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Questions & Answers

What is the most potent spider - the Brazilian Wandering  Spider or the Sydney Funnelweb?
Were there spiders back in the ice age?
Is there a such as thing as a stone spider?
Is there a spider larger enough to kill a chicken? Can a spider catch something bigger than them?
I have been told that when spiders are born they are blown up to space and then come back down to earth? Are spiders classified as warm blooded or cold blooded animals?
How deadly is the bird eating spider? Is this spider poisonous?
Have you heard of the Assassin spider newly discovered in Madagascar? I have this bump n my mouth and it isnt just a little bump it is a big bump. I was told it may be spider eggs in my mouth. Is this true?
What colour is spider's blood? Do spiders "wee" and "poo"?
Do spiders hibernate in Winter? How long do spiders live for?
Can spiders move their eyes? Why don't spiders get caught in their own webs?
What is the smallest spider in the world? Do spiders have a sixth sense or spider sense
which they sense danger?
Are Daddy Longlegs the most poisonous spiders in the world? Is there a special term for a baby spider?
Is there a spider called the "Child of the Earth"? Do spiders make a noise?
Can spiders kill pets? Do spiders crawl in my mouth and nose while I am sleeping?
Do spiders eat their own webs? I am terrified of spiders, what do I do?
Will spiders lay their eggs on people? What is the most dangerous spider in the world?
I have been bitten by a spider what do I do? Do all female spiders eat the male after mating?
How do I get rid of spiders without using pesticides? What is that black and yellow spider in my garden?
Are Daddy Longlegs the most poisonous spiders in the world? I received an email about a spider under a toilet seat that had killed many people. Is it true?
I found this spider inside, should I take it outside and let it go? What are spider webs made of?
What is the largest spider in the world? Why don't spiders fall off walls when they walk up them?
I found these small red bites all over me when I woke up, has a spider been biting me in my sleep? What is the spider that likes to stay in people's shadows?
Q. I have been bitten by a spider what do I do?
Well firstly, you DON'T send an email to someone in Australia asking what to do!! The proper procedure is first of all, to ascertain what the spider was that bit you. If you can catch it or kill it, then take it with you to the doctor or hospital emergency room if you need to go. Otherwise once you have identified the spider, follow first aid procedures for that spider. Be aware of what the dangerous spiders are in your location and the hospital or doctor should have anti-venene for those spiders if one is available. If the spider is not one that is known to be dangerous, be aware that different people have different reactions to spider bites, so keep a close eye on the bite for further reactions such as swelling, blisters, or tightness in the throat which may indicate an allergic reaction and if concerned at all seek medical aid immediately!!  Keep the first aid treatment for the common dangerous spiders in your area handy - in Australia, the Funnel web and Redback are the 2 most dangerous and first aid treatment for them is found here. Recluse spiders bites can have a a reaction where skin and muscle tissue dies, leaving a deep, infected wound that enlarges, fails to heal or heals slowly. The wound site can be affected for a long time, even years. This is called necrosis. Wash the area with soap and water and apply ice which can lessen tissue damage. At the hospital it is treated with antibiotics.

Below: Applying a pressure bandage - not to be used with a Redback or Black Widow bite.

Prevention: Be careful in areas where there are known to be spiders and always shake clothing or shoes to check for them before wearing. Don't touch or play with any spider as they can all bite if disturbed or harmed. Wear long sleeves and gloves when moving boxes or working in storage areas. Wash or check bed linens in beds that have not been slept in for a while.

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