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Spider Photos - Crab Spiders

Here's some photos Crab or Flower spider photos. Crab spiders belong to the family Thomisidae. They get their name because they move sideways, like crabs. The body is not as hairy as in most spiders. The colour of the spider is adapted to the hunting terrain they use and is mostly extravagant. They live in flowers and plants and are sometimes called Flower Spiders because they are often found inside a flower waiting for an unsuspecting bee to come along. They also live in grasses and low vegetation. The female grows 6-7 mm.  They are slow-moving spiders which do not actively hunt like Wolf Spiders. Instead, they remain stationary and await in ambush for some unsuspecting insects to land in front of them. Their bite is not dangerous to humans. The first two pairs of legs in most Crab Spiders are longer and heavier than the third and fourth pairs, and are armed with spines for holding and grasping prey. The females usually stand guard with their egg sacs. The egg sacs are fastened to the vegetation and are usually flat.

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9 June, 2016:
My Good day This spider was found in our garden in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am trying to identify it on various platforms, if you could assist, I'd be thrilled. Warm regards Athena


9 June, 2016:
My son found this spider in his vegetable garden. It is in Silver Springs NV. East of Carson City. We have not been able to identify it.

31 May, 2016:
Found in SW Washington State.

12 March, 2016:
Can you please tell me about this species.... i can't able to identify it... Plz tell me in detail...

10 October, 2015:
Found in Chapel Hill NC

6 September, 2015:
What is it?

23 August, 2015:
My sister took this picture in Enfield, CT. Do you know what kind of spider this is



16 June, 2015:
Hello, the other day I found a very strange spider (attached photo) and I was wondering about which species it is. Could you please tell me? Thanks, Iraklis

29 October,  2014:
Hi Glen, found this weird looking spider on my van after a trip to Spain & Portugal. I have been searching online for hours but can't identify it!? Any ideas? Thanks, Rachelle


27 October,  2014:
Spotted this tine little yellow crab spider on my car as I was getting in at the shops on Saturday. It was less than 1cm including legs and so pretty!! Took the photo with my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 just to prove that it takes as good a photo as the Iphone 6!! - glen


27 October,  2014:
Hi Glen! Casey again, this time with some yellow crab spider photos from the garden! This girl was so very patient. Wouldn't move for nothing, even poked her and she remained still--that's dedication to her hunt! I thought she was pretty cool and is a welcome guest to our garden to keep the pests off our marigolds (we feed them to our birds and use them in teas, so we appreciate her job!) I think I want to name her Marigold, or Mary for short haha. As always, feel free to use them or leave them as you want :) ~Casey

27 October,  2014:
Hello, I promised my kid to give him a full description of this little spider because he's obsessed with insects. I'm also wondering whether this little one poses any threat to my kids... Thank you very much for your help! Let me know how I can donate to your site! Best regards, J. M

27 October,  2014:
What is this??

27 October,  2014:
Hello Glen, I have attached a picture I took in my backyard (Londonderry NH USA) of a spider that appears to have lost two of its legs. It seemed to be doing well, but I have no way of knowing when it lost the legs. Do you know what kind of spider this is? Thank you, Brian


Reply: This one looks like a yellow crab spider - glen

19 December,  2013:
Hi. I hope I'm not being too cheeky in asking for your help. There are a few spiders that I used to see a lot when I lived in Greece, and try as I have, I just can't identify them. I would really love to know what they were, and in the hope that you might be willing to help I've attached a few photos to this email. Many thanks, Katrine

10 August, 2013:
Thought you would like this pic.

10 August, 2013:
He was found on the outside of my vehicle(front of grill) in central New York......NOT.... New York City, but as stated,...central New York state(50 miles east of Syracuse)

11 May, 2013:
On occasion I find these little guys. Just curios what they are. This guy is about 9/16 of an inch long We are located in the Coachella Valley (California)

8 September, 2012:
Hi Glen, I have attached a picture of a yellow spider found on our front steps in Rochester MN. Can you identify it? Thanks, Judy


2 September, 2012:
Hi there! Found this little guy chilling on one of the air mattresses on our pool deck today. Never seen a spider this bright in Ohio before, especially up here on the lake (I live in Erie county). A few peculiar things worth noting: he was a VERY slow mover and all his movements seemed very calculated; when I lifted the mattress some to get a better view he nearly toppled but didn't panic like most spiders would - in fact he stayed vertical, and still, for a few seconds. As soon as I put him near the garden he did scurry for just a tick, but then came to a stop and became sluggish again. Hope you can identify it, if not then you've got one more picture of a fascinating spider. Thanks! Paul

11 July, 2011:
I thought you might like this crab spider from New Mexico

Click for a larger view.

5 August, 2010:
What kind of spider is this?

21 September, 2009:
Taylor and Tim caught a yellow crab spider - Liz, Tim, Taylor and Gabrielle

Click for a larger view.

5 September, 2009:
Payson, Arizona, USA, Aug 2009 Great website !! Please use photos to show. Lorien

22 July,  2008:
Hi Glen! Here's our latest round of spiders: all teeny tiny little friends! First, we have two different tiny crab spiders, one yellow, one green. Nicole

6 September, 2007:
Wanted to send you this awesome spider pic I took yesterday. A M A Z I N G!

2 July, 2007:
Here are some great photos from Hannes in South Africa. Click for a larger view.

6 June 2007:
Dear Glen, thank you your web-page helped me in identifying this spider
sergiu P.S. (photos were taken at the Black Sea shore in Romania)

Click for a larger view.

18 September, 2006:
Here are a few more spiders I've found in my yard today. I'm loving this new camera!! Hope you can use them on your website!
Savannah, GA

20 July, 2005:

My husband found a completely yellow spider and we were wondering what it might be...it is about the size of a dime including the legs...he found it on the car trying to make a web. We live about mid coast in Maine...any


8 July, 2004:
Can you tell me what kind of spider this is? Found in Pacific NW.


16 June, 2003:
This is a species of Crab Spider, found with a fly on a Zinnia last  summer. This spider had trash service! Ants would come by and clear away  all the fly husks on a daily basis.


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