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Spider Photos - Southern House Spiders

The Southern House Spider, Kukulcania (Filistata) hibernalis Hentz, is a conspicuous arachnid  due to its relatively large size and distinctive flat, tangled web. It is common throughout Florida and much of the southern United States in human populated areas. Females are rarely seen and don't venture far from their web. The females are dark brown or black and more compact. Both sexes may grow to be roughly two inches across (legs extended), with the males typically having longer legs, and the females often having larger, bulbous bodies. The abdomen of the southern house spider is covered with fine velvety light grey hair. Males of this species are often mistaken for the notorious Brown Recluse Spider, Loxosceles reclusa because of their colour and general shape. Males wander in search of a mate and will crawl over anything not because they are aggressive but because they are nearly blind! Southern House Spiders are not known to have a dangerous bite. However, two reported bite cases caused the victims pain and swelling for a few days.  Here's some photos sent in by viewers.
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Southern House spider Female

Southern House spider Male


25 May, 2016:
What is this?

15 May, 2016:
This guy scurried across my cold, tiled bathroom floor, straight to the warm underwears I had just thrown off. I think it's a Brown Recluse. My mother-in-law and ten year old, disagreed. Who is this??? Very many thanks!!! Jake.

15 October, 2015:
Hello! Found this beauty in Northern California

3 June, 2015:
Can you help me identify this, please? We found it this morning in a bathroom sink, unable to climb out. That's the sink drain at the bottom of the picture, for scale. I'd estimate leg span at its longest to be about two inches or slightly longer. Based on the eye configuration, orb weaver family? My husband thought brown recluse, but I think it's too big to be, and the body too slender. We live in southern Georgia, on one of the coastal islands. Thank you!I

25 March, 2015:
Is this venomous? Tried finding it on the web but couldn't find another pic quite like this one to be able to learn about the spider. I live in Desert Hot Springs, Ca

30 January, 2015:
hey there. i work at a coffee roastery in south carolina, usa. i found this spider in one of our containers holding green coffee from nicaragua. not sure if this is from usa or nicaragua. help!

30 January, 2015:
Can't figure out what this spider is and if it is dangerous. Please identify.


Reply: This one is a male southern house spider  and often mistaken for a brown recluse - glen

15 August, 2014:
Hey man I found this today In charleston sc. You think it's a recluse? Thanks

Reply: Not this is not a brown recluse but is often mistaken for one, it's a male southern house spider- glen

10 July, 2014:
Is this a brown recluse?


Reply: This one is a male southern house spider - glen

6 May, 2014:
Found it on my wall. Also something bit me a couple days ago but not sure when or what it was. The spider body is about 5/8th inch long and with legs just about 1.75 inches wide. We live in the santa cruz mountains in california.


Reply: This one is a male southern house spider - glen

6 May, 2014:
This was crawling on our ceiling tonight. It's approximately the size of a half dollar, maybe a little larger.


Reply: This one is a male southern house spider - glen

6 May, 2014:
Attached are some more pics. The first 2 spiders are the ones I find all the inside and out side of my house. I have pics of other spiders that look like those if you need more. I just thought those 2 pics should more markings. These ones have not real thick webs or well structured webs. They are just more like random stands of web hanging from perch to perch. The last 2 pics attached are ones I find every now and then. Mainly around my doors, both inside and out, and in my car. Their webs are also not that well structured. They kinda just string from random perches with no main center. Let me know what you think! Thanks again! Thanks, Austin

4 April, 2014:
Hi Glen, I just recently moved to Allenhurst Georgia, it's about 10 minutes from Fort Stewart where my husband is stationed. I'm originally from south Texas, born and raised and have never had close encounters with spiders. My husband and I have only been married for approximately 3 months and are renting a small mobile home, well today while cleaning I took a laundry basket my husband found a HUGE spider, just crawling through the clothes, clothes that I had been handling and folding. I have no idea what kind of spider it is and I'm very afraid that it may be a brown recluse because I've heard so many stories of bites and flesh eating venom. I realize it's my inexperience on the subject that causes my fear but I really need to know that it's not a terribly poisonous spider so I can stop begging my husband to rent a hotel room because I refuse to sleep in our bedroom. I attached a picture, my husband out it in a cup with water. Thanks in advance for any help on the subject!!

