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Spider Photos - Huntsman - 2006

Here's some photos sent in by viewers.  All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.
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Huntsman spiders are not found in the United States any further north than Southern California. They can not survive but in the most tropical of situations which are hot all year round, or in desert scrubland like the Olios giganteus on my website. That is one thing to consider before labelling a spider from the states as a Huntsman. Most are imported, and fewer than 3 species are common enough to be called native to this country, besides some smaller Olios species, which are found in the southwest (not San Francisco, which is in Northern California). While you may in some rare instance find a huntsman up north, it'll die as soon as season changes occur. - Paul Day

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4 December, 2006:
these are some of te hunstmen that have visited me in Inverloch, Southern Victoria over the last couple of weeks. the one next to the pen is a shedded skin that i found and use to scare visitors by placing it on their pillow, etc. The other night in my mum's room i found 214 baby hunstmen, about the size of your fingernail, which i sucked up with a vaccum cleaner and released on the foreshore. I'm not looking forward to this summer's breeding
season! Cheers Brooke

22 October, 2006:
Please identify this spider I found in my bedroom yesterday. It's about 6 inches wide overall. Is it dangerous? I live in South China. Thanks, Karen
Click for a larger view.

Reply: It is a male huntsman, as you can tell from the enlarged ends on its pedipalps.
8 October
, 2006:
What kind of spider is this? I think it might be a huntsman spider, not  really sure. Has different markings than the ones you have on your web  site. This one I found in my bathroom on the wall. It seemed a bit under  nourished compared to other pictures I have seen.

8 October, 2006:
Good afternoon, Glen! First, I want to thank you for your valuable and informative website. I had always been afraid (or maybe leery is a better word) about spiders growing up. Over the last 10 years, this fear grew until I got to the point of being petrified to even see one from a huge distance. Thanks to your website, I have been able to somewhat overcome that fear. Now when I find a spider I am not familiar with, I go to your website and look it up. When we bought a house in Port Saint Lucie, Florida I found myself on your website a lot because there are spiders EVERYWHERE. Most of the spiders on our property are the jumping variety but we do have the occasional black and brown widows who for some reason like our screened patio. But the one I really have a question about is in the three pictures attached. We saw this guy in our storage shed before Hurricane Wilma in 2005. After the storm (storage shed was history) we found him hanging on for dear life (minus a couple of legs) on the outside screen of our patio. Even with my fear, he fascinated me and most of my neighbors. The pictures are zoomed in but by no means was he a small guy. I thought he looked a lot like a Huntsman. Can you help me ID him? I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.  Sandy

21 September, 2006:
Hi I just came across your website - What is this spider - is it a  huntsman? I found out it is a badge huntsman.   Regards Aletta


Reply: Looks more like Isopeda vasta as holconia immanis has a brown stripe down its back!!
31 July
, 2006:
hi can you please ID my spiders? i bought them as holconia immanis, but
i'm not so sure about that.

17 July, 2006:
I just stumbled on your website which looks very informative. Please help in identifying this spider, who I photoed this morning. I live in Phoenix Arizona and for the first time see a spider so big. Sorry for the not ideal pfoto:-) Thank you, Ivo

13 July, 2006:
This little guy tried to break in to my house by running in when I opened my front door. I was hoping you would ID it. Thanks, Brian Mesa , AZ

28 May, 2006:
Here's a spider that I thought when I saw him on the bathroom floor 'pre-shower', was but a shell of a spider. When I got out, he was on the wall!  His size is aprox. 1cm Steve

Click for a larger view.

Reply: This is definitely a huntsman.

21 May, 2006:
Hi Glenda, nice webpage. I found this spider inside our house were we live in Northern Mexico (Monterrey). From your webpage I believe its a Huntsman, however the spiders that look like this were not verified whether they where huntsmans or not. He was about 4 inches in size, very scary but we didnt want to kill him, so we chase him out of the house, he want to get back inside, I guess he liked us, but we chase him out again. Poor fellow. Beatriz Gomez Anzaldua

Reply: This is definitely a huntsman.

12 May, 2006:
I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I live in Houston , Texas but I have never seen anything like this before. For size, the distance from tip of leg to tip of leg is about 5 to 6 inches. Thank you, Randy Nonhof

Reply: This is not a wolf spider, it's a huntsman.

