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Spider Photos - Jewelled Spiders

Here's some photos of Jewelled spiders (Gasterocanthinae). For more information on these spiders, click here. For other types of spiders please select a section:
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Zoropsis spinimana    


2006 - 2015 2001 - 2005 Other Gasteracantha

(Gasteracantha Doriae)

Not much information exists on this spider. It is also called Doria's Spiny Spider and is found in Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo and the Phillipines.

13 August, 2014:

Hello Glen, Can you help me identify this spider that I saw in the highlands of Malawi, Africa?  Specifically Ntchisi Forest Preserve.  We saw it in early July, 2014.  That's dry season. We saw 2 on the same day, late afternoon, a couple of hours before sunset.  It had a big web, between 2 trees and had some thickening of the strands of the web at regular intervals so it looked like it was made of dashes instead of solid lines.
Thanks very much.  
Oakland, California, USA
14 April, 2013:
Hi Glen, I've continued to search the identity of the spider on Google and the photos I sent you are of a: Yellow Horned Spider (Gasteracantha Doriae) I've also seen it listed as a Doria's Spiny Spider but searches for these generally turn up a similar looking spider but not the same one. All the best, Darren.

Hi Glen, just seen your site and thought I'd drop you a line with a couple of pics of an unusual spider I photographed in the Philippines yesterday. It's black and yellow striped, triangular in shape with two big horns at the back. It was sitting in the middle of it's web and very quickly caught and packed a small fly that flew into it's web while I was photographing it. It was hard to photograph it properly because of it's location right next to a fence. I've looked on Google to no avail and this is how I came across your site. Maybe someone on you site knows what it is. Thanks, Darren.


14 April, 2013:
Hi Glen Came across this spider in our garden is there any way you can identify this Kind Regards Andre and Robyn


14 April, 2013:
Hi, attached are some photo of spider I recently come across, no idea what it is.