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Spider Photos - Fishing Spiders

Pisaurina sp.
Family Pisauridae
- Nursery Web and Fishing Spiders.

These spiders resemble the wolf spiders (Lycosidae), but have a different eye pattern.
Pisaurids have their eyes arranged in 2 rows, the posterior row slightly recurved, the median eyes in the second row slightly (if any) larger than the others. (Wolf spiders have eyes arranged in 3 rows). The egg sac is carried by the female under her prosoma, held there by her chelicerae pedipalps. Before the eggs hatch, the female attaches the sac to a plant and then builds a web around it -- and stands guard nearby. The Pisaurids forage for their food and build webs only for protecting their young. Some spiders in this family, particularly fishing spiders in the genus Dolomedes, are quite large and may have a leg spread of 75 mm or more. The Dolomedes spiders live near water; they walk on the surface of water and dive underneath it to feed on aquatic insects and even small fish.
Many people (including me), are confused by the  5 similar looking spiders - the harmless Huntsman, Wolf Spider,  Southern House Spider (Kukulcania), Fishing Spider and  Brown Recluse which of course is not harmless.  All photos are copyright to their owners and may not be reproduced without permission. Please choose a section.
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Fishing Spiders
(Unclassified) (1)
Fishing Spiders
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Fishing Spiders
(Unclassified) (3)
Fishing Spiders
(Dolomedes tenebrosus)
Fishing Spiders
(Dolomedes triton)
Giant Fishing Spiders (Ancylometes)
Fishing Spiders
(Dolomedes vittatus)
White Banded Fishing Spider (Dolomedes albineus) Great Raft Spiders
Dolomedes Plantarius
Raft Spiders
Dolomedes Fimbriatus

(Dolomedes vittatus)

The Dolomedes vittatus Fishing Spider has triangular dark spots in front of the thoracic groove.

28 June, 2017:


23 March, 2016:
What kind of spider is this?


17 January, 2016:
Hi Glen, Thanks for your website, it is so useful and interesting. This morning I found this creature swimming in the filter basket of my swimming pool in Darwin. She was immerse, at the bottom, and released an air bobble to which she got attached and floated to the surface. After this, I spent over an hour observing her hundred ways to get off the water. She tried to climb the wall but it seemed to be too slippery, she floated outside down int he surface and tried to climb into everything spinning around her... She finally managed by climbing into a leaf I dropped for her and resting a leg towards the wall (so it will stop spinning) she cleaned each one of her legs. She decided to finally get out right when i left for few seconds :( I have been searching online but didn’t manage to find what this little fighter is called. Is it a Wolf Spider? Thanks in advance for your time. Warm Regards, isabel


Reply: Some sort of fishing spider probably - glen

29 September, 2015:
If it helps, I'm from south Florida near the coast and swamps. Is it a white banded fishing spider? Thanks! --Kyrah


14 August, 2015:
Could you identify this spider? It has been living around my pool in avondale Arizona. It was approx 4 inches long toe to toe. It could also zoom across the pool water. Thanks, Matt


14 August, 2015:
Hi, this spider was found in a forest in South Western Ireland. I'm interested to know what he is? Thanks for the help


12 July, 2015:
Hi Glenn I really hope you can identify a large spider I just found in our pond. I'm in Charlotte NC. The spider was about 2.5" in diameter including the legs. When I took the second pic, I had moved the leaf out of the way. I moved a small stick beside the spider & it ran across the posted doing into the water grass. I do my own pond maintenance so I really need to know what this one is. Thanks for any help you can provide. Pswd I'm not a big fan of spiders BUT I don't kill them either (unless they startle me & unfortunately for them, I react not to their liking) Tracy


9 June, 2015:
I live near Syracuse,NY. Found this spider under a boat near a pond. Wondering what kind of spider this. Thanks if you can help! Debbie


Reply: 3 looks like Vittatus not triton and one is just a normal fishing spider - Dolomedes tenbrosus

10 April, 2015:
Hi Glen Bought the spiders in the attached photos....fishing spiders and labelled Dolomedus triton. I was wondering if you know this to be an accurate identification as although 3 do look like tritons i am unsure of the others. They were sold in the UK pet trade and were imported from Europe. Many thanks KEN


5 February, 2015:
Identify my spider


5 February, 2015:
Hi Glen: This one was found on my granite steps in NH. It was huge - larger than a half dollar all around. A half dollar would not cover all of it if i placed it on top of it. John


Reply: This is a Dolomedes vittatus, a fishing spider.  Notice she is carrying her egg sac!! - glen

5 February, 2015:
Hi. I live in Sullivan County, Indiana. We found this one behind our house near a creek. It was raised up off the ground a couple inches. Please help Identify and Thanks! Jennifer

Reply: This is a Dolomedes vittatus, a fishing spider.  - glen

9 January, 2014:
Hi glen Would like to know what spider this is. I live in mossel bay south africa. We get lotsa spiders here. I caught him in a tupperware. Seems he lost half his one leg. He free tho. I dont kill unless they are venomous do you say. This one I havent seen before.

