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Spider Photos - Green Jumping Spiders

Commonly called Jumping spiders, the Salticidae are also affectionately referred to as  Charlies, Herbies or Salties. They are very common around the home and their anthropomorphic nature endears them to most people. The family name is derived from the Latin "salto" which means to dance with pantomimic gestures. This is the largest spider family and includes more than 5000 species worldwide. These spiders are harmless to man although there have been complaints where this comical, engaging animal has been accused of nasty bites. Here's a video from National Geographic of a jumping spider catching a bee. Click here. One of my viewers, Graeme, has sent in some great photos of Australian Jumping Spiders. Click here for a page of his photos. Here's some photos sent in by viewers.

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At 12 mm (female), the Northern Green Jumping spider is one of Australia's larger jumping spiders, and very common in Queensland. It also occurs in New Guinea, northern New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. The males are strikingly coloured and decorated with long white "side whiskers", which rise to a peak surmounted by a topknot of black hairs. Females don't have the whiskers and topknot, but instead feature a red and white elegant "mask".
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Reply: This looks like a male Northern Green Jumping Spider - glen

20 May, 2015:
Hello, I found these two types of spiders on the wall above my bed and have never seen ones like this before. I was wondering if you can help me identify them to see if they were poisonous or harmless and what should I do with them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you Sincerely, No sleep Steve, lol

Reply: This looks like a Northern Green Jumping Spider - glen

22 August, 2015:
I'm keeping this little guy as a pet, my friend, a spider breeder told me it was a green lynx spider but I found photos of a magnolia green jumping spider and now believe him to be incorrect, but perhaps I'm wrong.

Reply: This looks like a male Northern Green Jumping Spider - glen

7 May, 2015:
Hi I live in southwest Florida. I was coming out of Walgreen's and found this spider on my hood. It ran toward my phone n jumped on it. I flung it off it was the brightest lime green w red where head and eyes are. Please if you can identify. I've lived here 10 yes. Never seen anything like it. Thank you Smiles Tami

Reply: Looks a bit like this one - Mopsus mormon Karsch, 1878 Northern Green Jumping Spider -  http://www.arachne.org.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=1091 , thanks!!  - glen

14 December, 2013:
Dear Glen, -wonderful, and thanks once again for your prompt response! -I'm happy my guests are at the risk of only sustaining the venomous bite of an ant! -and I'll take great pride in correcting people when they associate the word poisonous with spiders -it's the little things... ;) At the risk of imposing myself, I have out of interest sake attached images of a green little spider, about 1cm in length (1/3 inch). I took the photo in my sisters garden in Bathurst / Port Alfred on the East Coast of SA in March this year. Many thanks for your time, Tharine


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