Click for a larger view.

4 April, 2014:
This was in my coworker office. What kind of spider is this? Thank you Trisha

Click for a larger view.

16 November, 2013 :
I have found spiders like this in my home before. I have been trying to identify it on my own, but have had no luck so far. It was climbing across the wall in my bedroom. It seems to be a good climber. It is also rather quick. I live in the High Desert region of San Bernardino County, California, US. My backyard is literally the open desert, so I am used to bugs, spiders, scorpions, and other creepy crawlies finding their way inside the house. I would like this identified so I can find out if it is poisonous or dangerous to my children. It's body length is about 1/2 inch. It's legs are each about 1 inch long, giving it a leg span of about 2 inches. Thank you for any help you can give me.

8 September, 2013 :
Was just wondering if you could tell me who this guy is...tried to classify couldn't find any exact matches...thank you

4 August, 2013 :
Hi Glen Would you please identify this spider for me? We live in Charleston, SC, and it was crawling along our kitchen floor. I put a quarter in the bowl for size comparison. Thank you, Holly

4 August, 2013 :
Hi, My name is Scott and I live in a hundred year old house in Atlanta, GA. I find these spiders crawling around all the time and I can't find anyone who can identify them. I don't think they are brown recluses but I want to be sure in case they are venomous (I have a sever insect venom allergy). I've attached two pictures. Any info would be great. Thanks! Scott

4 August, 2013 :
Hi glen got another one I believe it is the same thing from the other pic (Southern House Spider) but it might not be so I figured I would ask you to be sure! Thank you- Veda

16 June, 2013:
Possible male, Rose

Reply: It looks like a male southern house spider - glen!!

14 April, 2013:
Hi Glen, Thank you for your amazing web site. My wife spotted this spider on our living room wall this morning and just about had a cow. I was able to place it in a coffee can and give it some rubbing alcohol to drink. Can you tell what type of spider this is ? I think it is a Brown Recluse. Can you help me please ? I will be happy to send photos comparing the size to a US Quarter. Thank you Ron

Reply: It looks like a male southern house spider - glen!!

14 April, 2013:
Identify spider w photo

Reply: Yes it is a male southern house spider - glen!!

22 July, 2012:
Please tell me the attached photo is a southern house spider and not a brown recluse? Ashley


Reply: This is a male southern house spider - glen

21 July, 2012:
Hi Glen, Thanks for your reply to my last e-mail from May! Since then we've trapped several more Deserta around and under the house. Today I found this one in the laundry room but I'm not sure it's Loxoceles as it has hairy legs and is different in color, but it was about the same size (quarter diameter including legs) We are hoping that the infestation was related to mating activities and not that they found the inside of our house too appealing! Let me know what you think.... Thanks, Ron from the Tehachapi Mountains of Southern California (P.S. feel free to use any photos I send you)


Reply: This is a male southern house spider - glen

26 August, 2011:
Thank you for identifying the first spider for me. I was wondering since I have a couple old pictures of two other spiders I've found, if you could also identify them? I'm sorry the picture quality isn't the best, especially on the second one. The pictures were taken years ago. Please and Thank you. C: -Spider Finder.

Reply: No this is a male southern house spider - glen

1 August, 2011:
Central Florida Length of body is 1/2" I was thinking recluse or Hobo, but the palpi didn't look quite right, the markings don't look quite right and neither had the indentation just back of the eyes (at least, not in any pictures I've seen.) Any clues? thanks. Kurt

Reply: This is a male southern house spider  - glen

11 July, 2011:
Hey, can you help me by trying to identify the spider in the photos. Also if you know how to treat my house to get rid of them I would greatly appreciate it. At times I find 4 -5 of these spiders a day in my house. Mainly in the bathroom (this one was in the tub), kitchen or living room on the ceiling above windows. Do you know what kind of spider it is and how I can get rid of them? forever? I live in a wood frame house and about 200 yard away is a slightly swampy area if that helps. NW Florida. Thanks, Sally

Reply: This is a male southern house spider  - glen

19 May 2011:
Help! I found this spider in my bathtub in Georgia (USA). Any idea what on Earth this is???? Thank you, Ryan


