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Spider Photos - Huntsman - 2007-2008

Here's some photos sent in by viewers.  All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.

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Huntsman spiders are not found in the United States any further north than Southern California. They can not survive but in the most tropical of situations which are hot all year round, or in desert scrubland like the Olios giganteus on my website. That is one thing to consider before labelling a spider from the states as a Huntsman. Most are imported, and fewer than 3 species are common enough to be called native to this country, besides some smaller Olios species, which are found in the southwest (not San Francisco, which is in Northern California). While you may in some rare instance find a huntsman up north, it'll die as soon as season changes occur. - Paul Day

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Reply: This is just a large huntsman, they aren't dangerous and live in people's homes eating all the insects that would otherwise bother you. They stay up high usually and don't bother people so just ignore them!!

15 September, 2008:

Hi I have had a problem with a spider in my home. The photos I am sending in this email is of the one found today inside our home, this is the 5th one that we have seen and killed. I am very scared of spiders and this has become a huge problem now since this is the 5th time and I am scared there are many more inside our home that I haven't seen yet. Please tell me what kind of spider this is , it is very big , and can move fast. Tammy


7 September, 2008:
Hi Glen Enjoyed the site, found you totally by mistake backtracking some links to my blog. But now I found you, I thought you might be interested in these: The three spiders seem the same to me. A type of huntsman, from looking at the pics on your sight. Correct? Spoider maha was a big boy we found at the Emirates Al Maha desert resort, deep in the UAE desert. Spoider was found in a Sri Lankan bathroom! He was happily eating quite a large winged insect and we gave him a pretty wide berth. Spoider Shj Desert was on a camping trip in the same broad area of the UAE’s desert as Al Maha. Same type of thingy? And then a camel spider, which are quite common here. This was quite a small one, but you have to be sooo fast to catch ‘em on camera – this is the best shot I’ve managed so far! Hope they’re interesting – and wonder if you could confirm the huntsman guess?!! Cheers! Alexander


4 September, 2008:
Hey I found this bad mofo in my garage (I live in central FL). I believe it's a male southern house spider but all the pictures I've seen of them they look so flimsy. I know there's a smaller female southern house spider a few feet away on the ceiling as I see her every day but this guy is a nomad. Thanks, Matt

18 August, 2008:
Hey Glen! I wanted to thank you for your response. I tried desperately to take a photo of my pet but couldn't snap a decent photo, I was, however, able to find a couple of pictures of the spider In question on your website of all places! The photos marked 'spidey' are of my arachnid in question. Also I included a couple photos of a Grey Huntsman I found in Queensland Australia [about 40km from Brisbane]. She's a fascinating spider, the biggest I've ever seen that didn't have a sheet of glass between us. You can get some idea of her size with the green tree frog next to her. I didn't know if you'd be interested in these photos or not. If you have any idea what that other little one is and how long her spiderlings might take to emerge I would greatly appreciate it! oh, and I LOVE THE SITE! Thank you, Jason  

29 June, 2008:
My friend is in Greece studying abroad and this is a spider she found in her house. I can't tell how big it is from the photograph, but it looks like it is really big. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much! Hannah

29 June, 2008:
Hi , I really hope you can help identify the spider in the attached photo. Does it bite??? Is it dangerous??? Poisonous??? ETC..... This is the second one that has entered my house. I am soooooooo afraid of them. They are beautiful to watch OUTSIDE!!!! The first one was about 4-5 inches in diameter, I could be off as I was running away, the second was definitely 3-4 inches in diameter as I had to watch where it was going as it was in my kids room and I didn't want it to go in one of their beds or clothes closet. I was worried it might be poisonous and they are little. the picture is of one that is on my neighbors lamppost. We live in Central East coastal Florida. Any information would be greatly appreciated. We looked on web but couldn't pinpoint this species. Then we came across your great site but not matching it to anything. Sherry

