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Spider Photos - Jumping Spiders

Commonly called Jumping spiders, the Salticidae are also affectionately referred to as  Charlies, Herbies or Salties. They are very common around the home and their anthropomorphic nature endears them to most people. The family name is derived from the Latin "salto" which means to dance with pantomimic gestures. This is the largest spider family and includes more than 5000 species worldwide. These spiders are harmless to man although there have been complaints where this comical, engaging animal has been accused of nasty bites. Here's some photos sent in by viewers.

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Jumping spiders (Salticidae) are the personalities of the spider world. Though generally small in size (up to 12 mm body length), their large eyes, prodigious jumping ability, often brilliant colours and cocky, inquisitive activity make them very appealing. Many are daylight hunters, using their excellent vision to track, stalk and calculate distance, before suddenly leaping on their prey, propelled by their strong back legs. Males are often more strikingly coloured, patterned or adorned with leg or body hair tufts than are females. They use these adornments to impress the females during often elaborate courtship displays. Information - Australian Museum
Please select from my photo pages below.
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Reply: Yes this is a jumping spider, check out this page for a better match.

23rd December, 2008:
Hello Glen, Can you please ID my spider. I bleive it is one of the jumping spider but I am not sure. Thank you in advance, Oliver.


6 December, 2008:
Hi, Glen. Thought you (and others) might like these pics of a jumping spider found in the kitchen sink here in Montrose, California. These little buggers are awesome.



Reply: This is a jumping spider too.

14 September, 2008:
Glen, I live in southeast Michigan, and found this bad boy (or girl) chilling on the ceiling above my bed. I thought it looked like a hobo spider, but I read that those are large, and this one was about 1/2 inch. I turned it over at one point, and it's belly seemed a golden yellow. Whatever it is, is it dangerous towards an infant? I have a 13.5 lbs 4 month old daughter. thanks, Andi



30 August,  2008:
This picture was taken in Citrus Heights, CA in the backyard. I didn't know which type of spider species it was until searching your website. We have concluded on the photo search that it was a Jumping Spider. Can you please confirm or deny. Also, various websites have conflicting info about the spider venom. Can you tell us if it is deadly venom or just hurts. Sorry to say but this spider was squished by a plastic shovel for fear that it could harm my puppy or daughter. Thank you Ali



24 August,  2008:
Spider pictures


Reply: This is a jumping spider.
22 August,  2008:
Can't get enough of your site, thank you for your time and wisdom ! I've been searching through pictures and websites but can't seem to find this guy anywhere. He is currently in a small protective web in the upper outdoor corner of a window at the Venice Municipal Airport. The web is like a little tent that he hides behind (just a tight woven mesh), the picture is fuzzy and doesn't really capture the distinct coloration and patterns. What is he/she?Thank You

Reply: It is a jumping spider and not dangerous.
10 July, 2008:
Can you please tell me what kind of spider this is and if its dangerous, thank you very much

29 June, 2008:
Hi Glen, Here are some Jumping Spider pictures I took the other day. Jumping Spiders are my favorite spider. In the words of some random Youtube user, "Jumping Spiders are the Teddy Bears of the Spider world." You can use the pictures if you want. --Damy

25 June, 2008:
Hi, I found this spider at work climbing up a tool bench. We work servicing equipment that is shipped from all over the world, so I have no idea what box it might have originated from. It definitely does not look native to our Milton, Vermont facility, though. The body is about ½ inch and the legs are about an inch tip to tip. There is a white trapezoid on the back, orange markings along the sides, and two white stripes on the underside. The palps are concealing a bright metallic green chelicerae. The legs have white bands and the body is covered with short hairs giving it a fuzzy appearance. It is not the fastest spider I’ve come across. Hopefully, you can help me get an id for the spider, as I’ve never seen anything like it in this area. Thanks, Scot

Click for a larger view

16 June, 2008:
Hi Glen, I never let a Jumping Spider slip past my camera lens unphotographed. I have attached four recent pics of Jumping Spiders. I also have added two pictures of a spider that was high-tailing it across the living room wall the other night. I don't know what he was. Feel free to use the pictures if you want. --Damy Four Oaks, NC, US

16 June, 2008:
Hello, my name is Tara. I took a pic of this jumping spider outside of my workplace and wondered if you could ID it? Love your site ;) Feel free to use these pictures as you like. Picture was taken in Bakersfield, CA.

15 June, 2008:

5 June, 2008:

Glen, I live in Orange County CA. I found this little guy hanging around the bumper of my truck. I have never seen anything like this. Can you identify this spider for me. I am sorry about the pictures this guy is very fast so i did not want to put him down. and have to try to catch him again. It looks like it has four eyes on the front and two on the back of it head as well. Thanks, Danny

5 June, 2008:

I live in Iowa and have gotten into the habit of taking pictures of interesting looking spiders with the hopes of being able to identify them at some point. I am sending you two of these pictures. Can you tell me what they are? I am also sending a picture of a third spider that was on my car during the camping trip mentioned above. I'm pretty sure this one is a jumping spider of some kind, but thought it was a decent photo that might be helpful to someone else. I am more than willing to share these photos with anyone who would like to use them. Thank you for any information you are able to provide me. Jodi

10 April, 2008:
Hi Glen, I was outside a few minutes ago and saw this little Jumping Spider sitting on a dry leaf. He was right beside the grass spider Isent pics of. There is no shortage of spiders around here! You can use the pics if you want.


Reply: This one (from 10th april) I'm 99% sure is a "Zebra jumping spider".
Seen before. Very small though vary in stature throughout different countries.
Take care, Bobs :-) x

10 April, 2008:
Hey Glen, i found this really weird spider and i was hoping you could identify it.


2 March, 2008:
Hi Glen, This little bitty Jumper popped out from under my fish container the other day when it was unusually warm. He didn't let me get too many good shots of him. Feel free to use the pictures if you want --Damy


23 February, 2008:
Glen, You have an amazing site.  It is obvious that much work and passion has gone into it.  I spent about 45 minutes looking at pictures and studying colours and patterns on spiders on your site and have yet to find a match for this little guy (or girl more likely).  I am in Tampa, Florida and this one is creating what appears to be a pink coloured egg sack in the door jamb of my Toyota.  Its entire leg spread is just about the size of a quarter, and it appears to have a surface wound on the upper right side of the abdomen.  I will use my better camera for some shots tomorrow, if you would like some higher res. shots.  These were taken with a low quality, beater camera that I keep in the vehicle.  I dare not get too close to this one without knowing anything of it, or risking hurting it, as it may demonstrate protective behaviour with regard to the eggs. Would you please examine these pictures and give me an expert opinion as to what it is to satisfy my curiosity? Many thanks, Steve 


4 February, 2008:
Hi, I have attached some Australian common spider pictures which you may be of interest. These are mostly taken around Perth as the opportunity arose using a simple Canon powerShot A410. The last one is recent and is a jumping spider seconds after wrestling a large fly into submission. Hope you enjoy them. Regards


4 February, 2008:
This little Jumping Spider was sleeping on a leaf the other morning when I turned on the light for my pitcher plant. He slowly unfolded and started crawling around after I started taking pictures.