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Spider Photos - Golden Silk Orbweaver (Nephila Clavipes)(2)

Here's some photos of  Golden Orb Weavers.  Please select a section.
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Nephila Clavipes  (USA) (1)

Nephila Clavipes  (USA) (2)



19 November, 2007:
Hello Glen, I took this photo of a spider in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was curious if you can Identify it. If you would like to post it on, feel free. Thanks, Kevin
Denver, Colorado USA

Click for a larger view.


2 November, 2007:
This is a spider that lives outside in southeastern North Carolina,
USA. Thanks!

2 November, 2007:
SO i came across your website this summer, i live just a few miles off of the coast in Wilimington Nc, and with is mild climate, we always have some beautiful spiders, so i wanted to know what they were, your site was really helpful to me, and i thought i'd send you some pictures. i believe that they're the garden orb spider and the golden silk orb spider, which the former was brilliant at catching moths because she built her web infront of our garage sensor light, so everytime she moved, she'd almost always catch a moth going for the light!, the golden silk orb's web was build out of a triangle supported by a tree trunk and the ground, it was roughly 4 feet by 3 feet. one of the bigger webs i've seen in a while.
well i hope you get this and enjoy the pictures.
Kat, Wilmington, North Carolina

30 September, 2007:

30 September, 2007:
Hi there We live in Port Hedland, Western Australia.. this spider is actively building a large web at our front door. Could you please see if you know what type of Spider it is? Thanks George

16 September, 2007:
Could you tell me what kind of spider this is and if poisonous?
Thank you,


Click for a larger view.

10 September, 2007:
Hi there Glen,
Here is a picture of a golden orb taken at my friend's house in Lake Worth, Florida (Southeast Florida).


Click for a larger view.

3 September, 2007:
Hi Glen, Here are some pictures for your site. The rounder spider is living right next to a Golden Orb Weaver spider on the side of our house. I'm guessing the round one is a Orb Weaver/Garden Spider. Let me know what you think. Thanks,

Click for a larger view.

26 August, 2007:
Glen, Thought you would like to post these on your web. Our family went for a hike on the Fullerton Mill trail in the Kisatche National forest and the trail was covered in Golden Silk spider webs. These are the best shots of the day. Tim.


5 August, 2007:


24 July, 2007:
I took these pictures in my backyard this afternoon. The sun hit the web just right so some of the web appeared gold. Thanks to your website I know want kind the spider is.


29 June, 2007:

22 May, 2007:
Can you please help me identify this? It is huge. Body is approx 4-5inches long., Gina


6 March, 2007:


3 February, 2007:

17 November, 2006:
Great site! I ran into hundreds of these Banana Spiders last week at the Sea Pines Nature Preserve on Hilton Head Island, SC.

22 October, 2006:
Can anyone kindly tell me what this is? This was in the middle of a big web between two trees in SW Florida. We think the thing in front is a butterfly wing and the actual spider body is behind it. We could not access the other was over water. Judging by the legs, this spider looks very big, like a medium adult hand. Could it be a funnel weaver? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Rick

13 October, 2006:
I found this one just outside my garage window. He is at least 6 to 8 inches long.
I didn't want to get too close, so I used the zoom. I have no idea what kind it is.
I live in Sarasota, FL. which is on the west coast, about 50 miles south of Tampa.
Just thought I would share this photo with you. Have a nice day

Click for a larger view.

21 September, 2006:
This spider has spun an extremely large web in our side yard, connecting to the house. We have no idea what kind of spider it is but find him fascinating.
Barbara and Edward

Click for a larger view.

5 September, 2006:
I currently live in Goose Creek, South Carolina and I can honestly say I have a phobia of spiders. Thanks to your web-site I was able to determine what type of spiders I came across and if they were harmful or not. Here are a couple of photos to add to your collection. Thanks for a very informative web-site. Sal

25 April, 2006:
Thought you might like this picture.....I loved feeding her crickets but
something got her as there was a large hole in her SIX foot web.....I sure  miss her!!! Chuck Persall Albany Ga.