25  June, 2008:
I have looked at photos on your website til i am completely creeped out =) this beauty was chillin' on my sliding glass door. there were two of them, one a little under 2 inches, the other (the one in the photo) about 2 3/8". it wouldn't be that big of a deal, as they stayed outside. but one seemingly crawled in from the AC vent and was hanging out on the ceiling, over the couch, while my 72 yr old mom and i were watching TV. she glanced up and very quickly got up. i haven't seen her move that fast in a couple years. he was safely removed to the outdoors ( i really hate to kill them), so all is well, but iwould reall like to know what it is. i can't see the eyes i don't think. i have an under and over photo, so i will send you both. any info is GREATLY appreciated. i am located in redding ca 96001

13 June, 2008:
Hi Glen, I live in New Orleans (what's left of it). I think the attached photos show a Brazilian wandering spider lurking in my destroyed kitchen. Is that correct? Or maybe it's just a lawyer, I can't tell the difference. I don't normally kill pests, but I wonder whether I should I try to remove it. Thanks, Eric P.S. If you think it is a lawyer, please let me know and I will call an exterminator for sure.

9 June, 2008:
hi glen, we have killed a spider that looks exactly like this photo on your website to a tee. it is on the huntsman spider page and says, (can you identify this spider). Have you found out anything about this? we are in ormond beach florida 9 mile above daytona beach florida. this spider is very very fast and seems to stay on the walls close to the corners of the cieling and can fit in very small spaces for there size also. We have seen him out and about day and night both in the house. Please help if you can tell me moer? Thank you and please reply, Pete

9 June, 2008:
I live in Georgia and these things scare me to death. I guess they are all over the house but the ones I care about are the two I happened to see running on my bed, the one that had crawled under the sheet and was on my thigh and the one that had set up housekeeping at the foot of my bed when I lifted the sheet to change the linens. I looked at all the Wolf spiders but the heads didn't seem to have exactly the same marking (the round bit) but I guessed that's what it was until I happened to see the Huntsman. (I'm away from the site and have forgotten the names). Things bite me all the time while I'm sleeping and something got my earlobe last night. If a Huntsman ran over my face I would never sleep again. I guess this is the way you answer all those letters w/ pictures. My guy is obviously dead (I thought it was a roach running across the floor and gave it a shot of Raid and found this fellow nearby in the morning.). I have been wondering for a long time what that long legged nightmare was and I'd appreciate a definitive answer - not that I'll sleep better. Just tell me I won't die if it bites me! Thanks, Alicia

30 May, 2008:
Can you identify this spider?

26 May, 2008:
Hi Glen... I saw this spider in my hotel room in South Africa when I stepped out of the shower. Gave me quite a scare! Its body was about 4 inches long, and leg tip to leg tip it must have been a good 10 or 11 inches long. I showed the picture to my two guides. One said it was a wolf spider, the other said it was a fishing spider. Is one of them right, or are they both off? -James

26 May, 2008:
Hi Glen... What a fabulous website you have! :) I'm hoping you'll have a minute to take a peek at the attached photo. I'm being told they are Brown Recluse and I think they're Huntsman (more than anything because of the size). They are surprisingly fast, and can seriously flatten out to slip between the door and the frame. It looks very similar to a few of the photos in your Huntsman section, but not quite (I'm amazed at how they can vary so drastically). Sorry about the file size, I didn't want to crop it and lose what clarity there is. Any info you can provide on it would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks so much... Kimberly

17 May, 2008:
Hi Had this spider making the rounds of the house for a few days. Thought it was a huntsman, as we get heaps of them visiting but seemed to be very big bodied and a bit different in the colours than we normally get? Just finished releasing it back to a better place (in the garden). Are we right is it a huntsman? Thanks Tammy PS you have a terrific website one to be very proud of!!!!

16 May, 2008:
This was a baby huntsman who came for a visit at my computer.

10 May, 2008:
I also seen this big fellow in my backyard! Creepy! John..

5 May, 2008:
Glen, We found this little beauty walking down the hallway this morning (we live in Phoenix, AZ). Any idea what this is? Thanks for the great website. Mike

28 April, 2008:
I know you might get sick of this but I have looked at hundreds of photos and can not find a name for this spider. Looks like a wolf spider but not quite. can you help. I think my 8 mo old daughter was bitten by this and I would like to find out as much as I can. Thank you for your help. picture attached.


