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Spider Photos - Crab Spiders

Here's some photos Crab or Flower spider photos. One species of Crab Spider is the Goldenrod Spider. It is best known for its ability to change its colour from white to yellow in order to camouflage among flowers. The female is the one most often seen. She is either yellow or white, depending on where she is, with red streaks on her abdomen. The male is dark reddish-brown, with a whitish abdomen with dark red streaks. The male is smaller (about 1/8 inch) than the female (up to 3/8 inch). Goldenrod Spiders are found wherever there are yellow and white flowers, especially goldenrod and daisies. This is usually in a field or garden. They are not dangerous to man. All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section below:
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6 October, 2016:
What kind is this?



15 July,  2013:
Found him in my clothing.



15 July,  2013:
Just wondering what kind of spider this is!!

Reply: This is a goldenrod spider - glen

2 September, 2012:  FOUND JULY 2012; NEAR MERCER, WISCONSIN

Reply: This is a goldenrod spider   - glen

2 September, 2012:
Hi, I live in southern California and found this spider in my backyard - any idea what kind it is??


7 May, 2012:
I have been interested in spiders and other bugs for some time now. I did have an incounter quite some time ago with one. It made me scared of them for a while, but always wanted to know more. I am a professional photographer for weddings and senior portraits, but my days off in the summer consists of me walking through my garden and photographing bugs. I carry my camera with me outdoors all the time. I have sent you some pictures of spiders. Some I know what they are and some I'm still confused of. Sorry there is so many. I have had these for 2 years and wanted to do an educated site but found myself coming to your site to identify them. So I will just send them to you and let you have the fun.

Click for a larger view



3 September, 2011:
This little guy has been on a flower in my backyard for over a week. I know it's a crab spider of some kind but have not seen anything online yet with the same coloring. Watching it catch and eat a bee was really neat, but on the other hand, I want to know if it's safe to have my young kids and dog around the spider! Thanks for your help. Heather

Click for a larger view



11 November, 2010:
I love your spider site, it also helped me identify the 2 little white crab spiders I found in my garden. I'm attaching a photo for you, if you'd like you can add it to your page. Enjoy your day, Angie

Click for a larger view


Reply: It is a goldenrod spider - glen

31 July, 2010:
Hi; This spider on the attached photo has been hanging around this summer. I have seen him on just flowers and am wondering what type of spider it is. Been looking on line and not finding anything up here in Maine. Any ideas? Is it the Enoplognatha.ovata? Thanks Trudi

Click for a larger view

Reply: Here's a great example of the goldenrod spiders ability to change from white to yellow according to the flower they are on. Jennifer sent in some photos of her spider when it was white and then noticed it had changed to yellow!!
15 July, 2010:
What gives Glen? A chameleon spider?  Sincerely, Jenny

13 July, 2010:
Wow! These spiders really get around! I am seeing other pics on your site of the crab spider from as far as Africa all the way to Canada! Pic taken with Aria phone while watering my "garden o' weedin" this am. I am honored to have new guests join the garden, for however long she may stay. Jennifer


16 October, 2009:
Here are a couple pics I thought you might enjoy. Cheers, Greg

Click for a larger view

6 August, 2009:
Hi Glen Firstly, I'd like to say I love your website - the ultimate guide to spiders and their world! I've recently moved permanently to the very south of Spain out in the 'campo' and I'm finding some wonderful spiders among the olive and almond trees as we work the land here. Wolf spiders bigger than I ever saw a spider in all my years living in the UK.....and now this little yellow spider on a sun flower in our courtyard - the attached photo was taken at about midnight on a very hot night recently. He looks just like a piece of sweet corn with legs! I haven't been able to find him (or her?) on a website until I came to yours. I think it is the one 6th from the right on your Home page? Am I right? And, please, what is the name of the spider? I'm presuming he's too pretty to bite! Am I right on this too? Thanks again for a very informative website....I'm sure I will become a regular user as we explore our land. Yvonne

3 June, 2009:
HI - I'm not much of a photographer, but I have attached some photos of a beautiful yellow spider on my yellow roses. Can you tell me anything about the spider? Rita

14 November, 2008:
Could you please identify this little guy/gal that was on our deck in Michigan?? THANKS!

9 June, 2008:
As you will note in the first picture, she was hiding on the underside of a pansy petal!
Minneapolis, MN area

Click for a larger view.

