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Spider Photos - Crab Spiders

Here's some photos Crab or Flower spider photos. Crab spiders belong to the family Thomisidae. They get their name because they move sideways, like crabs. The body is not as hairy as in most spiders. The colour of the spider is adapted to the hunting terrain they use and is mostly extravagant. They live in flowers and plants and are sometimes called Flower Spiders because they are often found inside a flower waiting for an unsuspecting bee to come along. They also live in grasses and low vegetation. The female grows 6-7 mm.  They are slow-moving spiders which do not actively hunt like Wolf Spiders. Instead, they remain stationary and await in ambush for some unsuspecting insects to land in front of them. Their bite is not dangerous to humans. The first two pairs of legs in most Crab Spiders are longer and heavier than the third and fourth pairs, and are armed with spines for holding and grasping prey. The females usually stand guard with their egg sacs. The egg sacs are fastened to the vegetation and are usually flat.

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5 February, 2017:
Hi, saw this tiny green spider outside our house. (Palawan, Philippines). It is less than 5mm. Do you know what this is? Can you tell if its an adult spider?

27 August, 2016:
Hi, What is this spider my friend found in his home in central mexico

4 September, 2015:
Hi Glen,  I also enclosed another picture of a spider I found in my tomato plant.. I believe it's a crab spider, am I correct?Can u help identify this spider & tell me if it is poisonous or not? Thank you, Angela

10 July, 2015:
Can u help identify this spider & tell me if it is poisonous or not? Thank you, Angela

21 May, 2015:
What is this?

10 October, 2013:
Hi Glen, Here are pictures of another small (less than 1cm) spider my daughter found inside our house in Delhi, India. I think it probably was resident in some potted plants we moved that day. Looking around your site I think it matchs a crab spider. Let me know if you agree. Regards, Atul

15 July, 2013:
Hi, found this in the garden, I've never seen one like this before. Is it friendly or super deadly? Waiting with baited breath, Marie.

11 May, 2013:
Hello, I live in Italy and I found this spider on the external wall of my home in Tuscany. Hoping you have some info. Regards Giulio

24 June, 2011:
Hi Glen, my kids and I found a small bright green spider on the playground today. We have been searching online for a positive ID, with no success. It's our science project for the day. Can you help us? We found her in SE Pennsylvania and she was a quarter to a third of a inch in total length, if that helps at all. Michelle, Simon & Baden

16 February, 2011:
Hi! Don't remember anymore where I found your website, but I saved the address and finally (maybe months later) found the picture of the spider I'd like identified. Found it on the back seat-back of my car when I opened the door, took a pic, and shooshed it out of the car somehow. I'm 78 and don't remember how a lot of things happened - like where to find this pic after finding your site. We live in South Florida, USA. Palm Beach Gardens to be exact. I'll try to remember to send a satellite pic of location. Thanks for any info you might be able to furnish. Pat (I only took 1 pic of spider, so can't send more)

11 November, 2010:
Glen, This is a spider that my brother found on a cactus plant in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in California. Do you think it is a type of Jumping Spider? Thanks in advance. You have a great website! Janet

24 June, 2010:
Hi Glen, Found the attached little spider in the house, suburban Melbourne. Haven't seen one like this before - any idea what it might be? The greenish colour caught my eye immediately. Thanks, Raj

2 December, 2008:
This is about 1" top to btm. Found in Indiana any ideas?

2 December, 2008:
Hi Glen, I found this spider in my garden. Look the eye pattern, two rows, four eye in each row. This spider is a bit smaller than a brown recluse. See ya.
 Click for a larger view.

12 October, 2008:
He's such a vivid green that he caught the flash so I never got it quite right and I had tormented him quite enough for one day so I just settled for some ok shots. Cathy
Click for a larger view.

26 September, 2008:
Hey mate, My names Glen, we found this little guy outside my fiancee's house the other night in south western Sydney. It was a warm night, but he was on the top of the house away from the garden - never seen any spider with such bright colouring like this - do you know what it is? Google took me to the Green Lynx Spider but couldn't find his specimen listed - he glows really bright underneath the flash of the camera - I thought it was a good idea to use red eye reduction on the little guy seeing as he was looking intently at me with all eight of his eyes.... Hope this is interesting, Glen

11 August, 2007:
i have no clue what this is but i took pics of it the put it in a container with a crab spider and it ate it it had babies i dont know if it was trying to protect them or what thanks melvin moore, ada oklahoma

Click for a larger view.


11 June, 2007:
Just wondered if you could help we have this spider leaving in our porch and I cant find out what he is anywhere I see from your web site there are thousands of different types of them, I love spiders myself and just wanted to find out what this one was. please see attached picture.  thanks, Glenů  

8 July, 2006:
Love your web site and thought I would send this to you. Yesterday, I went out to pick some roses and thought I had a dead rose among these, but there was a bumblebee. He stayed right there until I brought it to the house. It was on what was left of a dead rose and his antenna was moving, so I thought he was living. Well, I cut off the dead rose and the bumblebee seemed to be stuck on it. I put the other roses in a vase and then discovered a spider. It must have gotten to the bumblebee and had it paralized. It was just a thin little thing and almost transparent with white legs. It had a very small red head, I thought, but not so on the picture. Maybe the red was a reflection of the rose or because he had taken a bite out of the bumblebee. Can you tell me what kind of spider it is. It is somewhere in the house because I wanted its picture and when I went to put the camera up, it disappeared, I hope, somewhere on the roses. Now I feel itchy just thinking about it.
Mary Ellen Thorpe in the mountains of western PA , 16613

3 July, 2006:
Hi there. I was out in the backyard admiring some snapdragon flowers we have, and I was about to touch a petal when I spotted a pale green/white spider there. A few days passed, and as I was looking online to ID different spider, which turned out to be a fisher spider, or one of the type that look like them, when I came across your great site. After looking through your site, I had an urge to go back and find that pale green/white spider, take some pics, and send them to you to see if you could shed any light on what kind it is? Thanks, Shea Evans