2 April, 2008:
Hi Glen, We live in Bermuda and there are lots of spiders around, but they don't bother us and we don't bother them. However this one is sort of scary looking and it has been hanging out on our wall the whole day. Since we have a toddler I would just like to know if this one is particularly dangerous. If you can't ID it please let me know where I can send the pic. Thanks and regards Roberta
Click for a larger view. 

2 March, 2008:
Hi Glen, We live in Bermuda and there are lots of spiders around, but they don't bother us and we don't bother them. However this one is sort of scary looking and it has been hanging out on our wall the whole day. Since we have a toddler I would just like to know if this one is particularly dangerous. If you can't ID it please let me know where I can send the pic. Thanks and regards Roberta

1 March, 2008:
These pics that I'm attaching with this one are of a Crab Spider that was on the ceiling in my bedroom a while back. I photograph every spider I see now. I carry my camera with me everywhere in my belt pouch. Feel free to use any pictures I send --Damy


29 February, 2008:
Hello Glen,
I found this large spider on the wall of my home in Trinidad. Can you identify the species?
Thanks. Michael


4 February, 2008:
We were travelling in South Africa this month and came across this guy in the house. I am not familiar with spiders in South Africa but one guess might be from the Huntsman group, any ideas?


21 January, 2008:
Do you know what this is?


16 December, 2007:
Dear Glen, I just found this site while looking for photos of spider webs. Spiders are one of my most favourite creatures, I think they are amazing. I have Huntsman living in my home during the summer and beautiful Orbs spinning their webs outside my back door.
Here are a couple of recent photos I have taken of a Huntsman on my light switch and a lovely Golden Orb.
Thank you for this great site, Cathy, from South Australia.


25 November, 2007:
Hi glen, Just wondering if you can identify this spider for me, I came across it in the jungle in northern Thailand, went to go to the toilet in a shabby outhouse, turned on my torch and here was this little fellow right in front of me…..scary! Thanks, Colin

Reply: This is probably Heteropoda venatoria.
24 November, 2007:
Hi! I know that you get a lot of mails asking for assistance, I'd like to join the queue! I am the education officer at a Wildlife Park in Somerset, England. We recently had a spider brought to the Park that had stowed away in a shipment container believed to have come from Asia. Our initial guess was a member of the huntsman family but would appreciate any thoughts you may have. The little fella is currently living in a cage in the education office, much to my colleagues distress. In order to convince her that it won't eat her, your help is much appreciated. Feel free to use the pictures in any way, one is quite good, the other is just to show scale. Thanks in advance, Andy, Education officer, Cricket St Thomas Wildlife Park

Click for a larger view.

4 November, 2007:
Was tidying up in the garden and found this bugger tucked in at top of recliner chair - he was quite big, I don't think the ruler shows it best cos he was all scrunched up (but they always look big to me anyway!!) He was about hand sized in this pic. I persuaded him to jump off the chair (not onto me) and run into the garden bed. Rob

Click for a larger view.

29 October, 2007:
Dear Glen, attached are some photos of a large light brown spider with black spiky hairs on the upper parts of its legs. its main body is 1 inch long but its leg spread is more then 3 inches long it has 8 eyes and eagerly hunted down the cricket I gave it and drank water so what we here at the shop would like to know is what kind of spider is it and is it dangerous, oh the container was from Singapore.

30 September, 2007:
I'll send them on. Also, if you would like these pictures, please feel free to do with them as you please. There are three that I photographed while in the Phils and one while in Japan.  christopher

Click for a larger view.

30 September, 2007:

Click for a larger view.

