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Enoplognatha ovata  - Candy Stripe Spider

Family: Theridiidae
Scientific name: Enoplognatha ovata
Common name: Candystripe or Polymorphic spider
This colourful spider often builds webs on plants. Its colours can vary greatly. Yellow, white, green. Notice the significant black dots on the side of the abdomen. The name Candystripe comes from the specimens with the red stipes.
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28 May, 2014:
3. Hi I found this spider in my house on the wall in my hallway. I live in county donegal ireland. My name is Aldo. Can you identify this spider please. Regards. Aldo


24 December, 2013:
I hope this is clear enough to make a determination...I found this beauty at Mt. Rainier, and have been unsuccessful finding out what type it is. Thank you, Megan


7 August, 2012:
Can you tell me what type of spider this is? Found in Northern Michigan


Reply: It looks like one of the Enoplognatha species -  glen

14 January, 2012:
Great site, just found it. I was wondering if you could identify a few spiders for me link is below. All photos were taken in central Scotland.  Many thanks. Derek

7 August, 2011:
i recently found this spider in the house, i am from the UK (carmarthenshire) and have done my best to try and identify it. i and no-one in the household has ever come across a spider quite as vibrant as this. he measures about 1.5cm from leg I to leg IV (tip to tip) and his main body I.e Head, Fovea, Thorax, Abdomen is about 0.6cm. the underside pictures which i have taken are not a lack of light, the underside of his abdomen is actually grey with a black underside cardiac mark; around the cardiac mark is a circle of white and then the grey. i am sorry if the pictures are not completely in focus. if you would be so kind to write back to me at this e-mail address it would be appriciated, many thanks Andrew

5 June, 2011:
What is this?

8 August, 2010:
Hi Glen I just stumbled across your site trying to find out what this spider is…. Any clues? Hope you can assist, ive never seen anything like it… found it in the garden Thanks in advance! Sean

8 September, 2009:
Glen I have found some pretty different spiders here in Eastern Maine this year. Found two that I was hoping someone could identify. Think one may be a marbled orb and no idea on second one. The one I believe to be marbled orb is about side of fifty cent piece with legs. The white and pink one is about the size of quarter with its legs. Thank you in advance for your time, Janet,  Downeast Maine

Reply: This is Enoplognatha.ovata - glen

1 August, 2009:
I am trying to find out what kind of spider this is. we found it on the inside of plastic tire of my grandsons tractor. any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Deb

26 July, 2009:
Good Morning.....My name is Pat Adams and my Wife found a spider in our bathroom that I cannot identify. Maybe he or she is a common one....I just couldn't find it online. Could you take a look at this picture and tell me what you think? Thanks so much.....Sincerely, Pat and Denise Adams. Oak Harbor, Wa.

Teresia found out that is is actually a Enoplognatha.ovata, a member of the crab spider family.

22 July 2007:
I live in Portland, Oregon and found this spider in one of my corn stocks. Would you know what type of spider this is? I have spent all after noon looking for it on the web and have not found anything on this type. Thank you for your help. Teresia

Reply: It is Enoplognatha ovata, a member of the comb footed spider Family Theridiidae of which redbacks are also a member. glen

23 August, 2006:
Found this interesting looking spider today, not something that I'm familiar with. (Also found your site while trying to identify it..) My closest guess would either be some sort of common house spider, or a variation of the brown widow. I've seen plenty of black widow's before, and this spider has the same look, just a different color scheme. Anyway, if you happen to know what it is, I'd love to know. This was found in Seattle, WA.

Click for a larger view


22 July, 2006:Thanks for the response Glen - did some digging at the library yesterday and found that its most likely Enoplognatha ovata. Dave
Reply: They are a member of the comb footed spider Family Theridiidae of which redbacks are also a member. glen

21 July, 2006:
Hey Glen, I live in the UK and am stumped with this spider which I found in my back yard yesterday, its unlike anything I've come across before and can't identify it from internet comparisons.... Have you ever seen this type before? Help much appreciated.... (Feel free to post the images on your web site if they can be of use to you)... Dave.

Reply: To the couple in Portland Oregon with the 3 spiders....the one that's white and red is called enoplognatha ovata ...Ciao!! Julie

26 August, 2005:
My fiancee and I have these 3 spiders, and others, claiming the outside of our apartment door home. We live in the Portland Metro Area of Oregon. Not too worried about these guys being poisonous. But my fiancee and I are curious as to what type of spider they are. I looked up many sites, and the closest i could find could possibly be a type of common house spider. But, don't really share the same markings. Quite interesting little things. The white one with the red markings on its back seems to be missing a couple legs, and has a somewhat clear body. The little guy just below the white one, I found crawling up towards the bigger one thats kinda stuffed its self in the corner, and when it reached the slightly bigger one, it wasn't too happy. They look like they get roughly about the size of a nickel. Possibly belong to the same family? If you could let me know who these guys, or girls, are, it would be awesome! Enjoy posting these if ya want to! Thanx!


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