694 Rochedale Road
Rochedale, QLD 4123
24 July 2001

    Dear Chris,

    I am writing to you to tell you why you should not be afraid of spiders. I have 4 reasons.

    You should not be afraid because you are about 50 times the size of a spider and they are afraid of you. I once saw a spider running from me.

    You should not be afraid of spiders because they will only attack / bite you when you annoy them, try to hurt them or they feel threatened by you. A Huntsman once bit me but I was not angry because I knew he was only defending himself.

    You should not be afraid because only about 30% of spiders are poisonous and the rest will only bite. It will only hurt a little bit but it will not kill you or do you any harm apart from the pain of the bite.

    You should not be afraid because there are only 2 spiders in Australia that could kill you and they are very rarely seen.

    I hope this has helped you.

    Yours sincerely,

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