12 May, 2006:
Here is a wolf spider i saw today running around my kitchen in florida.

20 March, 2006:
Hi Glen, Could you please tell me what kind of Spider this is? I found him clinging to my pool cage this morning in Cape Coral, Florida. He scared the heck out of my wife and kids! Thanks, Glenn E. from Cape Coral

20 March, 2006:
Hello Glen, Here's another cute hunstman I've found. This one likes to stay
underneath my BBQ. Dimitrije


3 February, 2006:
Hey, I live in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and I came across your site while trying to figure out what species of spider it is that has been crawling around my homes for the better part of 5 years now. I'm generally unaffected by spiders, but for some reason this one gives me the creeps. Can you help please? Thanks for your time. I'm attaching a couple pictures that I took of the spider. There is no size reference, but the spider was a little bigger than my palm, leg length included.

Reply: This is a Banded Huntsman.
20 February
, 2006:
Hi Glen, Having come to Australia from the UK almost 3 years ago I am quite fascinated by the spiders here and wonder if you could answer a question for me. I have looked at your site (which is excellent) and also a few others and the information I have is that Huntsman spiders can grow to around 15mm in body length. I recently had the pleasure of coming across two, one of which measured 50mm in body length and the other just over 30mm. The leg span of the larger one was almost the size of my hand. Both were around the same property although not together and both were a different colouration to the normal buff colour. I seem to remember seeing the term "Banded Huntsman" somewhere - is this just another variation. I managed to get a photo of the smaller one which I attach for your interest and hopefully you'll be able to tell me a bit more about it. It would have been great to have held the ruler against it while photographing it but having only one pair of hands, the torch in one, camera in the other it was impossible. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Rosemary

Reply: This is a Banded Huntsman and quite common in Australia.
20 February
, 2006:
Hi Glen, I found this spider in my weekender in Toodyay Western Australia. It lived amongst some pieces of timber, and I also found many dried out bodies of the same type of spider. the shells looked almost like discarded skins not unlike snake skins. If you can identify what type of spider this is I would appreciate your reply. Thanks for an interesting web page. Ulf Maass


3 February, 2006:
Hi!I thought you might be interested of these photos of a huntsman found from
the sealing of our living room. I live in Adelaide South Australia. This one
wasn't very big, only about 5cm across. Sami
Click for a larger view.

24 January, 2006:
Hello! During my recent visit in India I found quite big spider in my backpack. It was in guest house room in Manali, Himachal Pradesh, Northern India. Hotel boy removed it without any fear and said that spider is harmless. But I'm very curious about it ID. Best Regards and Thanx in Advance Maciej Wojtkowiak


24 January, 2006:
Hi, i live in launceston, Tasmania. This morning i was going to do my normal thing of sitting on my back porch to have my morning wake up coffee ,went to sit down and seen this spider on the step, dont know what it is ,was wondering if you could tell me, have been looking on net all morning and cant seem to find it. Hope the pics are clear enough he is orange in colour with white spots on his legs, also where his eyes are he has 2 white spots and underneath him, he has big fangs too. His legs span is approx 7cm and body length 2cm,Thanks Sharon


23 January, 2006:
Greetings! I am writing after looking over your web site several times in reference to the Huntsman spiders. I live in Thailand (Central Ayutthaya) and have found these 2 very large spiders in my house.  The thin one with the markings on the legs was found in the living room area about a year ago, The other more beefy looking one was found last night in the bedroom hiding under the desk. Both moved very quickly, but must have been in a good mood because they did not show any forms of aggression. Looking at your pics, and reading the descriptions of them, I see that these 2 look like the ones you have here. Just to make sure, could you look at these and let me know what you think. If you need any other pics of them, let me know I have a few of them, as they both were so nice to allow me to have a photo session with them, just before I released them in the shed outback of my house that I never use. I gave it to the spiders.  Thanks, Ed White


Reply: No they are not life threatening.

2 January, 2006:
I found this spider in my bedroom in Melbourne, VIC. I checked your website, but am not sure whether it is a member of the huntsman/wolf spiders. Are they dangerous (i.e., life threatening). Can you please let me know. Thank you, Raj


Reply: This is definitely a Huntsman and quite common inside houses and toilets!!

2 January, 2006:
Glen, My brother is currently travelling along the east coast of Australia. He  was using a portable toilet when he spied this fella on the toilet paper  container. Can you identify it? Huntsman maybe? thanks!