5 August 2007:
Hi Glen, found a few of these critters in my rose bush today. Have never seen them before. Are they partial to roses and do you know what they are called? They are quite striking with the stripes and the spots/dots/holes? on their backs. Can you tell me a little about them. I am in Brandon, Manitoba.
Thanks, Karen

24 July, 2007:
I think I'm getting hooked on your site... an orb weaver? -Chris

22 July, 2007:
Here are some pictures of a spider living in clematis plant in our backyard. We think it is a crab spider, is this common for Southern, Ontario? Please E-Mail us or let us know as soon as posible! Thank you!

30 May, 2007:
Hi, I found this spider on the leaves in my garden this afternoon. I could not find the species name. I am curious. Can you help me if this won't take too much time and too much trouble for you? Thanks, Lisa

Click for a larger view.


14 October, 2006:


1 August,  2006:
Glen, My wife discovered this spider this morning, indoors, on the chesterfield. Can you identify it for us? I have not seen anything on the web that  resembles it.


21 July, 2006:
Can you tell me what this is? Itís a great pic! Paul

Click for a larger view.


21 July, 2006:
Hi, my fiance and I were taking a walk and found this on the outside of our
mailbox. We live in Auburn, WA and were curious if you could tell us what
kind of spider this is. I can not find any picture of one like it. Thanks,  Ron.


1 July, 2006:
Saw this guy in my front yard feeding on a poor bee.
Click for a larger view.

8 October, 2005:
Here is two more for you. Both from a rose in my back yard (Washington State, USA). I'm pretty sure this is a Flower Spider (found on a rose in my back yard, appropriately enough).Thomisus Spectabilis

29 October, 2005:
I found this spider? In the backyard this morning I was wondering if you can identify it for me.

Thank you,
John Machiaverna

28 August, 2005:
hi glenn, canu you identify this spider? it was found crawling on my technician in wal-mart pharmacy in plymouth, mass. thanx sue

25 July, 2005:
Excellent web site!!! Very informative!!! Can you help me Identify  this spider??? Very pretty but also kind of scary looking. Cought the  piture of it on these green brier bushes around our house here in the
Willamette Valley, Oregon. I had been just looking at the blooms when I saw  the bee, and wondered why the bee had not moved, even after I had touched  it. Then I saw the beautifull, but kinda errie looking spider. Got pretty  good pictures though. Have also seen one or two inside the house. Should
they not be in the house? Anything would help. Thank you for your time and
you wonderfull web site!!!
Monty Brown

14 July, 2005:

My name is Janet, and I love taking flower photos. I was doing just that when I came across this spider. I was wondering if you could identify it for me. As far as I can tell it must be a crab spider, but have searched the web (no pun intended:)) and haven't seen an exact match yet.

14 May, 2005:
Here is a picture of a crab spider...

Click for a larger view.

26 October, 2004:
My friend just sent me this photo. He said he took it through a loupe. We live in Los Angeles, CA. Unfortunately he didn't tell me how large it was. Can you identify it?
Thank you,
Sandy Mayer

19 October, 2004:
Dear Cool Spider Site, I found a spider on a buddies truck that we had never seen before in Oregon. My buddy has a lot of furniture imported from Indonesia and thought maybe this spider originated from that region. We all are curious what kind of spider this is and if you could identify it, is it dangerous?? I look forward to hearing back from you.
Jon A.R. Bohanan
North Bend, Oregon

6 August, 2004:
This photo was taken in upstate NY, what kind of spider is this???

Norma J. Hildebrand
Project Coordinator

Click for larger view.

26 July, 2004:
I was wondering if you could tell me what kind of spider this is. I took this picture in New Jersey this past weekend. As you can see he is sitting on the flower enjoying a fly for lunch. If you could get back to me that would be great.
Erin Anderson
Click for larger view.

Reply: Some of the flower spiders are able to change their color over several days, typically between white and yellow, depending on the color of the flower on which they are resting.

19 August, 2003:
Great pages!
Will attach a photo of one my son found on our roses last night, which by scanning your photos looks like the white Crab Spider you show. This one caught my son's eye first because we have not seen any number of white spiders here in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Then he noticed that the two horizontal strips on the spider's body were also pink, and wondered if the spider was capable of colour change. Any thoughts?
Murray Thompson
Whitby, Ontario, Canada


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