008:
There is a surplus of Green Lynx Spiders this year, as they seem to be on every other leaf, of every bush, everywhere around here. And they are quite useful, too. As you'll see, one of them was snacking on a Japanese Beetle. Why buy one of those expensive traps when you can just use Green Lynx Spiders? My camera has a hard time focusing on these little guys since they are almost the same color as the leaves, but feel free to use the pictures if you want. --Damy

11 June, 2008:
Hello I found this spider in my back yard, could you identify it for me?

14 January, 2008:
Here is a great picture of a green lynx spider I found in my back yard. My kids named her Linda. Also I have included a picture of her eggs sack.

Click for a larger view

27 December, 2007:
This next picture is of a spider I've noticed during the past several months. At first when I saw it, it was relatively small but its bright colors intrigued me. Roughly 2 months later i came across it again, but this time it was in the dark, on my front door and now its been chilling on the outside of my house for the past three days. I have never seen it in the bushes like it said on your site, only on a white house. This one seemed very repressed, it let me get closer to it then i normally ever would; actually come to think of it I'm not really sure why I got so close. After looking at these pictures all I can do is feel them crawling all over me, ugh. Anyway thanks for your time. Your site is very informative and I enjoy looking at the pictures. The flying Santa across the screen every 2 seconds is highly annoying though haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. j0ey

21 December, 2007:
I took this picture this fall. I have watched this spider build her egg sack and watched her babies as they hatched. Very interesting. I think she is a Lynx but I didn't see any pictures of my spider with the same type of design on her back. She built her nest in my butterfly bush. If you'd like the picture, you may use it on your website. I was just wondering what kind of spider I had as I am NOT a spider fan but so enjoyed watching her. She was amazing and quite beautiful!

Click for a larger view

15 December, 2007:
i think this is a lynx spider?

Click for a larger view


2 December, 2007:
I just LOVE your website. I was terribly affraid of spiders until I watched the movie Arachniphobia. I guess because the spiders lost it cured me?? who knows. I'd huld them if I could feel confident I wouldn't get bit.  Hopfully I'm doing this correct, but I'd love to share with you some Lynx photos I recently shot. I can get larger images if anyone is interested in publishing them, Enjoy! Connie, Southern California, USA
Click for a larger view

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