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Spider Photos -  Green Orbweaver

Here's some photos of those common Garden spiders from the Orb Weaving family.   My apologies if there are some Araneus on pages where they don't belong but they are very hard to classify. Try this page for a species guide:

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Araneus Alsine-like/Iviei Araneus Diadematus Araneus Nordmanni
Star Bellied Orb Weavers Furrow Spiders Arabesque Orbweaver
Araneus Cingulatas Green Orb Weavers Zygiella x-notata


Below are a variety of Green Orb Weavers. These are not all the same species but are all green so have put them on this page. One below is Eriophora circulissparsus  -  pale green / yellow orb-web spider that is seldom noticed as it is a nocturnal spider. During the day it is well camouflaged against leaf surfaces. Males are 3-4 mm and females 5-7 mm.


Reply: Maybe Araneus praesignis  - glen

21 January, 2016:
HI, I am writing to you from Sri Lanka regarding a spider i found in my Garden. I believe its an Orb weaving spider. Never seen anything like this, could you please let me know if this is a common or rare / new species i have found? I have attached pictures for your reference. They are clear images so I hope you find it easy to identify this beautiful spider. Looking forward to your feedback. Regards James


22 December, 2015:
Found this spider outside my house. I'm not sure if it even is a spider, but would like to know if it is and what type? I live in North East Victoria, Australia! Thank you



30 January, 2015:
Hello Glen. I was just curious if u know what this spider is and if it is poisonous or not. Sure looks it... Thanks Rob Calvert



30 January, 2015:
Hi, I caught a spider last week and was hoping you knew what it was. I was thinking Araneus miniatus but I am not sure. It was found in a park in Bundoora, Victoria, Australia. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Jana



30 January, 2015:
Hi Glen, Please help us identify the spiders in the attached pictures. We think they belong to the orb weaver family but aren't sure. We stumbled accross them in the veld just outside of Cullinan. Regards Susan



30 January, 2015:
This spider was in my kitchen in Appin NSW I've never seen one before !! What is it?



Reply: This looks like  Eriophora circulissparsus

6 September, 2014:
Hi, I live in the south suburbs of Chicago. I found this spider on my rear view mirror and was very curious as to which type it is. I have never seen any spider like this in Illinois before. Any help would be appreciated Thanks! Terry


Reply: Lovely colour!! This is a common spider known as a garden orb weaver. They are venomous as are all spiders but are not considered harmful to us - glen

6 May, 2014:
What kind of spider is this? Found in Hluhluwe (Sand Forest Lodge) by owners. Regards Pam de Jager (visitor)


Reply: Couldn't find a match for this one but definitely an orb weaver - glen

26 January, 2014:
Unidentified spider

Reply: This is araneus species - maybe araneus cingulatus - glen

25 September, 2013:
Found a few of these in my backyard in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY. Can you tell me what this is and if I need to be careful with my children and dog outside. Thank you in advance. Rich