8 January, 2006:
I took this photo in Sunrise, Florida between two trees outside an industrial park. Body about 4 in. long. Employees at industrial park say spider would feed on small birds caught in web.

5 December, 2005:
Hi, I was wondering if you could identify this spider. I came across your  website while searching the internet trying to find out what this spider was  and if it was dangerous, you have an wonderful site by the way. I have
never seen this type of spider before and you can tell by the picture that  it is huge, look at the size of it compared to the links in the fence. I  wish I had a better picture but my dog wasnt too happy about me getting
close to it, she kept getting between it and me. This is easily the biggest  spider I have ever seen here in GA, its legs were also quite unique they  looked like long scorpion stingers.
Jimmy Harris

2 October, 2005:
Hi, I am attaching a photo of a spider in my backyard in SC. I can't seem to find any photo that might identify it. Zoom in on it and you can get a good look at it. it is as large or a little larger than the Garden Spider. Got any Clues? Derwood Harris, Sumter, SC


23 September, 2005:
I Here is a pretty good photo of a Golden Web Spider, from Clearwater.

Click for a larger view.

21 August, 2005:
HI, This spider has been living on our porch for a few weeks. It seems to be getting bigger! Matter of fact, there were 3 of these on our porch. Can you Identify this spider? I cant begin to think of what type it is as there is so many of these things! It moves its web about a foot or two from time to time also. I hope this comes out to you enlarged so that you can get a good look at it. Thanks for your time and research on this. Kathy & Russ, Crawfordville, Florida

17 July, 2005:
Hello, I visited my parents in Murrells Inlet, SC, this week and while touring an old plantation area a couple miles from the beach we spotted dozens of these spiders. They had webs everywhere, generally about head high. They were all different shapes and sometimes large and small spiders resided in the same web. In fact, you can see two in the attached photo. There were webs on top of webs in some places. Just curious if you can identify them. Thanks! Wayne
High Point, NC

31 December, 2004:
I live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. I recently found this spider in my attic. Itís approximately 3 inches in diameter. Could you identify it for me.


Dave Wagner

18 September, 2004:

Found your web-site wanted to forward the pictures that we took of a spider that I found on the wheel of my car. We don't know what kind and I was hoping that you could help us or send me in the right direction to see if I can find out what type.

Thank You,
Angie Santa Ana
of Petal, Ms

1 August, 2004:
Just came across the site. I really enjoyed looking through all of the  spider photos. Thought I would share a couple pictures of a golden-silk spider i took in southeast georgia.

26 July, 2004:
I was wandering if you could possibly tell me what type of spider this is. Its been hanging around my house for a few months now. Its beautiful, but just wanted to know some things about it. Thanks, Lisa Melancon, Denham Springs, La.

Click for larger view.

19 July, 2004:
Can you tell me the name of the spider in this photo? If so, could you also give me a little information about it. I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Thanks!

19 July, 2004:
I found this spider in between some trees in my yard in Daytona Beach, FL and I was wondering if you could help me identify it? Thanks

Todd Seimer
Freelance Photographer

9 July, 2004:

21 July, 2003:
Several people have submitted pictures of the Southern Writing Spider,( Argiope) I saw an entry from July 19th Osark Alabama and a few others. Females are the larger ones I am enclosing a picture of one I found today at a friends house they are common and are not harmful they eat insect like flies, mosquitoes, and even an occasional wasp or bee :)


23 October, 2003:
Reply: The spider you have shown on the page at the entry (21 July, 2003)Ö
Is actually a Golden Silk Spider.
Here is a link with more information:

19 July, 2003:
My wife and I found several spiders, pretty big, in our back yard. Ozark, Alabama. We are wondering if these are poisonous or not... Hope you can do something for us..

Thanks Eric

Click for  a larger view.


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