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    Dear Kaitlin,

    How are you? Still afraid of spiders? Well, I have some reason not to be afraid of spiders. Firstly, they will only harm you if you harm if you harm them. Only very few spiders can harm you badly. In fact, only about 30% of spiders are harmful to human.

    I know thatís not enough to convince you not to be afraid of our eight-legged friends. So another thing would be, they are even more scared of you! To them you are just one huge giant squishing machine! It would be silly to be scared of something that thinks youíre a giant!

    One more reason, thatís if you are still scared. Spiders can be very useful by catching all the flies and mosquitos that carry diseases. They also eat the grasshoppers and locusts that which destroy crops. Another two things they eat are ants cockroaches. What a horrible diet to have, full of little pest such as these!

    I studied them and I now realise how friendly they can be!

    Yours sincerely,

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