Reply: This is a Dolomedes vittatus, a fishing spider. Click for an enlarged view. - glen

24 December, 2013:
Spider ID?

Reply: This is a Dolomedes vittatus, a fishing spider. Click for an enlarged view. - glen

15 November, 2013:
Spider is on a boat ore. Found around a pond

15 November, 2013:
What type of spider is this. Was about the size of a silver dollar. Found it by the river in Marietta, Georgia


7 August, 2012:
What kind of spider is this? Found in Atlanta Ga


25 June, 2012:
I'm not sure this is a fishing spider...it had two bright yellow stripes down the sides of his back. This spider was on the back of our boat near the engine. We're located in Central Virginia on a small quiet lake (no boats over 8 hp). Would love to know what this is. Feel free to use the photo. Jennifer

16 September, 2011:
I live in central Mass and we have found the biggest spider I've ever seen in my backyard. What the heck is it and is it a native spider? We put it in a jar while we try to identify it. As you can see it is huge.

13 August, 2011:
Hello, My name is Samantha Engel and I work for the Nature Conservancy of Idaho. I found this spider on a Nature Conservancy property in Picabo, Idaho. It was floating on the water and diving down clinging to grasses in the creek. Could you possibly identify it for us? Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you! Samantha

13 August, 2011:
Hi I know almost nothing about spiders but would really like to identify this one spotted on a recent holiday to Thailand. Can you help?

1 August, 2011:
Found in Fayetteville, NC around the overhanging rocks of a koi pond. Fisher or Nursery Web Spider? I couldn't find a good match. Thank you! Carmen  
Click for a larger view
1 August, 2011:
I live in Northern Ontario - took this picture outside by my rain collection barrels. Do you know what type of spider this is and is that an egg sac under the body or lunch?
2 May, 2009:
What are these Bornean spiders - Katarina
Click for a larger view
6 November, 2008:
My name is Leah. I was fishing at Saguaro Lake in AZ when this thing almost crawled down my pants. It was carrying something that I couldn’t tell what it was. At first I thought it was just eating but after repeated falls into the lake, it still emerged holding it. I started thinking maybe it was carrying an egg sac cause not only would it not let it go, but it was extremely protective. It was a slower moving spider that moved in forward when coaxed. It had no fear. It stayed where it wanted to be. Thanks for your help.

20 October, 2008:
I was hiking in a marsh in south florida and came across this "lovely" specimen and was hoping you could identify it. I've never seen one quite like it. thanks!

14 August, 2007:
We saw this spider which was about 2 1/4" on a wooden deck beside a river in northwestern Georgia, USA. Do you know it is? Thanks!

5 August, 2007:
Hi Glen—my brother recently took these pictures on the coast of North Carolina-can you tell us the name of this spider? Many thanks, (PS I does look similar to the “Fishing Spiders” on your web site. Could it be a version of that one?


1 August 2007:
hey glen, i found this spider outside my house, i live in Labrador and was wundering what kind of spider it is.... if you can help me out on this that would be great... thanx.... i attached two pics that i took of it today...Bud

Click for a larger view.

8 July, 2006:
I found a spider in my garage that I cannot seem to find anything that looks like it on your site. (picture attached)< It looks somewhat similar to the grass spider, but this is all black with white stripes on each side and also has several white dots on its abdomen. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Annetta. I actually just found out what it was a few hours ago. It is a six spotted fishing spider for sure. My hubby had been fishing down by the river and must have followed him home?? Thanks again for the help. You are welcome to keep up the photo with its identification.

17 May, 2007:
Hello, I did a google search and came across your site. I have 2 photos of a spider. I was wondering if it is a six spotted fishing spider. I believe it to be however each picture I have came across is not as clear and close as mine. Any response appreciated. Thanks, June

14 June, 2006:
Hi Glen
I would like to donate a photo to your site. I hope you like it. It was taken here in
Missouri. Its Dolomedes triton (Fishing Spider)


Click for a larger view.

14 June, 2006:
I came upon your web page when I was trying to identify a large spider (apx 4" leg span) I found (and photographed) clinging to the outside of my house after a significant rainfall. I will attach my close-up picure for your  inspection. We are new residents of New Brunswick, Canada, and are not familiar with the  local species. Our yard is in a rural area, about 20 km southeast of  Fredericton, surrounded by mixed coniferous/deciduous forest. With a very  large rainfall this year, there are puddles and full ditches everywhere. There are also several small streams within a 1km radius. With what I have  read, and now seen on your site, I am wondering if this is maybe a fishing  spider. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Deb Johnson

9 June, 2006:
Hi! I found your website and it's awesome. This guy was sitting on the pond in our back yard near shore.  After viewing your site, I think it's probably some kind of fishing spider. Can you ID?  Thanks so much!
Kim Chalbeck
Dallas, GA

Click for a larger view.


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