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Spider Photos - Jewelled Spiders

Here's some photos of Jewelled spiders (Gasterocanthinae). For more information on these spiders, click here. For other types of spiders please select a section:
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Dorias's Spiny Spider 2001 - 2005 2006 - 2015 Other Gasteracantha

13 Mayr, 2015:
Hi, I found this spider in my kitchen garden. Never seen any spider like this. I am from Kerala, India.


12 November, 2014:
Hi, we found a spider today at New Caledonia. As I'm from Europe I have never seen such strange color and shape. Sure you can help me and blame on me if it is the "typical standard spider" you get twice a week. Looking it up it comes closest to Gasteracantha fornicata... If you need a higher resolution just let me know. Thanks and best regards Christian


12 October, 2014:
I saw this spider in my garden that I never sawed like this before


31 October, 2010:
Hi there, Am currently in Bali and taking loads of pics. Attached is what I believe (from your site) a jewelled spider, but great if you can confirm. Feel free to post my pic on your site with reference Vanessa Sharp if you wish. Just think this is an amazing one! Best vanessa

22 July,  2008:
G'day Glen, I found this small spider (about 10-12mm) in my yard and came across your site while trying to identify it. I am presuming it is some kind of Jewel Spider, but I haven't found a picture of one like this anywhere and thought perhaps you could help? I live on a rural property just outside Darwin NT. Please find a photo attached. Regards Brian

Click for a larger view.

29 February, 2007:
Hi, Wondering if you could solve the mystery with the name of this spider.Photos attached. No-one seems to be sure. Found in garden in Central Qld Australia. BRETT

14 January, 2007:
Hi Glen, Great website. I love every bit of it.
Please find attached a photo of a Spiny spider I did in Daintree (QLD, Australia) last year. Keep up the good work.
Vesselin Petkov