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Spider Photos - Huntsman - 2001-2004

Here's some photos sent in by viewers. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.
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Huntsman spiders are not found in the United States any further north than Southern California. They can not survive but in the most tropical of situations which are hot all year round, or in desert scrubland like the Olios giganteus on my website. That is one thing to consider before labelling a spider from the States as a Huntsman. Most are imported, and fewer than 3 species are common enough to be called native to this country, besides some smaller Olios species, which are found in the southwest (not San Francisco, which is in Northern California). While you may in some rare instance find a huntsman up north, it'll die as soon as season changes occur. - Paul Day

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Reply: This is probably a huntsman spider too -  glen

16 November, 2010:
Hi Glen I would like to know the identity of this spider, it was found in Kempton park neer Johannesburg , south Africa , may be you can help. Regards Johann

Reply: This is probably a huntsman spider not a wolf spider -  glen

14 November, 2010:
Hi Glen, Can you ID this spider? I have kids and am worried about what it is. It also looks like it might have a few baby spiders on its back (could be just debree though, hard to tell). Location is Phoenix, Arizona. Found just outside on patio. The body length is probably 3/4 of an inch from tail tip to fangs. The legs are about 1 and 1/2 inch each. When the legs are stretched out the spider measures about 3 inches. From research on the Internet my best guess is a sac-spider or huntsman spider. What do you think? Thanks for your help, Jim.

Reply: This is probably a huntsman spider not a wolf spider -  glen

14 November, 2010:
Hi, I found this spider in Jordan, in an outdoor toilet in the Wadi Rum desert. It was about 10 cm big, legs included. I am arachnophobic but I didn't want it to be harmed so I didn't tell the guide about it and used the bushes instead ;). Quite a beautiful creature really. I checked the field guide and it seems to be a harmless wolf spider. Is that correct? Best wishes, Janine

Reply: This is definitely a huntsman spider-  glen

12 November, 2010:
Hi there, I have another photo for you of the spider in question on post of 21 June 2007 - Sparassidae or Ctenidae. Do you know where Bob took that picture that's on your site (excellent pic, by the way!)? I was recently told of these gigantic spiders on Pitcairn Island that had markings on the carapace that looked like huge eyes staring at you. I've been hunting down more pics on the web to try to better identify what I believe to be a gorgeous Sparassid and was very happy to find your site. I've seen a number of Sparassids in my house with the four front legs stretched out ahead. Have a look at attached pic taken by someone unknown at Pitcairn Castle (another great shot and all credit to whoever took it). I think you'll agree with me that this is a good old fashioned Aussie Huntsman and not the aggressive and venomous Wandering Spider found amongst the Brazilian bananas. Please let me know what you think. Regards, Mariana

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

11 November, 2010:
Hi Glen, We caught this spider just before the rains came in our house and I am busy doing some research on it. My son asked me if we can keep it as a pet but I first want to make sure that it wont kill any one if it escapes or something happens. But now I can decide, after seeing so many pictures on the internet and each website saying something else, if this is a Huntsman spider or a Wolf spider? Could you please assist. Thank you Francois

Click for a closer view.

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

11 November, 2010:
Hi Glen, I am an Indian. My city is Kolkata. Recently I found this spider in a corner of my room in my village home. The house is in sorrounded by greeneries all around. It is carrying egg sack perhaps. Please help me find out the type of this spider Thanks, Shyamaprasad

Click for a closer view.

Reply:   It is a huntsman and not dangerous - glen

12 October, 2010:
Dear Sirs I went to Sri Lanka in March and came across the spider (pics attatched) in the ceiling outside our room. I was alarmed due to its size (about a palm of a hand) and the fact that the local porters seemed quite wary aswell! Since i have been back i have tried in vain to find out what species it is but i just cannot locate it. Would you be able to help me with such a query or possibly point me in the direction of where i can find out? Kind Regards, Emma from the UK

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

11 September, 2010:
he scared the crap outta me when I went to put the new tags on my plate. I didn't want to try killing him, so I "took him for a ride." When i got to my friend's house we wasn't there! YAY! NO...he had crawled up into the hatchback release area -- you know...where I have to stick MY HAND to open the hatch. We tried blasting him with a garden hose and an air compressor but I think that just drove him further into the mechanism or walls of the hatch door. >:o[ I'm not usually too squeamish but this dude freaked me out. Is he harmful? -- ~carlyn

Click for a closer view.

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

11 September, 2010:
What kind of spider is it ??

Click for a closer view.

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

22 August, 2010:
Hi Glen, We live in Florida and have just recently found multiple spiders in our house!!! We found them inside and outside and they are HUGE! They are approximately 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch wide and 11/2 to 2 inches long, leg span probably 4 to 5 inch circumference!! The legs seemed hairy and we didnt noticeable see fangs or eyes.. but then again we didnt pick them up!! Can you please help us, our friend told us the picture looks like a brown recluse and we have spent time online looking and we cant tell one from another!! We have a 5 year old son and if this spider is harmless it would really alleviate my worries. Attached is a picture.. Help please!! Thanks, Heather


Reply: This could be a huntsman spider too -  glen

21 August, 2010:
Glen, Hi! We found this huge spider hiding out in my husbands "new" canoe. He recently bought it from someone that hasn't used it in years. It needed some work and when my husband took the seats out, he found this spider! We live in Bradenton, FL. Love your site!!! Great information. Thanks, Jennifer