Reply: This is more likely to be a male southern house spider- glen

13 March, 2011:
Hi Glen - I just found this guy scrambling away when I was raking up some leaves near my house. It looks like a Brown Recluse ... what do you think ? I live in the Clearwater Florida area and I guess we shouldn't see these things but I keep hearing stories otherwise. I usually wouldn't worry but with a 6 month old baby I now find myself worrying about everthing :-). Can you tell me what you think ? Thanks, Tony


Reply:  This is a male Southern House Spider too  - glen

4 September, 2010:
Thanks for your help

Reply: Could possible be a desert recluse - glen
20 October, 2010:
Hi Glen, I love your site! I live in Vegas and found this crawling on my arm at work. We have open ceilings and plenty of places for bugs to hide. It looks to me like it could be a desert recluse, what do you think? These are the best pics I could get with my camera. Oh, I did injure it but I still have it alive. I broke off some legs when I swatted it off of me. Thanks! Doug

Reply: This is a male Southern House Spider and is not considered dangerous but is often mistaken for a brown recluse - glen
3 September, 2010:

Reply: This is a male Southern House Spider  - glen

24 May, 2010

Can you identify this spider? In Florida hanging out on the bathroom ceiling. Thanks, Kathy

Click photos for a closeup


Reply: Looks like a male Southern House Spider

3 June, 2009:
I have no idea what kind of spider this is. I went to bed the other night and but I didn't go alone. I saw him before I turned off the light. I put him in a bowl and tookhis picture. I just want to know what kind of spider he is, and if it's dangerous. Thank You Rhiannon


Reply: Looks like a male Southern House Spider

10 May, 2009:
We see a million of these in our home in Florida 30miles west of Gainesville.... What is it? Thank You, KC & Brent

Reply: This looks like a male Southern House Spider.

22 July,  2008:
So me and my boyfriend have been about an hour outside of gainesville in Bell florida (which is in the middle of the woods) and we have been getting mammoth spiders! Please help us tell who they are and if they are harmful!

30 April, 2008:
Hi Glen, I am pretty sure this was a male Southern House Spider, as I got a chance to observe it's mating practices the other night. I even took a length video I plan to upload to youtube eventually. The males could be observed crawling haphazardly about the brick wall, feeling for the ends of the females' webs. When he would locate a web, he'd follow it to the the crevice it led to, and feel inside with his front legs for a female. I saw one male actually make contact with a female. When he felt inside a mortar joint for a female, she popped out and then quickly back in. The male followed her. He emerged again a few minutes later. Very cool to watch. You can use the pictures if you want.  --Damy

28 April, 2008:
Yesterday I caught this spider running across my living room floor and found your website while looking online to try to identify it. It looks very similar to some of the brown or desert recluse pictures I saw, but I can't be sure because I couldn't make out a distinct violin shape on its back. I thought maybe this spider was still young, or maybe the violin shape is less prominent on the desert recluse. It was a light tan color with the abdomen being darker and a leg span of well over 1 inch. I'm in Southern New Mexico, about 40 miles north of the Mexico border. I'm sending you top and bottom view pictures. Thanks, Lux


Reply: It could be, it has a small violin shape on its cephalothorax. The abdomen is not as dark as in most fo the photos I've seen. Have you checked that you live in an area where they are found?

26 February, 2007:
Is this a brown recluse? I keep seeing them in my home!




13 October, 2006:
Hello Glen. I have been checking out your site for a few years now and just love it. I wanted to send you some pictures of what I believe is a desert recluse because I have yet to see a picture of a desert recluse anywhere on the inet and thought you might like to use it. I will also be posting the pictures on my own site so I hope that is ok. I live on the western edge of the Mojave desert in Southern California and have many of these spiders in and around my home. I have found that they are a very docile species. In fact, the spider in these pictures didnt even attempt to bite at the piece of grass I used to move him about. It made me feel quite guilty for killing it later but kill it I must because I do not want it coming back into my house. The spider in these picture is mid-sized for the species out here. I have seen a few that were much larger than this one and much deeper red in color. Can you tell me if spiders shed their skins? I believe that the two "dead spiders" in one of the photos are actually skins of either the one spider in the photo or of the other spider in the box that was dead or both. I have read that these spiders are indeed medically significant and can cause necrotic wounds. If bitten, one should try to capture the spider and seek medical attention right away. Please feel free to post these pictures on your site if you want to. Thank you  

Erin McGuire