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Spider Photos - Gea Heptagon

Here's some photos of Gea Heptagon. This orbweaver hangs head down in its web. It can be identified by its three pairs of gray bumps on the back of its abdomen.  This species has a large head, brown cephalothorax with yellow markings, and brown and white abdomen. Males are about the same size as females (1/5 inch). They make an orb web. There is only one species of this spider in the United States. It is a southern spider whose range extends north to Washington, D.C.
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This Orbweaver is a small spider, averaging about inch in length. It has no common name. Webs are built vertically, but close to the ground, and are only a few inches across. They can sometimes be seen in the clover fern (Marsilea macropodia) that functions as groundcover in sections of the garden.



17 December, 2015:
Please identify this spider.





17 December, 2015:
This is in my daughters window frame - do we need to worry?





4 August, 2015:
May i know what type of spider is this ?





7 October, 2013:
Thanks...I call him the Blues Brother Spider... His web had like steps...Any ideas? Thank you... Mary




11 July, 2011:
Hi Glen, I just came across your site and I love it. I've spent an hour of work browsing through it and I still can't ID some spiders I saw recently on a trip to Cambodia. the photos are attached. Please use them if you'd like. If you can ID them for me I'd be grateful. Also let me know if you'd like ghigher res photos. I took these at 10MP but reduced them for the email. Thanks, Ashkun


14 March, 2008:
What kind of spider is this?

Click for a larger view.


15 July, 2007:
Dear, I just found out that I caught a cool and special spider on my camera. This picture was taken by me in Bhulebhule - Nepal. Bhulebhule is the second village after Besi Sehar, the start of the Annapurna Round Trek. Leaving for the second day of my trek I found this beauty outside my teahouse.
Maybe you can do something with it, if you zoom in you can see pretty much detail.
Kind regards, Veerle


15 July, 2007:
Greetings, I was in the Philippines recently and took a picture of a spider that was overhead in the rafters of a house. Sorry, I can't get a better picture, this little guy was quite a ways away from me. Never did move
though. I have not seen a picture of a spider with the intricacy of the design like this one involves. I see the "St Andrew's cross spider", but the designs appear to vary. Do you feel this is one of those? Use it if you like, let me know what it is if you can. Regards,
T. Kelley

6 August, 2006:
Hi! Here's an Argiope for your collection no one sent in yet. This one is called a Gea Heptagon. Joe