Reply: This is a huntsman spider too -  glen

14 August, 2010:
Hi! Can you please identify this spider? I found it on my wall...inside my house...never saw such a big specie here in Greece (her size was 11 cm) Thank you in advance for the try...
 Athens Greece

Click for a larger view

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

19 July, 2010:
Hi, I know you must get a ton of emails like this so I apologise for yet another. I found this on the underside of our house eve, the evening after we had just had a new roof put on our house. It was extremely still and didn't move at all for at least an hour. From the pics I see on your website ( which is the best I have found so far ) I think it's either a Running Crab Spider or a Huntsman Spider. I could be wrong on both counts but would appreciate any help you could give. Please feel free to use the photo as you wish. Hopefully you can use it on your website for other visitors. Many Thanks. Keith

Click for a larger view


More from Kim: Thank you so much for your prompt response!  After I emailed you I screwed up my courage and took a few more photos;  lo and behold, there ARE babies emerging from the egg sac.  What I took to be dark markings were actually holes in the egg sac through which you can see the bodies of the babies.  I've never seen anything like this before.  

Reply: This is a huntsman spider -  glen

25 June, 2010:
Can you tell whether this is a wolf spider, a nursery web spider, or something else? I have waged a long and valiant war against my unreasoning fear of spiders, and I want to transfer this mama and her babies to a somewhat safer location (my cat is intensely interested in her and will swat her if she gets a chance, and while I am managing my fear, coming upon this magnificent being unexpectedly will cause me to have a stroke). If it helps, the egg sac is not round at all but very flattened with some dark markings on it. And are those babies starting to emerge? Thanks for your help!


Another Reply: This looks like a golden huntsman, olios fasciculatus. -Brian

Reply: Could be some sort of huntsman but I'm not sure - glen
22 June, 2010:
Hi there, I found this spider in my arm while on a river trip on the San Juan in Utah. I put coffee mug next to it for size comparison. I believe it may have come off a tree where I had hung my clothes the evening before. It didn't seem aggressive but was rather large. I have been looking on the web ;) for a picture of it but can't seem to find one. Thank you for your help,

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

22 June, 2010:
Can you please help identify this spider? Thanks!

Reply: I don't think this is a wolf spider, the eye pattern is wrong. I think it is a huntsman - glen

10 June, 2010:
Hi Glen, I love your website. I live on Paros Island, Greece. I thought you might like these photos of our new furry friend who visits most nights. He/she is about 8cm long/wide (tip to toe). I think it’s a wolf spider. Is it true that they eat cockroaches? If so, I’m thinking of starting a breeding program… You have my permission to do whatever you like with the photos. I’m not a photographer and really struggled to find the best setting to get a close up shot. These images have been ‘photoshopped’ to reduce the physical file size. I have the originals if you want them. Kind regards, Alex

10 June, 2010:
Hi Glen, I found this spider floating in my swimming pool, a neighbour said that it is a Brown Widow Spider but I am not sure if it is or not can you help identify it please. Kind Regards, Rick Dallas. Avgorou Cyprus.

Reply: This is a huntsman spider. Click for a closeup-  glen

24 April, 2010:
Hello Glen, I've browsed through your Spiderzrule website & decided to contact you about this spider I discovered in my bathroom. I live in Baguio City, the capital of Benguet Province in the Philippines. Baguio is located up in the mountains & has a cool climate. I keep seeing large spiders with Mercedes Benz logos on their back. It's about the size of my hand. Last October 2009 I took a photo of one of them. Tonight, while I was taking a shower I saw another one. I'm not sure if it's the same spider, as I have no idea how long they live. What is their lifespan? Someone said it's a Brown Huntsman Spider & directed me to a Wikipedia link. You seem like an expert on these things so I wonder if you can help me identify them & tell me if they are venomous. The first photograph was the one I took Oct. 2009, the 2nd one I shot tonight. Thanks for your help. Byron

Reply: This is a huntsman spider-  glen

5 April, 2010:
Lake Worth, FL: I've been finding a few of these around the house, and I can't find any photos of these on the internet. So I figured you could help out. Richard

Reply: This is a huntsman spider, harmless and quite common in Australia -  glen

23 February, 2010:
This spider was in security at Sydney airport. It almost ran over someone’s foot and then a security guard stepped on it twice to stop it from continuing on. Can you tell me what kind of spider it is? Thanks for your help. Jason

Reply: You are correct. this is a huntsman spider. The brown markings on the cephalothorax identify it for me -  glen

23 February, 2010:
My guess is that it is a "Brown Huntsman" spider. Though many in Guam said that big brown spiders are wolf spiders. How can you tell the two apart? I thought the wolf spider's legs looked shorter. But maybe it is just the pattern on the back that helps to identify them? This is the picture I saw from your 2007 unidentified spiders and attached is the picture of one I took in Guam. Robert

Reply: I'm pretty sure its a huntsman but not certain - glen

23 February, 2010:
We live in Southern California and my neighbour found this spider in his back yard. Please let me know if you can ID it from the pictures provided. It is alive and we are feeding it crickets. Thanks, Bryan

Reply: This is a female huntsman and she is guarding her egg sac -  glen

3 January, 2010:
This Guy Was in my patio sun umbrella we were in 150klm north of Cabo San lucas in Baja Mexico he is apx 2-2-1/2 in any info would help Thank you Robert