13 September, 2007:
Hi, my name is Esteban Soler, i am from Argentina, i usually go climbing in the sierras near the town i live, Mar del Plata, about two weekends ago, i found a kinda big spider, about the size of my hand, i am sending you a pic i managed to take, this was the first time i saw a spider like this, so i am curious to know which one is it.  some one pointed me to the Huntsman Spider - Heteropoda venatoria in your site, so i am asking you
-- Esteban

2 September, 2007:
I clicked this photo after sweeping this big guy out of my friend's gallery off Jackson Square in New Orleans, with a Sharpie marker next to it for size. The photo was taken about a week ago. It did NOT want to leave the air conditioning. The thing flattened out like a pancake when still and then hopped up when it walked, and with the legs was about 3 inches across when laying flat. I have never seen a spider like this here, but it looks a bit like the pictures you have...
Thanks for any help, Laura

19 August, 2007:

Hi Glen, maybe you have an idea about the name of this spider? We saw it in Thailand. Greetings Manfred


24 July, 2007:
I was surprised to find this one today, so I snapped some pictures and came across this site, while trying to determine if this was in the recluse family or not. As you can see, this girl was a monster, and yes baby spiders rushed out of the box like ants when I tried to move it outside. Good Times!


20 July, 2007:
This spider was crawling on the wall of our central Florida apartment. We first thought that it was a huge moth. I didn't know if you know what kind of spider it is or could be? I would greatly appreciate it. I have a small dog and I want to make sure that it is not a danger to her. Thank you

30 June, 2007:
I first want to say that I think your site is great!! Thanks for putting something like it out on the web for us. I have attached a photo of a spider in my kitchen. I live in Melbourne Florida which in on the east coast and there is a canal about 25 feet from the front door. The distance between the tip of his/her front legs and back is about 4 inches. However the body is much smaller. When I first looked online I found very similar pictures of a spider called a fishing spider. After I really compared them though I notice some big differences. Such as the marking on the abdomen, my spider’s abdomen is also smaller than those of the fishing spiders I saw and lastly my spider has these series of two dots that appear going down each of its legs (I looks like a single hair comes out of each dot). Someone mentioned it being a wolf spider but it is not really hairy and again the abdomen is quite small compared to the wolf spiders I have seen. I do not have a clear picture of its eyes and it seems from reading that that information can really help in figuring out what species these creatures are. Again thank you for the site and any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Percepta

30 May, 2007:
I live in southwest, Florida with undeveloped lots all around. I am constantly getting inundated with critters...especially these spiders. They hang out motionless on a wall in a closet or behind a door during the day, but are very active at night roaming all over the house. I couldn't find a picture on your site (or anywhere) that quite matched them. Could you identify it? The body is a little smaller than a quarter while the legs pretty much fill a man's hand. They are very beautiful. Thanks! Deb Thompson

Thanx, Stephanie

2 May, 2007:
Can you tell me what kind of a spider I have in my camper. The picture I am attaching is the one that got away. But I move two bags and two more went up the wall and I can't locate them.
Thank you
Catherine Lindsay

27 April, 2007:
I cought this spider in the tub and let him go outside. It scared the heck out of my girlfriend. While I was outside one of the neighbors saw it and said she finds them in her house all the time. I searched the net and think its a Fisher or a Wolf spider, but couldn't find this exact markings. Would you mind telling me what it was, and was it dangerous? I didn't handle it, but it would be good to know. Found in the Bywater area of New Orleans LA -Shane

27 April, 2007:
Hi; I found this large beauty in a woodpile, and had never seen its kind on our property before. Its legs span about 2¾-inches, body is about 1-inch long and ½-inch in diameter. It has a black face, spots along the center of its back, and is tan in color. We live in norther California (just north of Sacramento ). I believe it to be a female golden Huntsman, but am not positive. We have many wolf spiders here, and I am familiar with them. Can you verify this spider? Thanks.
Browns Valley , Ca

21 April, 2007:


19 February, 2007:

15 February, 2007:
Hi, Great site, although all those pictures of huntsmen began to make my skin crawl!
I am keen to find out what kind of huntsman found its way onto my window. The attached photo is of its belly. You will notice the red and white on its belly and almost yellow on the joins of his legs. It has been suggested that it is a Badge Huntsman but the photos I have seen of those have the spider as a dark grey where as this one is definitely brown.
Do you have any clues or know anyone that might? My spider books can’t help me.
Thanks Kind regards, Marilynne

14 January, 2007:
G'day Glen......have just moved to Wisemans Ferry; they're all over the joint.